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    Problem with Adsense ad display on my content

    Dear webmaster,

    I am facing problem with ad display on my content. I have checked in my google account for details, it shows following error.

    Your site isn't ready to show ads
    We couldn't find the code on your site. This is because the code is either missing or incomplete, or because the URL of your site is incorrect. Learn more.

    Copy and paste this code in the HTML of your site, between the and tags.

    And it gives script code with publisher I'd to be pasted on ICS.

    Can you help me on this issue.
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    Sukbir Singh,

    We will inform the Webmasters. Somebody on the editorial team may also be able to clarify what is to be done.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Can anyone from editors or members help on this issue.
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    Have you configured the AdSense account in the ISC Dashboard?

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    Yes in ISC dashboard it shows account is active. But in Adsense dashboard it shows error.
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    Use the Check Ad Serving button to see if the Ad is getting generated. I checked your Articles and none of them have your AdSense publisher ID. It means the association is not done properly. You can also try removing and associating your AdSense account once more.

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    I tried removing and associating the Adsense account but no help.

    I tired testing using check ad serving button but no use the ad area is blank.

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    Have you associated your AdSense pub-ID xxxxxxx42 on any other website or blog and ad appears there?

    You can check the answers from Webmaster, and others for more contribution and better monetize in the future. Ref:


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