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    Some summer fun based on 2019 World Cup Cricket

    Would members be interested in participating in Guess The Result (GTR) activities based on the matches of the 2019 World Cup Cricket? I will initiate a forum thread on 30th May to discuss the World Cup, wherein members can talk about all the matches. However, one day prior to each India game, I was thinking of raising a thread wherein questions will be asked and you have to be like a soothsayer, predicting the outcome. We had a similar activity for one of the cricket tournaments at a sister site of ISC and it was jolly good fun.

    The questions will somewhat be like this -
    1. Which team will win the toss?
    2. Which team will bat first?
    3. Who will bowl the last over?

    The questions will be only for the matches of Team India and will vary. There will be two or more questions for each match. The thread will be kept open only for that one day, prior to the match, and members can put in their predictions in the thread itself. Once the match is over and the answers are known, one point and one cc will be given to each correct prediction. As such there are no major awards, though, like we have for contests. It will just be something fun to do and everyone can participate, even if you are not a cricket fan! There will be no negative points, That is, points as per the automated system will remain for your response and will not be reduced if you have given an incorrect prediction. A few questions may be such that you could check out the details of what newspapers or other sources are saying, let's say about the pitch or the weather, for example, to help you make an accurate prediction.

    Please submit a response in this thread to express your interest and give suggestions, if any.
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    It is a good idea and generates a lot of interest to the members. Many members may participate and come out with their choices. If there are negative points members may hesitate to participate but you made it clear that there are no negative points. So members can come forward and do the guesswork.
    Is it good to ask the members to give the reasoning for their selection? The ME can think about it.

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    Yes, is am interested. Let's have fun together as a world cup begins. It will be really a great thing to participate in this contest.

    I am ready to participate.

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    A nice way to encourage people to follow the world cup and the Indian team and have fun. If the answers are posted in one thread itself, members who answer late can just echo the thoughts of the early birds. For instance, I can just follow previous responses as say that yes, I also think, India will win the toss, Kholi would be the highest scorer, Bumrah would be the highest wicket taker etc.

    Should we consider the first correct answers to have more points or c.c when compared to the later entries? Lastly the replies should be in good spirit and not become personal or derogatory.

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    This is a very good initiative for all to collect points & also to enjoy the worldcup. It will be like a six... if your prediction is right or a googly if not but anyways you don't lose points it's actually a favourable contest. Good thought Vandana Mam.
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    Natarajan - I will consider your suggestion if the response is good. We can give double the points and cc for each correct forecast to the first five correct predictions, irrespective of whether the response itself is first or last. That is, let's suppose you are the last to respond to the thread, but your prediction answer no.2 is correct and nobody before you has made that prediction correctly or three previous responses have it correctly and yours is the fourth. So you will still be eligible to get 2 points and 2cc.

    Dr. Rao - Your suggestion is also good. However, I think we can dispense with that as, similar to what Natarajan stated, later responses may just be duplicating and stating the same thing as a previous response. There will be no way to know whether a member who responded later was giving his/her own analysis or merely repeating what somebody else already said.

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    It would be very interesting to participate in the Guess The Result activities. Since there will be no negative points I hope there will be many participants. We love to predict the outcomes of events - be it politics, IPL, World Cup cricket matches or even the future of any events and when there is encouragement on those predictions with fun activities there will be enough enthusiasm. I am looking forward to it.

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    Seems to be an interesting contest based on our guesses. As many people are interested in cricket, I hope this will attract many members and there will be a good participation. Let us see how are guesses become the true results in the actual match.
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    Posting a response to this old thread to alert members that the first prediction thread has been put up just now. I have re-named it as Make A Prediction (MAP). Have fun!
    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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