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    An open letter to Mr Narendra Modi

    Dear Mr. Narendra Modi,

    My heartiest congratulations! The NDA under your leadership has done it yet again, even better than 2014. The people of this country have chosen you because they thought you can relive their pains. There is no denying that India is a poor and developing country and naturally there will be pains associated with it. They have again chosen you to find out the reason for the pains and also to get the necessary relief. Applying balm on pain may relieve it instantly, it relieves the sense of pain temporarily but the cause of the pain remains. The cause must be found out and that's a great responsibility.

    India is a huge country and the problems of our countrymen are no lesser. I am a simple citizen of this country and no one to tell you about the problems the country is presently facing. You have the team of advisors and representatives of people elected from all around the country and I am sure they will guide you effectively on that front. I remember, in one of your addresses after winning the elections in 2014 you said that some of your decisions may cause some pains to the citizens at the beginning but in the long run it will bear fruits. Five years may not be an ideal period to see the positive results of every project, it may take some more time but people will not wait for an indefinite period to get the results. Winning an election is not like winning a game. You don't have to play with the bat or ball to win this game; rather people give their mandate and choose the person as their representative.

    In your victory speech yesterday, you referred to the answer of Lord Krishna after the end of the battle in Mahabharata. Rather supporting any side Lord Krishna said, his interest was to protect Hastinapur. Yes, you are correct. This mandate for you is to protect India and its citizens. With power, comes arrogance and when the opposition is weak there is a high chance for the government in power to become indifferent. You have to ensure that the government stays within its limits and protect the ethos of the constitution. I wish you and your team all the best.
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    A very straight and intelligent letter in which everything are said with humble way. However, it is to be noted that last 5 years too we did not have the strong opposition. Yet, the Modi Government has successfully ran the country. The 5 year is good enough to judge a Government whether they are able to take the country ahead or not. Had the Modi Government failed, they would not have voted for second term. So, I am sure, Mr. PM know where he is lacking and from where he can start to build this nation. Now, the scenario of this country has changed. People are not looking for dynasty ruler and make themselves granted for the leader. People are thinking above than their "cast" and "religion" to give a strong Government (at least this is what we can understand from this result).

    So, I am sure PM will look into all matter as he said "Sabka saath, sabka Vikas" in that those people also comes who does not like Modi or Modi Government. Now it is only up to such people to help the PM for the betterment for this country.

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    A very nicely written letter with a lot of humbleness and straight forward. This time in the elections the voters taken Nation as their first priority. They told PM by voting to him that they are ready to accept small small pains for some time if the nation is going to get an advantage. They kept their confidence on the PM thinking that he will never let the nation down.
    I think the government will work sincerely keeping this in mind. The government should see that the nation in particular and the public in general should not suffer because of their actions. He should keep an eye on corruption and see that it will come down at all levels. He should see the whole India as won and see that everyone will get equal treatment.
    The opposition is in not that strong and BJP alone git the required majority. Taking this as an advantage and doing whatever they may not be correct and PM will keep this in his mind always. I wish all the best to the nation under the governance of NDA government with Modiji at the helm of the affairs.

    always confident

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    A humble and nice composition by the author showing the aspirations of a common man of the country. The author has brought up all the aspects of the development of our country which are to be taken up by this regime during its second term. Let us hope for the best of our country as far as the progress and development is considered. A good and honest leader can do miracles for any country and our expectations are in that line only.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Nice letter, well-written featuring what is the sentiment of many in the country. This reminds me of a quote by Lord Acton which says
    Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
    So our leaders should be more careful to use their authority once they acquire absolute power which is the case with the present government who have got a huge mandate.
    People trust present prime minister Mr Narendra Modi so with his great power comes great responsibility on him as well.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    Nice post by Sankalan Bhattacharya. It reflects the inner wishes and views of the voters too.
    I too had been listening to Modi's speech. He also touched some very valid points too.

    The voters have done their duty. Now they are powerless and vulnerable to the actions and reactions of those handling power. So it is in the hands of those ruling to make the lives of the people less burdensome, more comfortable less tense , more peaceful.

    People knew that the Modi govt had embarked upon many tasks which are good for the nation and people, but which can bring results only in due course. people got convinced of the sincerity of these efforts and excused the NDA govt for lack of short term results but gave a second chance, with a clear mandate ONLY TO put straight right away real actions to complete the tasks they had started in the last five years; and to make the nation and people better and make a model to the world.

    In winning also the winner has to learn the right lesson- to avoid losing next time. If not, voters may not be magnanimous next time.

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    Hearty congratulations to Sri. Narendra Modi. There is lots of hopes and aspirations from the new Government. Sri. Narendra Modi has made clear in his speech after the resounding victory of NDA in the parliamentary elections. He has made his agenda and visions very clear during the next five years. We have confidence that under his leadership, next Government will work towards addressing the problems of people.

    From the mandate of people in the last elections politicians should realize that there is no place for dynasty rule, politics is above religion and caste.

    "If you don't understand my silence, you will not understand my words"

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