A heartfelt request to ISCians

I wish to request ISCians not to let disruptive members spoil our camaraderie with their theatrics and drama. We may have disagreements but we do still feel an affinity with ISC. No matter that people will come along to deliberately scuttle discussions and make statements to stoke flame wars. Do not get provoked. Maintain your own dignity. Leave it to the site's administrators to take the action required, whether a temporary suspension or a permanent ban.

And for goodness sake – once and for all, just stop all those heartless comments about editors being lazy, not working, not attending to posts, etc. You are unaware of some of the traumatic experiences which editors are going through on the personal front, not to mention huge family responsibilities, just like any of you are having. Some of them are burning the midnight oil after clocking in full-time hours at their office because they are conscious of their responsibilities, that new submissions are waiting for their review, that you all are waiting for your cc. Backlogs may crop up from time to time, that is natural. The family gets priority, personal issues come up, tiredness sets in... Just be patient.

And, yes, it is responsibilities that they are taking on, not wielding "power" or "hating". They are not using "power" when they delete a post. They are not doing it because they "hate" a member. They are not doing it just for the heck of it. They are just doing their job as per the Webmaster's guidelines. You don't want to appreciate them, that's perfectly fine; the least you can do is not taunt them. Give healthy criticisms, not deride them. Yes, when absolutely necessary, we do give a reason for deletion. In the forum, it so happens that when the reason is required to be given and is mentioned by the editor, the text is not visible to the general members. We hope the Webmasters will take cognizance of our suggestions and work on this.

And you want to quit ISC? Go ahead. Don't raise dramatic threads of quitting to convey that ISC won't survive without you. Leave, if you wish, with a gracious goodbye. You registered as an ISCian of your own accord. Leave, too, of your own accord. Nobody is indispensable. Not even me. One day I will also take the decision - not to quit, but to leave. Quietly. With grace, with self-respect and self-pride; because I am a part of a beautiful entity.

Yes, ISC is a beautiful entity above all of us. For heaven's sake! Let us maintain respect for it and not let our basic good manners tip it over the edge. Work for ISC, with ISC. Please.

I do not want this request to turn into yet another farcical spat with senseless bickerings and hence am keeping it locked.