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    Smoking increasing among school/college students and ratio of girls smoking also increasing.

    The habit of smoking is increasing among students and the ratio of girls smoking is also increasing. Did you also notice these things happening a lot in city areas? I mostly see girls smoking openly in front of tea-stalls. Why do you think these practices are increasing?

    Feel free to add your views. As per my views, smoking is not good for health and it should be restricted in public areas.

    I feel uneasy when I see any girl smoking in public area. If any boy smokes I somehow feel okay but I find it difficult to see a girl smoking.
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    All of us are free to make our own choices, and we need not be dictated by what society expects. Women are breaking the stereotype and doing as they please. Smoking is injurious to everyone's health - and is not gender specific. People smoke because they enjoy it.

    I think it is the social conditioning that makes you feel uneasy seeing a girl smoke. We have grown up seeing men smoke, and the one odd time we see a woman puffing at a cigarette we become judgemental. Our movies and society portray the vamp or a woman with low morals, as a cigarette smoking, paan-chewing, alcohol drinking person. Our brains are tuned to look at women who drink or smoke as being different from the image of women we have in our minds.

    There was a time when a woman wearing bell-bottoms was labelled as 'fast'. A woman in jeans will still be stared at if she walks into a village. We judge or feel awkward around women who break from traditions and do stuff that men do.

    It is normal behaviour in our society because we are still conservative. However, I feel each to their own, as long as they're not breaking a law,

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    Smoking is bad for both the genders equally. It is a bad habit but once acquired it is difficult to leave it. Students generally get introduced to it in the college environment. They pick up it from the fellow students as a thrill of young age and then retain as a habit for lifelong.
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    Smoking in public places is, if I am not mistaken, is already banned in India and it is a punishable offence now. Whoever smokes in a public place can be booked and punished under the existing laws. So, one can always alert the police if you see someone smoking in public.
    Coming to your point about the increasing trend among students to enjoy a smoke, I do agree with you that it is indeed on the rise. There needs to be a concerted effort from all responsible citizens to control this dangerous trend.
    As far as I know, smoking in public places, be it be a boy or girl or an elderly person, is not accepted these days, at least in this part of the country, and even the common public raise their voice and forces him to put it off.

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    Smoking in public places is banned due to the harmful effect of it on the persons present in the vicinity of the smoker. Nowadays people do not smoke in bus, train, cinema hall or other such places. But the students smoke in some places where small eateries are there and road side food is available in plenty along with tea and cigarettes and generally the adults will not tell them not to smoke in those places to avoid confrontation.

    Regarding the gender specific things about smoking, as Juana madam has already elaborated nicely, I have nothing to add much but only want to say that we feel offended when girls do the things which generally once boys did to show their supremacy. The gender equality is only in the papers as our mindset is still same as it existed long back. Good or bad if that thing is done by the boys no one criticises it but it becomes a talk of the town if the girls do it.

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    Yes, there is a ban on smoking in public places. Most corporate and IT companies do not allow staff to smoke inside the building, so they come out on the roads, to tea-shops etc., to enjoy a puff. I have seen it happen, the practice is rampant. The public does not want to get involved because of repercussions. There have been incidents of brutal and fatal attacks when someone objected. And cops, well, if only they were just a phone call away or show up to take action against those smoking in public areas.

    The ideal situation would be to ban cigarettes. We would all breathe easy then. Will the Government take that call? It is an industry that generates huge revenue.

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    Yes, there is a drastic increase in the number of students who love to smoke. They feel that they look cool. Thus, they do it whether they enjoy it or not. I am sure that initially, they don't enjoy it but still, continue it as they do not want to be out of fashion. It is a kind of fashion statement to them. Not only students but even others also do it as they see many others around them following the trend. Moreover, cinema and television have always made heroes look cool when they smoke or drink. The scene comes with a warning. Eyes may read the warning but the heart wants what it wants.

    Men have been smoking since so many years. Why can't, girls, get up and enjoy the same? It is not that I am supporting smoking but when it comes to equality, girls cannot be denied with privileges. However, it would be better if people found some healthy ways to look cool rather than indulging in such habits.

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    I also observed that there is an increase in the number of youth smoking. Near my house there is a college. The students will come out from the class rooms and smoke near the tea stalls and pan shops. It is a routine there seeing many people smoking there. Once or twice I objected them for smoking in public places. They stop at that moment and again another group will come and start the same thing. Even though smoking is prohibited in public places police will never take it seriously.
    All educated people know that smoking is injurious to health. By smoking in a public place they are making the others also to suffer. But the smokers will forget this conveniently and smoke in public places. The police should take this seriously and fine the people heavily when they are smoking in public places,. Then only the people may stop smoking in public places.

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    Juana madam has already mentioned this point in her post that whether the Govt can ban cigarette production. I want to elaborate slightly on this. Govt is getting very high revenue from this and it is not something which can be ignored. Another important thing is that if we stop it making in India the rampant smuggling of this item will start across the Indian border benefitting other countries. So there are manifold problems in this area and decisions are to be taken after detailed deliberations.
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    Not allowing to smoke in the public places is not the solution to curb the rate of smoking and it would exite both the sexes to indulge in its consumption in the restricted areas. The solution does not lie in the partial restriction but there should be a total ban. Why the smokers should be given the chance in being punished for the violation in respect of smoking?
    We are aware of the dangerous chemicals emitting from a burning cigarettes such as concentration of carbon monoxide, Tarang other cancerous chemicals. In addition to this, it would affect liver, heart and kidney as well.
    Hence its addiction for both the genders are equally harmful and in due course, it could be life threatening. Hence, the government should discontinue the total sell of the cigarettes instead of allowing hide and seek method.

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    Everybody reads the warning label on the cigarette packet but they smoke. It's because they like to smoke. There is a notion among many that smoking relieves oneself from anxiety and tension, though medical science proved it otherwise, which may be the reason for an increase in the number of smokers. People pick up the habit of smoking from their college/school days and it goes on until there is severe discomfort or restrictions. There are many rules in place regarding the selling of cigarette and tobacco, there are rules too regarding smoking in public places but those are not implemented strictly and many are not aware of the rules also.

    Now coming to the issue of a girl smoking a cigarette. What is the problem if a girl smokes? The problem is acceptance. There are still many men in our society who cannot think of girls doing certain things. They feel quite uneasy if they see a girl smoking, drinking, driving and even wearing jeans. This is because they are brought up in a way where boys and girls in the family are treated in a different way and there are separate roles that are gender specific. Girls are human beings only just like the boys and the only difference is anatomical. Because of this, their physical capabilities differ from boys and other than that there cannot be anything which is gender specific.


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    Smoking is dangerous for the health irrespective of any gender. The number of smokers is increasing day by day because when someone is smoking a cigarette, a non-smoker sometimes have an urge to have it and in the starting, he or she does it to have a social bonding but afterwards, it becomes an addiction. The cigarette has a substance called nicotine which enters our bloodstream and calms our brain and we feel good after consuming it and hence we become addictive to it.

    In the past females used to smoke but they didn't do it so openly because they are scared of the society that what people would say but not now. It's not good that people smoke in public places. It should be banned and small punishment also should be given to such people so that they may not repeat the same in the future.

    You feel bad when you see a girl smoking openly because of society. In society smoking of a girl is considered bad so you feel bad.


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    Smoking and going to pubs has become fashion these days among youngsters. Parents needs to be blamed for this sad state of affairs. Children learn from their parents. Money is not a problem for the school going or college students. Parents provide them sufficient pocket Money. But parents fail to monitor their children,

    Smoking results in many dangerous health hazards like cancer etc., Another danger is that those children develop the habit of smoking fall prey to drugs also.

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    In old mayajal films we have seen that a King instructing the prince or princess not to go to the particular room in the palace. But out of the curiosity the prince/princess try to move there in the absence of the King.
    Children do the thing which was told by the parents 'not to do'.
    Similar to that the smoking habit is increasing at a considerable rate,which also developed in girls also,when the insisting of 'no smoking' initiated. They do not know the dangerous behind it.

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    It has become a trend in college going students of smoking, irrespective of gender. It all starts from Home, Movies & also social status. Many feel that smoking add to raise standard but actually is bad for one's health.
    Smoking in public places are banned but what's the use if government cannot put a ban on production. It advises to put warning signs on screen, on cigarettes packets, before start of movie but do not take action in banning it. If everyone know that it is bad, why not cut it from the root. Here its not only about smoking, but other means too need to be discussed(Liquor, Gutka, Drugs, etc.)

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    I think lot of student start smoking due to ragging also . If senior say to smoke then start smote but later its become habitual. Some people start for try but day by day try increase that is the reason its increasing. Some people want to show as rich person so think smoke make him something different so in the world different different thinker are there.
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    Yes, there are more people smoking and women are expressing their right to choose. Whether one is a smoker or not, it is a personal choice but the smoker should not risk the people (family,colleague, other public) around him or her to the effects of passive smoking.

    Smoking in public places is not allowed but many choose to ignore it. Some restaurants and public offices display broads to this effect. Public places and work places abroad have a separate area for smokers.

    For the youngsters smoking looks attractive when trying to imitate their peers, actors, celebrities. The ill-effects of smoking is well known but some people choose it, we cannot deny this choice.

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    It is possible that a lot of peer pressure starts off the addiction to smoking and the will power to resist to peer pressure can easily crumble when one doesn't want to be left out of the group. Then there is the deliberate defiance. Let's say parents find out and the youngster deliberately continues, not liking the parental "interference" in his/her activities.

    A side note: World No Tobacco Day is on 31st May 2019. It is to remind people of the bad effects of not only using tobacco products but also exposing others to poor health because of it. Passive smoking is equally dangerous. People are aware, as Natarajan said, but yet will continue with it. Many people just get hooked on to it, get addicted to such an extent that even when they make an effort to cut down, instead increase the consumption. Those who are committed to quitting the habit should have a strong support system, maybe a large support group of smokers who want to quit and caring friends to cajole, nag and coax them every day. If you know of someone with this habit, put the fear of God in them, send them pictures of oral cancer. Keep trying. Help them quit. For their own sake and especially for the sake of their family members.

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