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    First time in 70 years of Indian History the opposition looks so frustrated.

    Relax! It is just exit poll result which showing that NDA is far ahead from the opposition. The real result is yet to come. Nevertheless, the oppositions look flat on the floor. As if they have lost the election without fight. This is what it is getting presented by the entire opposition. Their straight face, their frustration to put their own fault to EVM, not accepting the defeat, It all showing up right now.

    I personally don't believe in the Exit poll result, there are history when these prediction did not match with the actual result but we can not deny it completely. The defeat should be taken it positively of either party and work on it to do better in future.

    For a great country, the opposition has to be stronger. An opposition can only get better if they have strong future vision for the country. Just accusing current Government or PM, abusing them will not take opposition anywhere. Whatever may be the result, if opposition get defeated, they should take it positively, learn from it and work on it for the better in future. They have to win the faith of the people because whatever they have done so far, the reaction from Indian public has just come opposite for them. Unless they win the faith of people, it would be very hard for them to come back even in 2023.
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    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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