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    Respect them, there may an untold story for everyone!

    I may be too philosophical. Let me express my thoughts. It is very easy to pass a derogatory comment on anyone, particularly to post it online about someone. I was reading a story a few minutes ago and the concluding lines caught my attention-

    "Not everyone has a life that you are leading, not everyone can make most of their lives.
    There is always a story behind every individual that made them what they are today. Respect them. They are fighting the battles that you might not fight ever."

    If we understand these lines, our tongue won't slip, isn't it?
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    A good thought by the author. Frankly speaking, we have no right to pass on derogatory or offensive remarks on anyone either in the real life or in the online environment. These types of things are always in a bad taste and only uncultured and unwise people will do so. There are people who take liberty to allege and insult others but they do not understand that if others also start doing that then what will be their feelings. We must understand that our behaviour has to be under our control and we should never indulge in offending other just for the sake of it. People can have different opinions regarding certain issues but it does not empower them to insult or offend others. Things can be told in a graceful and indirect manner also. Any language has all the vocabulary available then why to choose the bad words when other positive options are there.
    Knowledge is power.

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    An excellent thought. We don't know the reasons for other's behaviour. Unless otherwise, we step in their shoes we will not understand why they are like that. Without knowing the full details and reasons passing on bad comments on other people is never advisable. We all conveniently forget that when we are trying to point one finger towards others the remaining four fingers will be pointing us only.
    There are many ways to express our views without hurting others. There are many ways to make our point clear without directly pointing out others. Only thing is the way we choose speaks about our mentality.
    The conditions may differ from person to person and life is not a walk on roses. There may be many hardships which we never know. So thinking from their point of view is also important.
    A very good thought provoking write up from the author. The people who understand the philosophy of life will never talk loosely about others.

    always confident

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    No one has the right to pass derogatory remarks on anyone. A person who is enjoying all the privileges while others may be struggling to even get the basic needs fulfilled. Life is full of adversaries and sometimes it crashes a person under the burden of those difficulties and adversaries. People mostly feel difficult times in one way or the other and in such situations, a person comes and passes uncultured and derogatory comments makes that person even more upset.
    No, nobody has the right to interfere or pass comment on others. It is a situation they know while a person enjoying all the comfort and privileges badly care and understands the problem going on in the other person.
    We should always stay away from hurting the emotions and sentiments of the people. We should respect others and should not degrade others because we don't know when a person may be under terrible situation and we end up insulting and hurting his or her sentiments.

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    One saying comes to my mind when I read this meaningful thread " Walk a mile in my shoes before you judge/criticise me". Once we put ourselves in the situation that the other person is, then we would understand and perhaps be more careful and considerate in the words we choose and the way we look at people.

    A very relevant message for people who pass a comment or judge a person without much thought about the actual impact of their words on the person in question. This often happens when someone is going through a rough patch in life, when people interact with the poorer sections of society (maids,rickshaw pullers,the housekeeping staff or office boy etc). It could even be a relative, a colleague,a friend or a neighbour.

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    Casual commenting is a bad thing. Many people do it but it is not required. Offensive talks and offending behaviour is definitely a negative trait and reflects on the person who is doing it.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    There are two ways to commenting :
    1. Very normal/ Causal way - This is the most common way where we tend to comment on anything (Person, religion, fashion, Sex, rituals, etc) which we thing is normal and won't affect / hurt anyone.
    2. Purposeful way - This is the one which tend to take a turn. We often tend to forget that, we too can be at his position. We need to think twice before posting or even commenting on any such issues.
    Always keep in mind " innu njan, Naale ni " means today it's me but tomorrow it's you.

    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    It is very true that without proper knowledge and understanding of a person we pass comments. What we see sometimes is a tip of ice berg. Large portion is not visible, like wise when we compare a person, there may be many missing information about that person. In the absence of such information we should not jump to any conclusion.
    "If you don't understand my silence, you will not understand my words"

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    I don't personally think that anybody would remark badly on someone without any reason. There must be some strong story behind it. Like if you looted someone's money, the people will only called you with bad name. It is you who is actually responsible for your own image in social media. You must be strong enough to reply it back but if you yourself do wrong work, how can you expect from others to behave well with you?

    "Not everyone leading the life the way you did....." quote may be correct but even when you are in tough situation, you should not forget your ethics, values and morals. This only can make a people gentleman, there is where you will get the genuine "respect".

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    It is an excellent post by the author. Simple lines with deep meaning behind them. Yes, as mentioned by the author if we understand the deep meaning behind these lines, we will never ever criticize or judge others. We never think from others perspective. We don't understand what they are going through. Thus, it is easy for us to comment on them. If we want to know the real person in front of us, we have to step out of our shoes and step in his/ her's. It won't take too much time to then realize the real story behind their doings or sayings.

    Forget about a layman, we don't have the right to judge a criminal. It is the crime that we have to hate and not the criminal. However, we end up hating the person itself. Thus, everyone deserves the same respect. It does not matter the path they followed or the wrong things they accomplished.

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    A superb point of view! We believe in two things very easily. One is, I am not wrong, and second is, I am indispensable. Both the thoughts are sign of arrogance which is extremely harmful for a person as well as for his/ her dear ones. It is always better not to come to a conclusion in haste and without giving an ear to a matter. Who are we to judge? Who will judge us? Suppose someone hurts us with painful comment without understanding our point of view in the same manner we must not comment on anyone without going deep into it. It is better to be an observer than being a hurtful commenter.

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