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    "Duttee Chand a true sportsperson"

    Duttee Chand a well known sprinter who plays for India and has bagged medals for India has publically confessed about her for having same sex relationship. As per reports she was being pressurised and was being blackmailed to give money so she had to accept it. She was living with a girl for over 3 years.

    Olympics are coming in few months and that's going to affect her play when she is expected to do well in the games and many are expecting that she will win a medal in the games for us.

    Is it not strange that people are more interested in knowing about the personal life of celebrities that's why this news is given a hype.

    What's wrong if she is in such relationship when Supreme Court has already given clean chit to such relationships.
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    It has become very common in our country to show interest in the personal lifestyle of individuals who excel in one or the other field. No exception to sports persons also. Actually we should be more interested in the performance of the candidate. But we go for other issues also. So that is why many people say that celebrities should be more careful in their private issues also.
    It is her life and let her enjoy her life the way she wanted as long as the other people are not getting affected with her actions. If she is legally correct there is no necessity to talk about the issue. She should be encouraged to do better and win medals so that our country will also get name and fame.

    always confident

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    It is not in a good taste to unnecessarily make comments about the personal life of anyone whether he is a celebrity or ordinary person. Duttee Chand is a prospective gold winner for our country and instead of digging her life we should encourage and promote her in our comments and remarks.
    Knowledge is power.

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    The sexual orientation of a person ( be it in sports, politics or celebrities) it a very personal choice. It is their right to decide on the relationships as long as it is consensual.Neither the public nor media or even the sports officials in this case have the right to comment or blackmail or criticise.
    We should respect their/her choice and just focus on their achievements and contributions in their respective fields. I just hope that she does not suffer a backlash ( administrative, social and media) and is left alone to grow and win more medals for herself and the country.

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    Many people have a habit of commenting as well as highlighting someone's personal life and talking about it publicly. They do not think that they are doing a wrong thing by such deeds and habitually remain engaged in such cheap talks.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    The general trend of the people to take excess interest in the lives of celebrities and very often we are critical of their attitudes such as their mode of talking or the attires they prefer.
    Instead of our indulgence in such remarks, it could have been better, if we could encourage the performers with some useful tips helping them in enhancement of their skills.
    With our positive comments, may be she would earn more medals and will have abundant energy to perform her task in efficient ways.

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