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    Is it necessary to take admission in coaching for qualifying government job exam?

    No, it is not very necessary to participate in some coaching institution for the preparation of government job.
    But to achieve a government job few below given things are necessary to be adopted and followed:-
    1st- Make your single aim for which you have to do the preparation.
    2nd- Get the complete syllabus and books related with all the topics which should be covered.
    3rd- Get the previous year question papers and take a deep look of it.
    4th- Start the preparation regarding the topics and find the type of questions asked in examinations previously.
    5th- After sometimes of preparation start to solve Mock Test papers.
    6th- Improve your accuracy and speed.
    Before a decade it was very simple to talk about government job which was dream for parents for there wards. That was quite reasonable and competition was also not so much raised as it now. Since openings were being shown rapidly and participants were not at the raise of achieving it by any hook or crook, the system was running on the ease.
    Now the things are changed as:-
    1- The government job vacancies are not rapidly shown. Even they are visible to the participants but not to the government.
    2- Examinations are if being conducted they are not achieving any final result.
    3- Students who are preparing thereself for government job examination they are now opening coaching institute to teach others the same.
    4- Coaching centers lucrative advertisement are now so sticky that keeping mind away from them is like impossible.
    5- Opening of private school in vast number.
    6- Government policies regarding for making everyone only literate not educated.
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    True. It is not required to join a coaching institute for getting through the entrance examination for a government job. There are many people who got government jobs by studying on their own and preparing well for the test.
    At the same time, there is no guarantee that you will get a government job if you join a coaching institute. But for a person who understands the subject well and works hard, these coaching centres will give some additional points and chances will improve.
    The author has given a good description of the methodology to be followed for self-preparation for getting selected to a post. In addition to the points, he mentioned I want to add the following.
    Interact with the people who got selected earlier for the same post and discuss with them and know their experiences and take the inputs from them.
    Also, try to spend some time with the other friends who are also preparing for the same jobs and discuss with them also.
    These two will enhance your subject knowledge and increase the chances to get selected.

    always confident

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    A student who is academically good does not need to join any coaching centre as he can himself do the necessary preparations. It is the mediocre and laggards who have to go for coaching for any thing whether it is a Govt job or any other entrance test.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Coaching is only for those students who are weak and can not study on their own. Coaching institutes are minting money as there are a large number of students who require guidance and help at every stage. For those students who are good in studies and can study themselves, there is no problem whatsoever and with proper management of their time and resources, they can get success in their endeavours. Govt jobs are generally available only after qualifying the entrance examinations which are not very tough but today the competition is so fierce and cut throat that even a good students has to work very hard to get through.
    Knowledge is power.

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