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    Importance of research before writing

    Research is an important aspect of writing. Without proper research on a particular topic, it is difficult to craft an informative and valuable piece of writing. In ISC, I have seen some impressive members writing well-organized articles and writing so nicely.

    May I know from the members how important is the research for writing, and what is the best way to research for writing on any topic and write a better article.
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    The well-researched article will be full of information and absolutely free from errors. Only those writers who have enough knowledge about the subject or those who have studied the topic from a number of websites will be able to write such well-researched articles.

    Research is very important for writing. If you don't have enough knowledge about the subject, you will not be able to continue writing after a while. Watch, listen, read keenly about the subject you are willing to write. The more you read about it, watch informational videos made or listen to eminent people talking about it, the better you will be able to write.

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    For writing a good article on a particular subject you should have good knowledge of the subject and you should also know what are the developments in that particular subject. For this, a lot of work is required which will include reading the available information on the subject and understanding the same well. We can get the details through various journals, books and newspapers. You may go to a library and read there or you can browse through the internet. Ultimately you should get the full information. Once you have the subject with you and once you understand the same you can make a good article. So I agree that a lot of research is required for writing an article.
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    Research starts with exhaustive reading, understanding and compiling it in an intended form. It is not necessary to read today only. A person who is well read can use his memory for bringing in the ideas and things in his write up. It is only when he is struck somewhere that he has to go back to reading to clear the doubts. Research takes a lot of time and that is the reason why good creative works take time for coming in their final shape. Everything is available in the books and authentic and reliable sites in the internet but searching them takes considerable time and those who do not devote this time come out with poor quality work.
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    Those writers who have interest in serious writing have to do some research before jotting down their ideas. Research is essential and basic to compilation of information and presenting it is the specific format.
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