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Here's an opportunity to put your creative writing skills to the test with a really, really brief story - a Micro Tale, no less! Submit up to three entries latest b 31st May 2019 and win cash awards.
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    Contest of the Month - Micro tale writing contest!

    Few words, when put together, give the complete picture of a full story. They generate lots of meaning and impressions. They are nothing but Micro tales; in simple words, extremely short stories.

    For example-
    a) "He looked at her. But he never knew that the eye contact was the curtain raiser for their introduction which leads to falling in love; the Love is the foundation for their marriage and the Marriage is the key factor for his successful life". – Jagdish

    b) "Set out to explore the new city, She strolled around the lanes
    Suddenly she heard him, a stranger's voice, 'Excuse me. Can you tell me the direction to the central library?'
    'Well, let's find it together', she replied." – Shruti Sahini (Courtesy- 'Pocketful of Stories')

    Micro tale writing is an art. Why can't we explore from our enthusiastic ISCians their creativity to put their thoughts in a Micro tale mode? This Micro Tale contest is meant to tap your talent and the inherent potential in you and just post your response here.

    To participate in the contest, what you have to do is –
    1. Just post your thought/Micro tale here as a response to this thread and it would be considered as your entry.
    2. You can post up to a maximum of three entries and the word limit is a maximum of 75 words only for each entry.
    3. Each entry should be posted as an individual entry only, so you should post three separate responses in this thread if you are posting three Micro tales. As you can submit only two consecutive responses in a thread, just wait for the response of others, if you want to post your third entry.
    4. No need to give a title to your Micro tale.
    5. All members including Editors can participate and all the entries would be awarded suitably.
    6. No absurd language is allowed and any response other than entries would be summarily rejected. Queries, if any, may be sent to the author of this thread via the ISC Message mode.
    7. The First Prize would carry a reward of Rs.100/- and the Second Prize would be of Rs.75/- with a Consolation Prize of Rs.50/-. The Number of prizes would be decided later based on the number of entries received.
    8. The closing date of the contest is – 31st May'19.

    Hope you all are keen on participating. Why wait - start writing!
  • #665707
    As I sat on the shore, gazing across the horizon, watching the Sun disappear into some mysterious place. I wondered if my tears would make it anymore saltier. The waves came leaping as if to swallow me up, just the way it swallowed my Best Friend. But my eyes were fierce, angry at its every leap. As the bloodthirsty waves approached nearer, it just touched my feet and returned to its bosom.

  • #665723
    Auguring he'll be tanked-up after the stag party, he conscientiously left his wheels behind. While assiduously striding home his phone pinged: an endearing message from his young wife, 'Come home soon, honey'.

    Exalted, he began texting an enticing reply, 'I'm nearly home, baby', and stepped off the pavement. The drunken driver never saw him.

    A momentary loss in concentration; a momentous change in destination: he reached home, his final home . . . six-feet under.

  • #665727
    The old man was writing. The disturbance in the neighborhood could not penetrate his concentration.

    The zealot reached there. He snatched the parchment on which the old man was writing. "What are you writing? Are you copying what is written in our Book?": He asked. The author smiled and answered in the negative.

    The zealot drew his sword and used it on the author. He tried to prove: "Sword is mightier than pen".

  • #665734
    I was born in the time when writing letters was a passion and had no cell phones and we used to have a chat sessions sitting together not like sitting together quietly and watching television.

    For us summer vacations meant Nani's house and we never knew about the summer camps.

    Today's generation says that we don't know anything but we are happy for what we had as we didn't had that much of tension.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

  • #665740
    'Tomorrow is our marriage day', my wife told me
    Yes.I am proceeding to Delhi on official work, I replied and left to the airport.
    The next day morning it was 8 AM in the morning. I am on my bed in the hotel.
    The calling bell is ringing.
    Got up and opened the door.
    My wife with a bouquet of flowers.
    She doesn't want to miss me on this beautiful day.
    Felt happy.

    always confident

  • #665750
    'When I meet you I can only gaze at your moonlight face and ask questions as a friend. Though I want to say that I like to poke you and also I like your eyes and smile but I don't want to lose you as a friend so I rather keep those thoughts to myself only".

  • #665756
    Where am I? In a never-ending race. I don't know how many times I have already asked myself that question. I am running. Running towards where? I don't know. Sometimes I feel the warmth of the sunshine. Sometimes I feel the beauty of the smiles of my friends. Yet in my heart, I know that I am all alone. Heart? Not quite. I meant the dark black void within me that was once my heart.

  • #665761
    Unanticipated thoughts lingered in my mind today. I sensed that I have devoted incalculable time of my life in building it. I have been levied with tons of responsibilities that I almost paid no attention to reflect upon the passage of time. "I won't be doing that anymore" my inner self voiced clearly. It's high time that I acknowledge the true meaning of my life. In short, I should contemplate the value of living it.

  • #665798
    The young woman met with an accident. Her condition was bad and she was taken to the ICU. The attending physician told her husband that she was in a coma. The distraught husband asked the physician to save her life saying that she was only thirty.

    Suddenly, the ECG machine started the beeping sound. She changed her posture, her lips moved and she spoke in a week voice but very firmly:"I am only twenty-nine."

  • #665802
    The entry of response #665778 is in poor taste and a mockery of the contest. Hence it has been decided to disqualify the entry and further entries will also not be accepted from the member.
    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

  • #665835
    That was the fateful evening when it was jumping in the neighbor's garage on the insects. The car came in from the main road and turned in the garage and took its place. The little cat was crushed instantly.

    It did not turn up in the night. Next morning while removing the car the driver saw it and there was the dead body of our beloved cat. Our little black cutie.

    Knowledge is power.

  • #665850
    In the unknown city, she was in a park surrounded by many people but alone inside. What way should she chose now she has failed at the aim for which she came to this city of dreams. Is there any other options left for her. She was stubborn to come to this place and ignored everyone. What else is left for her? She followed her heart now what should she follow?
    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

  • #665889
    Everybody cannot be your friend. Just because they hang and laugh with you doesn't mean he or she is your friend. People are clever and pretend to be your well-wishers but at the end of the day real situations expose them and help you to understand that they are fake friends. So we must be careful and should pay attention while trusting people.

    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

  • #665890
    She was watching the shadow as she walked down the path. In the street light glimmering over her head nervous in her heart but determined in her gaze. She decided it will not be a formality Parents find you a groom you meet him once and that's all. This will not happen with her it will be her decision. What could anyone know in just one meeting? What kind of freedom is this?
    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

  • #665895
    I saw her first time in a family function. She was beautiful but I was impressed with her knowledge about the books she had read. I joined the discussions and was soon friendly in that small group.

    About 6 years later just after our marriage I asked her what made her to agree to marry with me. She simple told that it was the books that I mentioned in discussions on that day.

    Knowledge is power.

  • #665899
    He was well behaved and courteous but lacked subtle human feelings of emotions and sentiments. It bothered me time and again but I loved him and never thought to part with him. I was hurt but not surprised on that day when he came from work and straight told me that he was quitting, not his job, but me. I knew this was going to happen and I accepted it coolly.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • #665911
    I was at the airport waiting for the boarding call. I was just remembering my students days. I remembered my friend and his mother who were staying just by the side of my room those days. She used to give me good bits of advice.
    I was going through those memories.
    I heard somebody calling me. I looked back. He was my friend about whom I was thinking about before. Surprised.

    always confident

  • #665914
    She approached me for the first time, literally pleading with me to buy flowers from her. Though I had seen her on previous occasions, my wife did the purchase. When I said that my wife is out of town, she immediately sprung up with the response: Sir, madam would buy flowers for God too!! Not only was this so natural, but she also seemed genuine. I purchased two hand measures (her hand is used as a measure) and the happiness in her eyes said it all. " Thank you Sir" she said, happily accepting the twenty rupees I gave her. Life, after all, is more meaningful in such moments of happiness.

  • #665916
    Wondering if the food from such a small shop would be okay, I reluctantly took a parcel of one Vegetable biryani, as it is called in Tamil. " Sir, I think you are our first time customer. Don't worry, it will not spoil your stomach", said the shopkeeper handling me as a special customer. I was aghast that he read my mind so accurately. " Sir, we are sure you will come again".

    It was customer relationship management at its best. He noted my cell number as well. After 2.30 pm, I got a call from him. " Are you happy Sir? " he asked me.

    I did go back to him the next day and he attended to me personally once again. " Sir, it is our pleasure serving educated people like you" he signed off, when when I gave him the thirty rupees. He could sense the happy customer in me.

  • #665919
    It happened on the road between Yercaud and Salem in Tamilnadu. He was driving the car and his friend was sitting on the side. Driving at high speed at a bend the car fell in the gorge and both of them died at the spot.

    Later, I met his father. He told me, "Do you remember when we all went to picnic, he reached there much earlier." With a sad note I said, "Yes".

    Knowledge is power.

  • #665921
    Every time, I began to write, why my thought just gets stuck on you? Why I always want to go to the moment when we were just enjoying our lives without any thought of the world. With you, I spent my school days, my college days the friendship which grew into something else. Our relation was so beautiful. At what moment of time, something like caste entered into this relationship of ours?
    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

  • #665932
    The open wide supermarket strikes fear in him. It seemed like a different world on its own. Began his frantic search for the priced jewel he covetted his whole life. Sometimes the price tags demoralised him. Some times the sheer variety of unknown things made him feel out of place. His inner child wanted to play hide & seek in the crammed aisles. Avocado he read. The taste he hungered for.
    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

  • #665935
    He appeared serious now a days. She did not bother as today was the last day.

    It had to be given in one fatal dose and accordingly she mixed the poison in his soup. She brought it in the room and offered him his bowl and took her own in her hands and then sat in her chair. He suddenly stood up and said, "I love you dear. Cheers! Let us exchanger our bowls."

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • #665937
    Waiting at the bus-stop for hours in the scorching heat waiting for the bus, came a mild blow of air with a pleasant smell of rose. I looked to the side & saw a beauty coming her way with a pink color umbrella, It was Love at first sight. She came near to me asked, about Bus No# 501, I watched her & felt like the close-up add was going on, a cosy feeling.
    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

  • #665940
    They both met. She scolded, but he smiled. She said, "You are different." Yet he smiled. She riduculed him . He tolerated and went on his way. She said, " I hate you." But he said, "I like you." At last, she said, "Sorry man. I didn't know what I was speaking." He smiled and said, " it is alright." She said, " Let us be friends again." He said, " Okay. Done"
    No life without Sun

  • #665943
    It was a nice upper-middle-class restaurant in Coimbatore. I was patiently waiting for the food to arrive. A couple of tables ahead of me, but right in front, I could see a 35+ girl, whispering straight into her husband's ears. I felt nervous wondering what it was. Ten minutes later, she came up to me, and said" uncle, don't you remember me? We were neighbors twenty years ago. Am Maheshwari I knew her as a kid. But she remembered me and recalled all those happy days. 20 years nostalgia at its best.

  • #665944
    It was mid of October, the time of Diwali vacation. We all friends thought to take a day out and gather at Gorai beach which was the picnic spot of our schooling days. We all patiently started counting the days as it passed. Very excited to meet all our small & notorious gang of boarders. the song that I started humming every now & then " Those were the best days of my life".
    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

  • #665958
    Participants should note that it is unethical to remove or change the text of an entry once submitted, during or even after a contest, even if it is disqualified as an entry or the response is deleted by an editor for a reason. Moreover, in case an editor has mistakenly or wrongly deleted an entry, the text can be restored and the entry re-considered for the contest.
    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

  • #665959
    The marriage went off well. The invitees were happy about the arrangements made and everybody appreciated the host. All family members are relaxed. The new couple went for the honeymoon. The girl's father who never left any stone unturned for making the event a grand success is back to his routine works.
    What an irony. He went for milking the cow. He never returned. He collapsed with a heart attack there itself.

    always confident

  • #665968
    Surabhi and Sunidhi with their parents were savouring traditional dishes of Holi. The second daughter Sumedha joined them later.
    Sunidhi, the youngest sister, saw Sumedha and burst into laughter. Others were also smiling, so Sumedha inquired about it. Sunidhi then brought a mirror for her. Sumedha looked at it and screamed terrifyingly.
    Mastermind Surabhi made Holi memorable by decorating Sumedha's face with coloured powder while she was asleep as she had refused to play Holi.


  • #665970
    "And that's how you do this sum".
    Hafiza would not realize that during her impromptu math class, all that Smriti had in her field of vision was Hafiza's beautiful eyes and long eyelashes.
    Smriti lived on an island, in a confined prison. Her autism (dumbness) formed the bastion of that formidable prison which only Hafiza had been able to break.
    Smriti would one day lay open her heart before Hafiza, that is for sure.

  • #665988
    In the scorching heat on the roadside of Jayanagar, disappointed, dejected, distressed, and restless; as if he was caged waiting to tell someone to listen to his arduous story of the helplessness! While returning from afternoon prayers from Masjid Bilal, I caught the attention of this little tender soul of eight years old boy with his school bag on his back. Before I could tell him anything, he prompted: Brother, Brother! someone has stolen my money from my bag, now I don't have money to go back home. His helplessness and numb voice crushed me inside while hearing his story. I tried to console him and humbly inquired his name and residence. I was humbled enough to help him with all I could at that time. I saw the smile on his face and he left happily like a bird who is released from a cage!

    And I also left satisfied and with my emotion at the top of the world!

  • #665989
    As he just finished with the line winning the first rank, all his sufferings & mental traumas of hard work & physical pains of the past times seemed lost somewhere with being replacing with the tears coming out through his eyes as though they all seemed waiting for this moment only. The good thing was that the suspense of something unexpected has ended now & there is no repentance of what he has gone through but instead has paid-off well.

  • #665990
    It was a tug of war for the child between the father & mother. Whom to choose as both were dear to her. Standing in the middle, looking left & right, Everyone's eye on the child to get the favor vote. Tia, wanted both but now it was just one. Not knowing what to do, said, amma. Tears roll down from her father & Tia going blank as not knowing what was going on. The same story that is common in the courtroom during Divorce. Feeling pity for the child, Judge left the room but with a sad note, concluded - Let Love win over all.
    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

  • #665991
    As usual, she sat in the corner and opened lunch-box. Her friends taunted "Even today also your lunch-box will be packed with bitter-vegetable".
    She returned home in an angry mood.
    Mother: "why are you angry"?
    She: Why you pack bitter-gourd in my lunch-box? My friends make fun of me
    Mother (with a smile): "Today you're getting irritated with the taste of bitterness, but tomorrow you'll enjoy the sweetness of healthy life from this bitterness.

  • #665993
    As I was standing by a lifeless body, my thoughts getting filled-up with the honesty, hard work & even of the beliefs that these once remarked of his personality but couldn't work for him when he needed him the most. Perhaps he always got be fooled by these while the others kept on changing with the theories. During all these images the time seemed stagnant with this became a matter of gossips for the rest but slowly piercing into my ears as I was coming to myself.

  • #665998
    Although I haven't been able to do enough in my life with still not economically sound with my bank balance & the fact of the matter is that I always got bothered of this even in my good times too. Only exception would be when I recently made a visit to my native town & to my home wherein after a long time we all gathered for some good reason. We all laughed & dined together with selfies. While returning I again got stuck with the same belief somehow again reminding me of my stature not letting me adjusted with the time.

  • #666003
    The air at home was thick with tension for Vikram. He held his breath and prayed hard. In front of him were his conservative parents from an orthodox traditional family. His parents were lost for words and looked shocked. Vikram knew that it was because of John, standing next to him. Mom said, No issues Vikram, you love John; we love you as our son and respect your choices.

  • #666005
    Ashok a brilliant student of 4th standard was withdrawn and sulking at school. His favourite drawing teacher coaxed him without much joy. The teacher spoke to his mother who was also quite and detached. The next day was Parent's day and at the card making class, the teacher was shocked and sad to see Ashok's card. It said, I'm ashamed of my father. The next picture said it all. It was a sketch of a man behind bars in a room labelled as 'Jail'.

  • #666006
    'I want to be just like you, daddy', my son would say, when young.
    I called him today, the first time in months.
    'I'd love to come over, but there's no time…
    There's office and kids, perhaps another time.'

    The past flashed back and I heard myself say,
    'I'm busy son, you go and play'.
    I gave him toys and treats, but no time with me.
    And now my son is an image of me.

  • #666030
    An unexpressed love of a father can be felt only at marriage events.

    Even a stone-hearted father breaks into tears when his newly married daughter leaves the home with her husband.

    Yes! Father and Daughter love is the strongest. It has the power to melt an ice and break a stone.

  • #666032
    After a quarrel, they met each other.

    He gazed at her eyes. She gazed at his eyes.

    "Break the silence" heart bounced.

    "No" brain insisted.

    Finally, they left unspoken.

    Hurray! Ego wins.

  • #666034
    She had brown eyes and a lovely face. I used to smile and used to have some unknown feeling when she used to see me." Was it love or what?"

    I don't think it was because I was 14 at that time and she was 30 and was my Maths teacher. Maybe it was a crush and the first crush I ever had.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

  • #666038
    It was a full packed stadium, the crowd was animated and the fans were chanting 4's and more! I was on the crease with confidence, amid huge clappings from the crowd. I got ready to face the bowler. As the bowler started running and I was equally determined to challenge the bowler. Before the bowler could bowl, there was some sound interruption and I signalled the bowler to stop.

    The sound in the cricket stadium was so strange and it was interrupting my focus as a batsman. The sound intensified so much that I was unable to focus. Before I could hit for a boundary, I suddenly waked up only to find sound coming from TV that was disturbing my focus in the game!!

  • #666049
    Some family members of Sneha left for a movie without taking her along and gave no reason for it. It upsets her, so she goes to a close friend's house. Her friend's dad noticed her sadness, although he understands why a teen cannot accompany to an adult movie. He took his daughter and Sneha to an amusement park. They had a blast which makes Sneha jovial again. Pleasantly, a strong message of keeping the teenagers happy gets conveyed.

  • #666052
    He was a giant of a man!! An epicure, a loving consort, a doting father, a confident and a dependable advisor assertive in all his ways, he somehow had the power to make people look up to him. He lived life to its brim and it was sheer pain to see the man I called uncle finally reduce into a tray of bones and ashes, with only his deeds to remember him by.

  • #666053
    The maths teacher, had had a long day but when the whole world looked forward for a peaceful night's sleep, her nightmare were just about to begin. Her daughter a survivor of sexual abuse, would wake up crying in fear with traumatic memories,As the family suffered in silence, the mother silently hugged her fragile daughter, the father and brother with moist eyes prayed to God, 'God, please let no family suffer like us'.

  • #666056
    Vijay telling me that I helped Sharad to build his house; otherwise his house would not have been built.
    Buddha was going to cross a river with his followers and a young woman. Buddha let young woman to sit on his shoulders and cross the river. Afterwards a disciple asked the Buddha how Buddha allows her to sit on his shoulders. Buddha said, "I leave her on the river, still you have taken her along."

  • #666077
    Isha was hesitating to ask. What if he says no? Suresh claimed of being a non-smoker or drinker. She found out from his neighbors, he was a chain-smoker and alcoholic. What if Neeraj lies too? In an arranged marriage who can guarantee about truth and lies? Suddenly, Neeraj asked, "Please don't mind, but do you smoke or drink? I don't like either, so I am asking." Today is Neeraj and Isha's wedding.

  • #666080
    Rahul is a popular a pianist and ecstatic to meet a famous Bollywood music director in his studio. As a child player, his classmates sabotaged his chance to get selected in an inter-school piano competition. "Rahul, I came to meet your assistant, Soham. I have an offer as a lead pianist in my movie for him," said the director. "He left for abroad, just yesterday. But don't worry, I am here," Rahul replied.

  • #666131
    "Hey mate! Can I call you with a different name other than Sahil?" , her eyes were filled with miserable mysteries of the past. "Why?"He responded in bafflement. "Its my Ex's name!", sighing she said in deep despair. "You will remember me every time you call Sahil". It was indeed a new beginning.

  • #666166
    After almost 30 years I went to the place where I spent my childhood. I was excited to visit the children's park there where we all used to play and thought of calling a few of those friends to spend some time inside the park. I increased my pace in excitement, but where is the park? I looked around and understood that the park was turned into a community car parking of the locality.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

  • #666213
    She was a consort. A concubine. A mistress. A slave. A mother. A daughter. She was portrayed as anything but influential. Her character appeared in history only in relationship with men. It was history after all. Not hers. It is now the time to dye the ink pink. To write herstory. She will tell a story that took place in bedrooms, kitchens, hospitals, farms, temples and even battlefields.
    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

  • #666218
    He was engrossed in the stories of Jim Corbett, he thought of becoming someone like him. He murmured, one day he must kill those giant man-eating tigers. Suddenly, a cockroach flew in and sat on the picture of a man-eater inside the book. He jumped from the chair and the book he was reading tossed out of his hand and landed on the ground floor. The hunter inside the mind already started sinking.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

  • #666281
    She headed towards the court for the last hearing of their divorce. In the car she recollected all their old memories. She wished things could change. She wished even he felt the same pain.
    As she got down the car, a lite boy came to her with a rose and a note and ran. The note read, "please give one last chance". She looked towards the boy and there she saw her husband who was kneeling with joining hands towards her. And they lived happily ever.

  • #666292
    After the fierce quarrel and his offending ways, I told him that after the training I would be going straight to my parents and that was the end of it. He looked indifferent. I left.

    I came out from the railway station when I saw him as he quickly came and offered me the flowers. "I am sorry. Let us go home", he said in a low and soft voice. Tears came in my eyes.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • #666363
    Meeta replaced the just emptied gas cylinder with a refilled one to finish cooking before the arrival of guests. After the party ended cherishingly, Meeta appreciated that whatever happened earlier was for the better. Two days ago, while cleaning the kitchen, the broom kept behind another cylinder fell. When Meeta put it back, she noted the second cylinder was empty. Applied for and received stock cylinder, but, what if the broom had not fallen!

  • #666380
    I went sailing with my mother last weekend.

    "Learn to be grateful," she said.

    I said, "about what?"

    She said, "about life".

    She continued, "achieve greatness. For that, learn gratefulness. Look at the sunshine. Isn't it refreshing? Isn't it wonderful to experience the melody that wind is playing to us? Be grateful for every little opportunity in your life. It will help your boat to sail frictionlessly and rhythmically even in the most spine-chilling weather.

  • #666382
    They finished the story and believed it. They finished the glasses of juice and stood in a circle around the glasses.

    They were awaiting for the magician to arrive and take them to the fruit orchard. They kept their eyes closed. Suddenly they heard the sound of flowing water. They thought that the magician arrived in a boat.

    But no! Little Tina peed in her pant and ruined their programme of visiting the orchard.

    "If you are killed in action, you go to Heaven. If you win, you rule this Earth (as beautiful as Heaven). That is why, O son of Kunti, take a firm resolve and fight!"-- Shrimad Bhagwad Gita

  • #666383
    "I am tired of the summers, I said.

    My friend asked me to stop complaining.

    I said, " I won't. I want the monsoon to arrive soon. I love the touch of tiny raindrops on my skin".

    She said, " You are just like others."

    She continued," For you, summers are too hot. Winter is too cold. The rainy season is too messy. You are just like everyone who loves to complain but do nothing."

  • #666395
    Near the stairs of the terrace at the back of my home, I saw the crescent moon. My thoughts wandered off to you. Things wander off to you so quickly. I thought of clicking its pic and sending it you. But you take a toll on me. I hate to think about you. It hurts a lot. And I don't ever want to tell you anything. It just hurts a lot.
    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

  • #666408
    The meeting will start at 10:30 AM. Suresh was really angry with Dipak's performance as well as his attitude that he thought of blasting him in front of their boss. He was fuming since morning and hasn't eaten breakfast properly. Suresh rushed out of his home and on his way had an argument with a passerby. After entering the meeting room he was welcomed by his boss with an enchanting smile. His anger vanished!

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

  • #666409
    Mr. Basu telephoned and informed Madhav. The young man has gone to Mumbai from Bhopal by train. Madhav welcomed him at Mumbai station. He had only one shirt. Madhav realized that while going to the place of speech. His shirt was slightly torn in one place. But the young man did not feel anything at all. He stood in front of the audience. He lectured and won. A torn shirt was won by immaculate rhetoric.

  • #666415
    Hansa is laughing by clapping her hands! Manu came to her to know the reason. She pointed towards TV "our Pappa & Mummy are on TV". Manu carefully listened to the flash news. It's unbelievable! Became motionless for a moment. How much happy Hansa is? But I can't. Helpless Manu sat near his innocent younger sister and murmured "Thank you GOD for your grace upon Hansa, by sending her to earth as a deaf."

  • #666421
    Listen, why they're looking very anxious?
    Waiting for their results.
    Are you sure?
    Yes, I'm sure, because one is a college candidate and another one is an Election candidate. But the only difference is that one is who waiting for the result after his hard work in the educational study and another one who is waiting for the result for which no need for educational study or qualification.

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    I was hospitalized. He came to visit me with a bouquet.
    "Is he your boyfriend?" the nurse mocked.
    "No! He is my brother from another mother", I replied.
    This society is a master in creating a powerful weapon called 'Rumor'.
    Sadly, that weapon killed our brother-sister relationship too.

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    "Memories are like fragrance, lid the case lest they will diffuse in the air", was her philosophy. She considered herself as the librarian of memories and an expert at writing memoirs.
    Twenty years and an accident later, she wanted to resign from her post. The love of her life had left her forever!!!

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    Near the stairs of the terrace at the back of my home, I saw the crescent moon. My thoughts wandered off to you. Things wander off to you so quickly. I thought of clicking its pic and sending it you. But you take a toll on me. I hate to think about you. It hurts a lot. And I don't ever want to tell you anything. It just hurts a lot.
    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Tired and lonely she fled the hardships and a callous world; but in a dark alley, she stumbled and fell. The hounding mob trailed her down; they stoned her, no mercy shown. The first stone hurt, as did the next ten. Until blissful unconsciousness numbed her to the rest…

    Dazed, she awakens: cold, shivering, her whole body aching, screaming yet pleading to be stoned again.

    The mob rejoices the birth of an addict.

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    The little girl smiled at her. Reah could feel some sort of anticipation in the girls eyes. The girl looked very different from others yet very cute. The girl was suffering from down syndrom and hence abandoned.
    Reah made her choice. She decided to give a new life to the little girl. She adopted her and happily named her khushi as she is reah's new found happiness.

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    He came running towards her. Her heart skipped a beat. She started walking as fast as she could and his pace equally increased with her'. She finally started running and he ran faster. The isolated road and the dark streets almost killed her.
    He finally reached her, held a hand and said, "didi you forgot your purse and my screams went unheard".
    Just then she realized forgetting her purse at the shop she had stopped. She thanked him and he accompanied her till she reached the main road.

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