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    Values and morals: What to choose and what to ignore?

    We live a fast paced world that is becoming more and more materialistic. Not a day goes by without reading or hearing about a big scam, a forgery, a breach of trust, hate related crimes etc. In this challenging environment it is not easy for us to uphold all the moral values and high ground that our parents and teachers had taught us. Under difficult circumstances, we could be forced to give up some of the morals and values that we held high until that point of time.

    In real life, what to choose and what to ignore is more complex. Even more difficult is how do we pass this on to our children. Let's hear from our members what values and or morals would you keep or give up (honesty, professional ethics, loyalty etc). If we can be clear on these, then I feel to an extent, we can know our strengths, limitations and then enjoy our work, family and life.
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    It is necessary to uphold the moral values in our life and live with examples and ethics. Even in difficult circumstances we should try to adhere to these in our life. Sometimes we are forced to ignore some of these virtues but that should be a rarity rather than a frequent phenomenon.
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    Values and morals are integral part of our life. We need to profess these values and inculcate them among our future generation. Then only the society and country will become livable. We should sow the seed of Values and morals among our children. I am sure they would carry them forward for the future generations.
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    It is important to uphold the moral values not only in our children but ever individual should stick to the ethical and moral values. Moral values reflect how civilized and cultured a person is.

    In this materialistic world, we usually see that moral values are diminishing and uncultured and immoral behavior from people is seen prevalent. Scams, forgery, cheating, bribery and what not are engrossed among people. Morality has been thrown to the dustbin.

    We should not be so callous to our ethics. We should adopt moral values in our life and feel the peace of mind.

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    Values and morals are very important in our lives to have a peaceful and happy living. We may feel sometimes that we are losing the battle by adhering to these traits. But in the long run, we will definitely get the dividends for our good deeds.
    My grandfather lived a very simple life. He never went out of these ethics and values even in times of difficulties. He used to help others and never lied. He struggled a lot for money during his middle age. But he never went for unethical practices.
    He never had any health problems and never had a fever also. In the end, he went away without any problem. He suffered from fever and two days later he was no more.
    Even though it is difficult one should follow morals and keep up the values and teach the same to the next generation. If we compromise on one, our next generation may compromise on all.

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    I am reminded of a dinner table conversation from when I was a child. My mother had asked my brother and me, a question that had started an animated discussion. The question went something like this – If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around, does it still make a sound? (It was a quote that she had read somewhere).

    The lesson I learnt over dinner that night was that our deeds, no matter how covert they are, have an impact. We may think no one is watching when we do wrong, but just like a tree that falls in the middle of a forest, makes a sound, that no one hears, our wrongs influence our behaviour and determine who we become.

    Mummy's words have remained with me, 'A small slip is all it takes to get swallowed into the chasm of sin', she had said. By initiating that discussion, my mother had sown the seeds of integrity and value in us.

    Corruption, immorality and deceit etc., happen because people believe no one is watching. People brazenly cheat, when there's no risk of getting caught, and that's where the fault lies. It is important to listen to your conscience because it does call out to you. Our bad deeds have a way of catching up with us - we can't run, we never know who has been watching us.

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    A very interesting thread. The author has raised some questions regarding which of the values or morals to keep or give up - like honesty, professional ethics or loyalty. We call a person honest when he has ethics as well as loyalty. These values are integrated within the honest person and nobody will question the integrity of an honest person. We all know what to choose and what to discard and nobody forces us to choose or discard honesty. Ask anybody about honesty and crime. I think, even the dishonest and a hardcore criminal will say that dishonesty and crime must be avoided. We choose the way depending on the circumstances because we do not know where we are up to. We think that we have to fit in a particular module and for that nobody will mind if we deviate from the path.

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    Values and morals are something that will always be in the back of our mind whenever we are doing a thing or planning a work or talking to someone or executing a plan. These things will always guide us as what to do and what not to do. We can not ignore them. They are sitting there in hidden but powerful form to guide us unconsciously in our acts and actions. Sometimes under certain compulsions and personal weaknesses we ignore them and try to circumvent them but then in the aftermath of completion of our task we may not be happy over the sequence of execution and neglect of ethics at any intermittent stage. I feel that it is better to adhere to them rather to circumvent them as doing things in ways where ethics are kept in considerations are generally fruitful and uncontroversial in the long run in our life.
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    This is absolutely true that in today's world people don't have moral values and you too have to become like others otherwise you may look like a fool and people will take advantage of your nature.

    My parents always taught me that if someone is doing harm to you then forget it and try to be fair to him, he may change by seeing your behaviour towards him. But these days its not advisable and I don't teach the same thing to my kids but tell them "tit for tat" as people understand this only because if you will be nice to them everytime they will take you granted and will make you fool.

    Similarly being honest everytime won't make you successful you have to be manipulative and calculating in many situation these days as this is practical thing otherwise its tough to survive in this competitive world. Most of the successful people didn't follow every good thing .


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    I have my own side of story. My father was a labour in a wagon factory where the trains wagon were made. Those time he wasn't earning much but still kept us happy and fulfilled whatever small amount he had. There were people around him could do some "extra work" to get "extra" income but he was never attracted in such work. In my life I have not seen such an honest person who kept his value above than to earn extra money wrong way. Once I went with him in the factory and the way he was getting humble and honest greeting by his co-worker and officers, it has created a huge impact in my teenage mind. Of course he was not earning huge amount but he did't sale his soul to earn just "extra income". He did't earn money but the respect in his surrounded society. The same value and moral I am having in me and teaching my kid.

    Today value and morals are kept up the the educational book. And, almost everywhere people keep his own "ego" first to justify everything. But, there is final judgement where we all have to answer is up when we will depart. So, it is important to let not our soul died and the same message you should sent to your kid.

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    t is easy to say that values and morals should be kept high above everything. Put it in practice. How many of us can successfully pass our day on high moral grounds? Most of us feel that we are living a high life and its foundation is laid by high values. However, we are ignoring the little slips that we are allowing in our day today. Are we 100% honest? Discipline, loyalty, trust are we completely committed to these values. It is easy to say yes. It is because most of us don't even realize the little slips we do here and there. Even if we notice, we give ourselves as well as every one an excuse that it is the way of life. As per our thinking that since we are not committing high-level crimes, we can regard ourselves as an honest, trustworthy person.

    The author has asked the question that how much to choose and how much to ignore. We all have been doing it as per our convenience. We cheat when we feel that it is okay and no one is watching. Moreover, also it brings huge benefits. However, it will always be good if an individual lives his life on high values.

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    Thanks for all the thoughtful replies and personal experience. What I find is, even though most of us uphold the true values, there are times when we are tested to the limit and some of us have to compromise not for our own sake but for the sake of the family, children and dependents. Luckily, these testing times are not too frequent.

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