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    Why people are so stupid?

    It's very sad that people are so ignorant that they can risk their life. Recently I was going through a new in which a person consumed pesticide instead of his medicine. Isn't it look strange? How can some one be so ignorant?

    The case is of Gurugram where a man of 40 years was suffering from fever from past few days and last night it was dark so he consumed pesticide instead of the medicine by mistake which was kept next to the medicine and died.

    This is stupidity. I am surprised why the hell the pesticide was kept near the medicine. Aren't they aware that pesticides are harmful and can take life.

    What's your comment on this?
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    People mostly ignore the mixing of pesticide and medicine which later proves dangerous. It is not only ignorance but I would say it carelessness of a person who keeps medicine and pesticides together. Such things show only sheer stupidity of an individual.

    We should take the utmost care while mingling these drugs, sometimes children can become the target of our stupidity and laziness. Always keep medicine away from the children and never keep pesticides or fungicides along with medicines that a person usually takes.

    This 40-year-old man who took pesticides instead of medicine seems only stupidity and carelessness. He could have avoided this incident had he taken the cognizance of these things. Pesticides are not Hajmola that may not affect you, it will give you a fair dose of risk to life; So take care and be careful in these things before it is too late!

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    These incidents show lack of discipline in the members of the house. The house keeping and arrangement of items in such a way that they should be identifiable whenever required is very essential in a house.
    Yesterday I met a homeo doctor. He was telling me an incident which took place with one of his patients. A middle aged lady brought his kid for treatment. The doctor has given some sweet pills. The kid is to take six pills at a time and two times a day. The mother is following that. As the pills are sweet the child was taking medicine without ny problem. One day the child somehow took the bottle and ate all the pills at a time. After an hour or so the mother noticed and she became panic. She brought the child to the doctor. The doctor has to work hard to see that the effect of the medicine will come down.

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    We are generally careless in many things in our life and due to that such incidents happen. Carelessness is a very common trait in the society and many of us are suffering with the result of carelessness. When things are not kept in their proper places then there are plenty of chances that such mishaps may occur. Especially in the night time the chances of such mistakes happening is much more as the mind is not fully awaken and is under the spell of transitional sleep. Prevention is better than cure. We must keep the different items in different places in our household to protect the children as well as old persons for committing such mistakes.
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