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    Great Modi meditating up there. What is the election commission doing?

    Even before the final voting took place, our great PM has the audacity to take off to the hills for meditation. This was done to create some sympathy among voters who would feel that this poor fellow has become so tired after so much of election campaign and needs some good rest.

    He is still PM and so the bill will be paid by humble citizens like you and me. Just like his foreign tours have already cost the nation thousands of crores. Absolutely no major achievement from such tours. That is another story. Today, how is the election commission is so indifferent. Is it not a breach of the code of conduct, more so, as the final round of voting was still on in some parts of the country?

    Youtube videos are immediately released. Our great PM is seen meditating. Even when crores were spent on publicity, the election commission remained silent. One really does not know how to characterize such irresponsible behavior. Should we not have a new law, mandating that the PM take the election commission's permission on such jaunts?
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    I have seen somewhere that Modi thanking the Election Commission for permitting him for this tour. When I have seen this I thought he has taken permission from EC. But this threads says the other way. Truth is to be known.

    Many times our government officials and political leaders visit the pilgrim centres which will cost a lot of money and inconvenience to the public. Our Telugu State's Governor will be there in Tirupathi at least once in a month. How much money is being spent on this is not known. How his personal trips can be funded by the Government. This is a real problem in our country. Misuse of power.

    This time EC has faced so many allegations about the way they conducted the elections. Many people are of the opinion that there is a partiality towards some parties. In AP the EC has shown complete partiality towards YSRCP. Babu made a lot of crying but no use.

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    Kedarnath is a Hindu shrine where pilgrims visit in good numbers. Govt has developed the place as a tourist place and there are budgets and sanctions for its roads and other general amenities. So it is a public place and if the PM is going there, it is nothing unusual or wrong.
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    It was learned from news the ECI consists of 3-panel members. The various complaints which came on Mr.Modi and Mr.Amit Shah during the election campaign, out of the three-panel members, Mr. Ashok Lavsa decline to give clean chits on five occasions. Because of the majority rule, clean chit was given to them. But Mr.Ashok Lavsa declines to attend the meetings ECI unless his minority decision is included in the decision. If some of the members in ECI are partial there is no use of MCC.

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    There are many politicians and Ministers who spend huge money from the exchequer for medical treatment in India and abroad for their ailments. What is wrong in Modi undergoing meditation, this does not cost any money on the exchequer. Meditation an yoga will help him to maintain good health. Unlike many politicians and Minsters he is a workaholic. He works almost 18 hours a day. One can imagine how stressful will be his life style.
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    Prime Minister Modi had not taken a holiday or vacation since the first day of his prime minister job. So let him have some break. All our MPs ,MLA s state and central Ministers all get their expenses from the taxes paid by the law abiding and tax paying public only. We need not isolate Modi in this.
    In fact we should be happy that Modi does not have a big family of sons , sons-in-law, daughters, daughters-in-law etc . So he incurs very negligible expense in comparison to many past and present.
    Actually we should have ignored this incident. and not exaggerated it. It is the vested interests who want to magnify anything and everything Modi does. The Kerala Chief Minister has made a visit abroad with family and officials and ministers almost the same time.
    Many leaders had visited Mosque, Dargah, Temple, Gurudwara etc during election campaign. Those who wanted to vote to BJP( meaning Modi) would already have taken such decision. His Kedarnath visit could no have influenced any vote further. This is a sort of paranoiac response from the opposition parties who now search of escape reasons in case they are defeated badly.

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    How does it matter whether Mr Modi meditates or not? Is it a violation of MCC? I do not know what the author is expecting from the election commission if the PM is seen meditating somewhere. Like you and me the PM also can take a break. We give updates on our holidaying activities on social media and since Mr Modi is the PM the crazy media has circulated the images everywhere. If Mr Modi's action created sympathy among the voters and the citizens of this country then the author couldn't have raised this kind of thread. We all know how the people's representatives waste taxpayers' money and this has nothing to do with meditation. He has not gone to the North pole or to some other planet for meditating. The role of the EC can be questioned in many ways but this has no relationship with the PM meditating inside a cave.

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    On one of the article I read that he took permission from the election commission for two days.

    If he had not taken the permission then it would have been wrong because that would have been called another strategy to allure voters with his being religious.

    In my opinion its nothing wrong to go to a shrine as these are meant of vips also. What's wrong in it if he gets solace in the feet of Mahadev?


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    Mr. Sankalan Sir, the PM represents the whole country. Doing this when elections are not over is a violation of the conduct code. This has happened at the end of a very bitter campaign. If he had gone there after the polling was over, that would have been fine. Even indirectly influencing voters is just not desirable.

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    Right to pray is the fundamental right guaranteed by Article 25-28 of the Constitution of India. Then why Prime Minister Modi can't pray and meditate? Praying is the violation of MCC? I don't know! Let legal experts answer this question.
    People can practice Atheism. But, those who practice atheism, particularly in Tamil Nadu should desist from issuing communally polarizing statements.

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