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    Should it be declared a holiday?

    Should 23rd May 2019 be declared a holiday?

    There is so much excitement around the election results, especially now, with the exit polls showing the NDA as the most likely to form the Government at the centre. All the opposition parties are sticking to their view that the exit polls are not projecting the true outcome of the results. They are predicting a victory for themselves.

    The divide between supporters of the BJP led NDA and those supporting other parties is clear. People either want the BJP back or they don't - no one is sitting on the fence.

    This election is different, unlike in 2014, where anyone could predict the outcome of the election. I know I will be glued to the television with bated breath, as would the rest of India. In light of this, should 23 May be declared a holiday?
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    With the technological advancement in communication, everyone has access to up to date information. Persons who are interested to take a holiday they should be allowed to take a days leave on 23rd , but not at the cost of Government or the Company.

    Yes, there is no doubt that everyone is interested and curious to know the outcome of the election results. Every person in the Country is looking for a non- corrupt and action oriented Government who will work for the development of the Country.

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    I think it should be declared a holiday. Though there is advanced technology these days and person can see the live results on mobile phones that will affect the work so it's better to have a holiday. It would be interesting to stick to the television that day and watching live updates.

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    Even if people go to work, who will remain on their seat and work. People won't concentrate at their work, but the counting of the votes. All will be curious to know the minute to minute position of the parties.

    It is better to declare the day as a Holiday.

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    Why you want to add one more holiday in our calendar?
    Our country is holding the world record of most holidays. I think, we are having more than 25 holidays.(I am not sure about the exact numbers).Many of them are regional holidays because of our diversity. Reducing the number of business days is hurting our economy and affecting the GDP. Excessive national holidays are depriving the poor man of his daily income. Technology is so advanced that the election results will be known to everybody within seconds of its declaration.

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    A very interesting thought. We have holidays for so many reasons and festivals. The results of a national election are the one that decides who comes to power. In the spirit of democracy and brotherhood, we can have a national holiday, either on the day of the results or on the day the new party and the new leader or PM takes oath.

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    It is going to be a very important day as everyone will be interested to see the results of this election of the biggest democratic setup in the world. As most of the people will be busy in seeing their mobiles for election results and will not be able to concentrate in their office work. In such a situation it makes sense to declare 23rd as a holiday. Of course, Govt has to consider whether it will be feasible to do so without attracting any criticism on such an unprecedented holiday declaration. Public will definitely welcome such a measure.
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    Hi, when you do have the information at your finger tip and it is just the gist what you would be interested to know at the end of the day, I do not think declaring the result day as Holiday, an ideal move. The change would not yield any benefit and in fact creates lethargy in the system.

    And amidst a country like India, having many festivals in its crust along with many birthdays - which would be under the coat of paid holiday, adding some more in the form of current development in the society would be of very little help. I work in a Corporate company, I would just switch on to daily hunt or other news related site and access all the happenings at the place of sitting. And nonetheless, I shall hit home not later than 8pm the very day and know what? I would be stuffed with whole flood of news from different channels till and after midnight. Hence, solved.

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    May not be required. Everyone is having their smartphones and once in a while, they can watch the trends on the smartphone. The trends will be known early morning itself and actual results will start coming by evening only. Even though the counting may be fast but the physical counting of some votes may take time. So final results will come late night only I feel. So there is no necessity of hanging around a TV during the daytime. These days almost all offices will be having TVs and the information will be available in offices also. Anyhow Education Institutions are in summer vacation. Other organisation need not declare a holiday on that day.
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    If it is declared a holiday there will be less enjoyment among the enthusiasts. In the office, especially the government one's people will remain busy discussing the formation of a new government and the usual work will be hampered. In a few departments of the offices, the situation will be like the debates we witness in various channels. Many have already predicted the results and the wrong predictors will treat their colleagues. Election results are something that cannot be enjoyed alone. It's like a game. The more crowded the place is, the more is the enjoyment.

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    Opposition is always searching some issues to make hue and cry against the ruling party. It is not a new thing. It has happened in the past and also happening now. There could be agitation on 23rd May on one pretext or another so Govt can think of declaring a holiday to contain it.
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