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    Are you afraid of the dark?

    Children are generally afraid of the dark and will not venture there. It is a natural trait in them. Even some adults also feel fearful in the dark without any obvious reason. It brings a feeling of resistance for dark in them and they avoid going into the dark. I also avoid going into the dark even inside the house. It is a bit inconvenient and strange to move into the dark. So I will put the light on before entering a room.

    Do you also feel inconvenient to move in the dark? Do you experience some sort of fear while trying to move in dark? Can you share your experience?
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    It is true many children will have a fear of darkness. Many try to keep children under control by telling them that they will keep them in the darkness.
    I never have a fear of darkness. I prefer sleeping without a light in the night. This is the habit from the beginning I have.

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    When I was a kid I used to fear in the dark as I used to think that ghost will come and attack me whereas that fear vanished when I grew up.

    Now as such I don't fear of the dark but I am scared that I may not hit anything in the dark and hurt myself so I avoid going in the dark.

    I remember when I used to study engineering and was living in a hostel which was situated in the outskirt and was far away from the city so while coming from the city to the hostel we had to cross the jungle and used to fear a lot when had to cross that jungle in the dark.

    There were no street lights. It was a nightmare for us in those days and we generally used to reach before the sunset in the hostel or used to come in groups.

    Otherwise, I am not scared of dark and ghosts at all.


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    It's for sure our childish fears and nothing more, I am already a grown man yet, I am still afraid of dark if you ask me, that's for real and I am not joking at all. I couldn't even describe this to myself. But the facts are so and that's it for sure. Please keep posting.

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    This is one of the most posted queries here on ISC. There is a famous quote: Your are not afraid of the darkness but what lurks in it. So that's there. Darkness kills visibility ,our primary sense. Humans use their senses disproportionately. We use our sight the most and nulling it makes us very vulnerable. Even a small critter like a rat jumping on you when you are sitting in dark, can send your heart beating to its death. And when you cant see stuff you assume stuff. So when something unfamiliar happens in darkness it is quickly named something supernatural or alien. I am not afraid of dark I guess. Partly because I don't switch on lights at night after 10. I sometimes am awake playing games till 12. Darkness is completely fine. But without a distraction darkness can be hell.
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    When I was a child I never went outside in the dark without my parents. Especially in the village I never dared to go out without the help of my grandmother. Even the full moonlight did not help. What was that feeling and why was that feeling it is difficult to describe that today. Frankly speaking I think twice before moving out in the dark though today we have all the facilities like torch and lanterns.
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    Traditionally, culturaly and mythologically dark is synonym with danger and unknown. Lurking in the dark is the favourite of devils and vampires. Our mythology is full of such stories. The movies also depict it in that form only. Something mysterious and strange always comes out of the dark with a matching music in the background. We learn about dark from our parents. When we want to venture out in dark they only will caution us not to go as 'something' can be there. Then this something resides in our minds and we become fearful in going out in dark. This feeling is enhanced with the addition of knowledge from children story books where many such situations are shown with their full intensity. All this makes us apprehensive of dark areas and we feel fearful in entering them.
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    I do not fear darkness, but do not venture out in the dark because nobody can see things in the darkness. As Aditya has mentioned in his reply @ # 665792, there is an impending fear associated with darkness since we cannot see. When people cannot see things even keeping the eyes open the tension can brew up in their minds. Their imagination builds up and that's why there are so many stories related to darkness. There are people who get nervous if suddenly the lights go out in the room they are staying. I am not that kind and if the light goes out suddenly, either I light up the torch or wait for the backup system to light up the room.

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    Yes, I feel the same about darkness. I am not comfortable if the surroundings are dark. Even when there is a power cut, I try to find a torch or a candle. Darkness makes me uncomfortable. The author has mentioned kids are usually not comfortable with darkness and are scared of it. I read it somewhere that we are scared of darkness as our parents or guardians subconsciously trained our mind for it. However, they did not do it on purpose.

    Remember, as kids, we were told by our parents or elders not to wander around in the home or go outside, especially during night time. When we didn't listen, they would justify their orders by saying that there were monsters, wild animals or ghosts hiding. They even told us stories about ghosts. It is where the conditioning of our mind takes place. Though they scared us as they were protective of us, still, the unknown fear remained in our minds. As we grew, we became knowledgeable. Some of us left their fears behind. The rest whose thoughts are conditioned with old beliefs are scared of darkness.

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    It is true that darkness creates fear not only among children but also among adults too. The fear of darkness among children is more. When we cannot see anything round there is amount of uncertainty in our mind which causes fear.
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