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    Do you think lot of peoples wasting lot of time on Politics discussion?

    Do you think lot of peoples wasting lot of time on Politics discussion in India? Mostly in village area I noticed most of the people interested in Politics and they waste lot of time in discussion it does not matter whether they will go for voting or not.

    Please share your views on this matter. I mostly avoid to discuss about politics but sometime need to answer when some hearts our thinking about politics.

    Discussion never ending once it start.
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    Politics is a subject where everyone is an expert. If a discussion starts everyone jumps to populate ones ideas there. So the unending discussion starts and goes a long way. People have their own understandings and they insist in those directions only.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Our mind responds to the different phenomenon & occasions differently. There are subjects & activities which are not interested to us & there are other subjects & activities which stimulate our activeness in terms of our actions & the thoughts being generated within our mind.

    The politics is one of a kind that Stimuli our actions in a most active way because this is something which seems to let us all free & at the same time not letting this go inside our mind & create unnecessary troubles & therefore logically this is not a wastage of time.

    So if you feel free of any subjects or discussions than pl. go ahead & enjoy.

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    Interacting with others always helps us to improve our knowledge and understanding of a particular subject like politics. It will bring awareness about our rights, about our duties and our faulty thoughts of politics.

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    Politics, I think, have a direct impact on the lives of the common people. When a party comes in power, it formulates policies on different subjects that have a direct impact on common masses.

    Mostly unemployment and our economy are important factors that are why people can be seen discussing politics everywhere.
    Politics makes or Mars the progress of masses with their either constructive or destructive policies. So, usually, people take interest in discussing different subjects of politics.

    You are right that people from village side people discuss politics more than others, I feel it is because people living villages are poor and are always waiting for some benefits, perks, and privileges from govt; these people always come to cast their votes but are made deceived by the system.

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    Politics is one subject which everyone can talk and freely tell their opinions. No subject knowledge is required. If it is any matter other than politics we require some knowledge in that subject. Otherwise, we can't understand the subject. That is why everybody starts talking on this subject.
    Earlier days in villages near the village Panchayat office, people used to gather to hear the news on radio and to hear the discussions on agricultural issues, During their stay there after hearing the news, they will start discussing on political issues. All the people gathered there will pass on their comments. Arguments and counter-arguments will go on.
    Even today in many villages we see these activities. This a time pass for them. Nothing is going to happen out of these discussions and no outcome. I agree with the author that these discussions are only a waste of time.

    always confident

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    Politics is a hot topic for discussion. It becomes more sensational when election time is around or when results are about to get declared. Even if there are no elections nearby, still, many people want to discuss lots of aspects of it. Mostly they want to either praise or criticize the government, opposition, and the leaders.

    If the discussion is bringing something good then yes, it is important to talk about it. For example, in discussions, one can know how much of the work has the Government successfully carried out. How much has it failed to deliver? One can know many such aspects of the ruling party. However, most people discuss politics just for the sake of doing it. There is no good coming out of the long discussions.

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    India is a poor country. Many in this country are still below the poverty line and a chunk of this population is in the villages. The economy of a country largely depends on the policies of the government and in our country, the distribution of wealth is not even. Those who are poor, expect that a new government will bring some changes in their economic status and also hope for freebies. Those who are really busy with their job, do not have enough time to discuss politics. If we look into the crowd in the meetings of every political party, it is understood how many people really do not have anything valuable to do. If they had such important things to do then there wouldn't be a huge crowd in the meetings and rallies. Maybe that's why politicians always exploit those sections of our society. People expect much from the politicians and keep on discussing and predicting the outcomes of the next move.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Political party based democratic system is the vogue in our country. Political parties decide our nation's direction and march. In short they decide the fate of our nation and thus our individual fate. The legislation are made by party and politicians. Those legislation touch us in every way. They may comfort us or make us suffer.

    Hence party politics has a great share in our life. That is why we discuss politics. It is not a waste of time if we discuss properly and decide considering and evaluating all things.
    Many times it is such wide discussions , the signals and points emerging from such discussions, that change the direction of the country. and its people.
    So discussing politics is not at all waste. It is actually our involvement in the democratic governance and fate of the country and ourselves.

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    This is a general tendency everywhere in the world that people take part and enjoy the politics and political discussions. It is nothing particular to our country. Politics is related to post and position, money and power, control and administration and many other prerogatives. So those who are interested to reach top and those who support them and those who talk about them all are engaged in speculations and guesses and criticising one over the other. Given a choice everyone will like to discuss it. It is an idle activity in the sense that you need not to exert on your brain. It is not science or biology or economics that it will stress us. It is simply talking anything about anyone and passing the time in the process. Every unemployed and unoccupied person will like it though employed ones are also much excited and devote their spare time in it.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Thanks for sharing all your views I agree with all of you . Discussion should happen but not every time it should be discussed on free time .
    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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    We are interested in politics because we are in a democratic Country. We elect our representatives during the elections. It is our duty to monitor the performance of our representatives so that we could decide on our vote during the next election.
    "If you don't understand my silence, you will not understand my words"

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    Hi everyone. I don't think so. Of course, some people can be interested in it but it is not so bad.

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    Absolutely. I avoid political discussions because they tend to get nasty, but that didn't help, really. Especially this time. The last few months have been an eye-opener. I came to know people, that I thought I already knew - their masks were removed. The discussions in my social media accounts, between my friends, went from heated to nasty.

    The level of ignorance, arrogance, intolerance and stupidity that was on display left me appalled. The kind of language, the people (whom I have been friends with for decades) used was disgusting. The name calling, the cheap theatrics, the memes that were shared showed me the ugly side of my friends.

    The discussions around politics weren't just a waste of time, they also brought out the worst in people. There was no room for opinions only jibes. Many left groups, only to be added again.

    It was distasteful . . .

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    Yes, that's true politics is a hot topic in our country. People can debate on it anytime. In villages, debates can be seen on very chowks. People sit and have no other topic than cursing and appreciating the politicians. They waste their valuable time. I don't like politics and go away if someone starts a topic of politics. And now when Modiji has won now people have started appreciating him and the party.

    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    Yes, that's for sure and if they do not work in politics they really can't get something out if it no matter how hard they want it really. Everyone is expert of nothing. Real politics are really something you couldn't even live without. All this is done behind closed doors.

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    I don't think the discussion about politics is a waste of time. The lack of interest in politics is the major reason why people are not able to choose the correct candidate. Do you know a large proportion of people in India don't know what a constituency is! Ask people going on roads about the number of Lok Sabha seats and 1 out of 10 people would be able to give the exact number. It's easy to criticize politicians but can you go and win elections? Lack of political discussions and awareness is the major reason behind India's dirty politics. Bihar and UP make 120 seats out of 545 Lok Sabha Seats which means the most illiterate states decide the future of a nation. There are very few political discussions and awareness among poor people . Give them 100 Rs and they will vote for whom you say. People need to be knowledgable about politics and this can only be done by having more political discussions.

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    A lot of peoples here supporting that discussion about politics is good. I think its good to observe right candidate but sometimes its convert to fight among people which is not good. Discussion should be between peaceful environment and it should not be longer.
    Discussion also become one type of entertainment.

    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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