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    Are we missing Havan nowadays and moving to Western culture day by day?

    Are we missing Havan nowadays and moving to Western culture day by day? I think Havan is very good to make environment healthy and Its remove lot of virus also which exist in our natural environment due to Global warming and many more reasons.

    What do you thing we all need to do Havan every month at once to bring our old healthy environment. In most houses People used AC that is also harmful and its reduce our physical strength.

    What do you think? Please share your good views on this matter.
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    As per our mythology, culture and tradition, Havan is a cleaning activity of place and the mind. The smoke of Havan contains certain ingredients which are antibacterial and also good for the health. The mantras voiced during Havan are very powerful in affecting the minds of the people involved in the Havan process. It is also believed that regular Havans are a great source of psychological support for the people carrying out them.

    Unfortunately we have totally forgotten our cultural strength which is hidden in the Havan ritual and are not able to take advantage of its full potential for our health as well as spiritual progress. We are attracted by the western culture and in that craze have forgotten the glory of Indian culture and heritage.

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    Performing Havan is one way to upkeep the environment. In our Puranas, we read many times that many kings performed different types of Havans. By doing this they made their wishes fulfilled. The smoke that is coming from this Havan will have eco-friendly gases which will increase the chances of rains more. They use ghee and other materials which will be good for the environment. So it is good to conduct Havan as and when possible.
    Telangana CM KCR conducts some Havans from time to time.
    In the 1980s and 1990s, the people almost have forgotten about these Havans. But recently there is a little development and we are hearing about these Havans once in a while.
    Many people these days feel that these are all superstitions and never accept that it is good to perform Havan. This very unfortunate and people should realise the importance and usefulness of these Havans and once in a while they should plan and conduct.

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    As a Brahmin i get to perform and be part of Havans almost every month. Does that make me lucky? No. There is no spiritual or practical use of havans. Hence we Hindus shifted to the puranic culture, which patronises pooja over havan. Havans are elaborate and expensive. Its not that we are western but because expenses are sky high that havans are not a custom lately. Many of us dont have our own houses. Expecting our house owners to bear our havan is a little too much. A lot of carbon dioxide and water vapour is emitted through havans which will only add, only in trace amounts though, to the green house effect. Havans make it difficult for people with Asthma and other respiratory troubles. They irritate eyes and smoke your clothes.

    Seeing no possible benefits in practical way one might say that yagnas are what gods require. Yes they did. But in Vedic times. Back then we were heavily reliant on cattle and every Brahmin household had many cows, making it easy to procure items of yagnas. Hindus today won't even recognise the Vedic gods who we worshipped 2000 years before Christ was born. Our spirituality and its meaning has changed with our customs over years. Havans are only for specific functions now. They are neither our primary method of worship nor a habit of good health.

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    Havan is a traditional religious ritual in our society. It is a great activity observed by many Hindu communities in our country. This is believed to be the most pious act out of the all religious activities in our country and it is believed that it not only cleans the atmosphere but also rejuvenates the minds of the participants also.
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    There are many reasons for the non-performance of routine Havans now, as compared to earlier days.
    1. The number of people who have the correct knowledge about conducting and performing Havans etc is much less.
    2. There is dearth of Purohits now, as no traditional Purohit family members tke up that profession and life as Purohit is a much ridiculed and vilified everywhere and their remuneration during the middle decades was meagre .

    3. People havetaken up different jobs and professions that require their staying away or and leaving from home quite early in the morning. So traditional rituals are not adhered to by people.
    4. Houses are made in modern way and lack ventilation and proper air passage.This makes Havans etc a smoky affair inside modern homes. Moreover people are afraid such rituals make the modern houses dirty .
    5. People are still ready to give money or sponsor the expenses if somebody takes up the responsibility to conduct the havans and they will simply be a visitor or spectator.
    6. People earn more money now than earlier days and can spend money easily. Hence point no.5 and temples and programmes where common Havans are conducted get donations and sponsorship easily and sufficiently.
    7. People find modern way of life quite comfortable and convenient rather than undertaking a restricted and traditional lifestyle conducting Havans and resorting to various restrictions in daily life.

    But I do not think that people will totally abdicate the traditional ways. Instead they will 'modernise and customise' these to their own new life style and technology.

    Soon we will have 'E -Havans ' without flame, fire or smoke'. May be they will be pre-scheduled and linked and managed with our smartphones.

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    Yes, we do havan occasionally at home. Recently we did it when there was Naamkaran of my younger brother's son. The main ingredient of havan which burns is mango woods and cow's ghee which when burn kill bacteria present in the air. Havan fire smoke has the potential to kill fungi like Aspergillus, Penicillium, Curvuleria and Cladosporium etc.

    Therefore we must do it once in a while at home or in the office to clear the microbes present in the atmosphere.


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    I see a lot of superstition here but I am going to point only to the major one here - Smoke from Havan being beneficial. Any smoke from burning things is harmful to life. It can be bacterial life or the life of a mammal. Try doing a Havan in a closed room and see if you can make it alive out.
    If your eyes water and you cough from Havan smoke, how can you make such an illogical statement that it is good for our environment? Be rational and talk sense.

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    Its true smoke of Havan make our environment healthy and its kill lot of virus like swine flue. Holi is one of the example after Holika Dahan swine flue virus killed automatically and after that Swine flu decrease. You notice you will hear lot of people get affected by swine flue before Holi festival .
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