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    Intend to quit ISC for its unfair deletion of my good, reasonable and unharmful posts

    Dear ISC and my fellow ISCians,

    I intend to quit ISC for its unfair deletion of my good, reasonable and unharmful posts on election 2019. My posts were about prediction of election results. It doesn't contain any indecent or abusive or hurting words. Yet ISC is against the prediction of results. ISC is not ready to explain why such prediction is not allowed while the whole of India is discussing the election result and the future government. In which way the prediction of election result would harm ISC or my fellow ISCian?

    @ If this thread also get deleted, I won't be here any more.
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    Sun, it may be deleted because already there is a thread which is presently locked and will be opened for us to discuss the results. Kindly check.

    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
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    What Sanjeev told may the reason for the deletion of the thread raised by you. However, you need not take that very seriously. Sometimes it happens. It is all in the game. We have to ignore and move forward. Whatever happens, we should take it sportively and continue our work. You are a very senior member on ISC, you know better about ISC than many of the other members. As such no one needs to explain to you what is right and what is wrong. I know you will understand and go ahead. I wish you will continue and make more valuable inputs in this forum section.
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    Sanjeev and Dr Rao,
    My thread is not about discussing issues after the declaration of the results. So, you are wrong with your presumption.It is the advance prediction of the results by ISC Members as to who will win, and with what number of seats. It is a good exit poll thread from me. It is to study the voters of India. It gives some brain work to our members.
    I am not happy with the deletion of my thread.

    No life without Sun

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    Also you should read carefully that there are many threads on exit polls presently opened in the forums you may discuss there rather that starting your own thread. In my opinion this was the reason of the deletion of your thread. But more correctly editors will tell about the same.

    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    Mr Sun, you are a very senior member of ISC and I do not have to tell you that this is a moderated site. Mr Sanjeev Gupta has already mentioned in his reply @ # 665632 about this thread. I hope you have read the last line in that thread. It says, "Please maintain the forum decorum and desist from making personal remarks about candidates and each other". I am a junior member and from various threads related to politics and prediction, I can say that most of the time a few members make personal remarks going overboard and receive negative points and ultimately the thread gets locked. When the whole of India is busy predicting the results, what difference are you expecting here in ISC? Members participating in the prediction will always vouch for the political outfit they support for and ultimately again mudslinging will be witnessed here in the forum of ISC. You are well experienced about it but will not deviate from your point.

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    I think members have to abide by the policies of the site and if the site is moderated, we do not have much options to exercise. I am working in some other sites also where even an ordinary comment is scrutinised and is deleted or locked and does not appear in the thread. Another interesting thing is that in one of the sites if we comment on an article or post then it will not reflect till the author approves it. So site to site it differs.

    I think we have to take note of these things.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Once, one of my responses was removed from a thread and it was written that it was done due to the policy violation of the site. I could not understand it. Then I found that some other responses were also removed and even some negative points were credited to them. I could not understand that also. I became curious and started thinking deeply as why was that done. I thought to raise a post also. Within 2-3 days I got the answer myself and it was clear to me as why that post faced such deletions.

    So patience is to key to understand the reasons of such deletions or restrictions on our posts and in fact there is no need to ask the editors also as one can get the answer oneself after a little thinking and pondering.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Predicting election result is an interesting game. Is it violation of any policy? I don't know!
    I also felt many times that people behind this site are failing to answer or counter the argument posed by members ,seeking solace in deletion, an escape route.

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    You need to elaborate your statement -
    "I also felt many times that people behind this site are failing to answer or counter the argument posed by members, seeking solace in deletion, an escape route."

    Why to find an escape route? Threads are deleted after deliberations in the Editors' group or sometimes being brought to the notice after a deletion with clear explanation to the members of the Editors' group which includes WM too. We don't need to explain all these things, yet members are targetting one or two editors as if they are doing on their own. Let me be very clear. Your adverse comments, I mean not you, but some of the members taking no time to jump in and passing comments on Editors really badly reflecting on their performance and on the site as well. Some of the Editors who sincerely attend to their editing duties are now tending to a disinclination to undertake the job.

    In the present case, it was brought to our notice that there were some other threads about the elections and anticipated results and hence certain related threads were deleted. Also, keep it in mind that we are totally educational site representatives and our motto should be to benefit the younger mind to excel in their academics and career. The forum should help them to improve their personality development skills and current affairs and should not be a place for a 'star war' in the name of seniority and a long term contribution for the site.


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    I agree that there are many threads running on election 2014. But no thread on prediction of election result 2014 by the ISC members. I simply asked the members to analyze on their own and say what would be BJP, Congress and others share of seats. There is nothing to post other than the number of seats. It doesn't target any party or candidate. There is no need to discuss unnecessary thing. It did not target any editor of ISC.

    I must say that it was a genuine thread asking the intelligent members to post their numbers they feel. It is not against forum policy violation.

    How ISC or ISCians are going to be affected by the prediction of members? ISC won't allow any local prediction of ISC contest results as it affects the editors in deciding the winner, but not the Parliamentary election results. ISC won't influence the EVMs to give the result as per ISC prediction.

    No life without Sun

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    As a new member, I am too surprised as what is the wrong to post the prediction? In fact member here can post their own opinion about it which will make it more interesting. In one side India Study Channel allow the post of frustrated member who has nothing to do but try to bring out all the useless fault at Mr. Modi. The same they can't say about their own interested political member. actually such post must be ban first from Indian study channel "Forum" which come out only because of hatred feeling and which has no base from the truth. Interesting to know that such posts are allowed by India Study CHANNEL Editors.

    Actually, if any member criticise something positive for this site, it should be taken in positive way . This post is my own personal opinion and I have no intent to hurt anyone feelings.

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    Now I 100 percent can tell you that India Study channel is only supporting the post which has Anti Modi or anti Government content. I can say it because my last post is got locked.

    Whether Mr. Sun is continue or not but I am certainly leaving this site. What I felt it is the same way behaving. It is just a dictatorial site nothing else.

    Good luck and all the best to this Site. Goodbye.

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    Nice to note your strong convictions, no ifs and buts, just a to the point decision of quitting the site. Well, good luck to you and goodbye too. Mr Sun's departure is conditional, he will quit only if this thread gets deleted, but nice to see you choose your own path, independent of him.

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    I would not have come back and reply but seems Juana has more interested to reply my post than the editor. Well, it is my own personal opinion which I taken or felt. I am neither try to do sycophancy neither I am trying to earn from this site. I am getting neither of that which allow me to stay here. I am independent and my soul is not dead just to earn few Rupees and behave like a salve.

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    Good for you, as I said I appreciate your strong stand. And editors are not online 24/7, they will reply, in their own time, if they think it appropriate. It is not every day that we have members posting their decision to quit the site. The least that members can do is applaud your decision and wish you well. You joined the site on your own and the decision to leave it is also yours. I wish you well.

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    [Response removed by Admin. Read forum policies.]

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    [Response removed by Admin. Read forum policies.]

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    Now, I am certainly not leaving this site. and this will not be good news for few people.

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    "Threads are deleted after deliberations in the Editors Group and we don't need to explain all these things."

    Here is the problem. If a member asks the reason for deletion of his thread and not getting answer within a reasonable time he will think that he is ignored and this seeds the dissension, this is what we saw in this thread. But, new generations always think that you people are not capable of answering. Nobody is targeting any Editors here. In educational sites, all the members are exposed to different ideas and different viewpoints, may be offensive, but it to be answered in a proper civilized manner.
    Here we have seen dissenting voices and now you are saying Editors are also disinclined to do their job. Who are responsible for all these? This is a good forum site and let us make it interesting always.
    Don't fight. You are very intelligent. We would like to see your interesting threads here.

    Chalo…Let us stop this discussion.

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    Mr. Sun, There is a typo error where it is referred to as 2014 elections, while we really are discussing the 2019 elections. Sometime back we had threads discussing about horoscope prediction and/ or luck related predictions that got locked.
    As a senior member of this site, I request you give the editors time or take it up via a mail. As far as the decision to quit, we are all here by our own will ( staying or quitting), giving ultimatums just makes things/ interactions frosty or strained. Your presence and experience would be valuable to others especially in the forum section.

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    Well, I think it would be better to clarify to all members about the deletion of Sun's threads. Refer:
    Predictions came up in discussions in these and other threads wherein the main title may not have been about results as such, but was discussed in these and other threads as well which were related to 2019 elections.

    After all, this thread itself has gone out of track. Would you think a good discussion would generate if we allow the threads? Undoubtedly, the political discussions here are going out of track and someone is branding the site management/Editors and dragging them into unwarranted controversies. In what way we are concerned if someone wins or loses? Don't think that we are supporting someone. As members, we have the courage to express our views openly but many of us are refraining to do so because we have to moderate the discussion in an impartial way.


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    "....because we have to moderate the discussion in an impartial way."

    Mr. Jagdish Patro, are you sure for the words you have quoted? Think again. If you check the recent past thread, you may get to know why the members are tagging you. I am not blaming you simple but the way this site give some open hand to some members, we are force to say that. Specially this site behave like Anti Government site and it prove again and again the way editor behave with some members.

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    The debates & the discussions on the matter as specified with the main thread would continue to be a life long process or at least when the members do having complaints & issues with the ISC but still not agreeing for departure on a permanent basis & therefore I would like to suggest the ISC that instead of deletion, they may block the thread with a note mentioning the reason behind it. I don't feel that mentioning of 15-20 words sentence should be a lengthy process.

    Later on the respective member can raise a separate thread for clarification or in case if the same being arranged by the member responsible for the post after some editing satisfying the ISC as well.

    But sudden deletion will create a noisy atmosphere with few of the members already leaving the ISC permanently but of which the ISC may not be interested onto because in the end we all are professionals in some way or the other.

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    Editor Jagdish,
    Had you not deleted my thread asking the members to post their prediction of seats BJP.....Congress....Others....., the thread would have seen many decent responses from members without going off the track. It was a hurried decision by the hasty editor to delete my thread. May be due to hatred feeling against SuN. You say that ISC should only excel in academic and career. Is ISC forum deals with only academic and career? I had lead many fun activities not relevant to academic and career at ISC. Irrelevant comment.

    Sorry for my typo. It is corrected now.

    @ I never thought of quitting ISC anytime despite many past bitter experience at ISC. But this deletion of my fine thread made me to think of quitting ISC due to hasty editors deleting my thread without any valid justification.

    No life without Sun

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    "Bitter experience". Did you really had them? It's strange to see a member who had been on the site from last 8 years says this. You would have not been so active here for 8 years if it had been the case.

    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    Since the relevant threads have been mentioned by Jagdish in response no. #665689, which had the same discussions and are references for why Sun's thread was deleted, this thread is now being locked.
    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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