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    The importance of the location of a business

    Would you set up a business just about anywhere? Or would you consider its location in order to generate profits? How location plays an important part in business strategy forms the topic of this discussion.

    A few days back I was crossing a locality near my house while doing my morning stroll and observed a unique thing. There are two shopping complexes near my house and in between them, there is an open space where three roads meet and just at the turn of one of the roads there is a big footpath and a few parapets where in the evening time people just sit down and have tea or snacks in the nearby eateries. What I saw in the morning on that day that a person was selling some popular homemade snacks at very reasonable rates and many passers-by on bikes and cars were stopping their vehicles nearby and buying the snacks. Soon the fellow had sold all the stuff and was winding up. In my curiosity, I asked him about his business. He told me that the place was a strategic place for such a business as there was parking place available as well as the people going for their jobs in the morning find it very convenient to take the tiffin there. He was coming there at 7:30 AM and leaving at 9:30 making brisk business. Later he was working in another shop in the main market.

    I realized that the location of the business was an important factor. What is your experience or view on this? Is the location so important?
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    For any business choosing a correct location is very important. There is no doubt about it. The location of a business will have many effects on the business. That is why people always choose the correct place for their business.
    In our native place, a new colony came in the 1980s. All houses are two-room houses and all economically backward people are staying there. In that area, people will get up early and go for work. A lady who works in a small company in that village started sellings morning breakfast outside her house and the rates were very reasonable and less when compared to other places. Then the villagers who were going for work early in the morning used to take tiffin there and then proceed for the work. That place has become very popular and now she stopped going to work and she is making very good business.
    Early bird advantage is added to the location advantage for her in this case.

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    For any business choosing a perfect and best location is very important. If your business is online then domain name and website design/UI is very important.

    The location of any business will have effects a lot on the business, many businessmen believe in Vastu Shastra! If your office in the wrong place then you lost your business. People attract using creative and beautiful office/location.

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    Location is definitely an important factor in the progress of the business. It is to be selected with lot of thinking. I have seen in the vicinity of my house that some locations are doing very good while some others are not and even different types of business were tried there but none of them had met success. So, the customers also have liking for certain places and do not like to go to some others. This may appear strange but it is happening in the real life and one has to be careful in selecting the location for the business.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Absolutely location is very important for the business. One should do the survey for the location before strong the business and should see if the location chosen will be able to get customers or not. No business can be done without profit so one has to be very clear about the location. I have seen many stalls who do good business due to the location only.

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    This observation is very true and also quite necessary for the success of any business. The location of a business should be accessible, safe and generally appealing to your clients. Locating your business near other businesses that offer complementary product s and services is also a plus for you

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    Location always plays an important role in a business. However unique items you may sell, if the shop is located at a very remote place people will not easily go there. People who have their own car may go to the shop to purchase those unique items, but if no public transport is available there, people who do not have cars will hardly go. This is just an example and there are many factors too. You have to choose a place where many customers can see the items you are selling and also the shop must be accessible. Earlier, people used to set up their industries in the bank of the river because of the ease of transportation. For every business, location is important and therefore if it is chosen correctly, the chances of profit becomes huge.

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    The location of the business matters a lot. Customers look for their convenience like seating arrangements, parking etc .
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