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    Discovering the cost of this life.

    On the spiritual path, this life of our's is considered to be the most essential phenomenon for achieving the highest feat of this life which we usually termed as "Moksha". A true saint spends the whole of his life for understanding this body and the meaning of this life so as to devote himself completely for some meaningful purposes wherein even the minuscule living entities are respected as those too forms the part of the creation of God.

    Contradictory to this, we got a completely different phenomenon wherein this body means nothing except to use it to satisfy our hunger of more desires in the form of different attractions including food, attire and wealth. But again, when the same is considered on the extreme, we find ourselves ruthless, devoid of any kind of emotions and feelings, with the only intention of eliminating the other in order to silence everyone to find our own ways of doing the things for our own sake.

    Really this wouldn't be an exception since this life can also be compared with the bullet of a gun because life works these ways too.

    Sad but it is an undeniable fact.
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    Spiritual thinking is something to attain Nirvana or Moksha and it is a tough path for the ordinary mortals like us. Few people can follow the path of spirituality and detach from the materialistic world. Common people are very much attached to the desires and greeds of our life. We are only after the physical needs and luxuries of life. For that we are toiling day and night and become desperate if we do not get the things we have aspired for. We do not have time to think of our life in a spiritual manner. This is unfortunate but fact of the modern life.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Attaining moksha is the ultimate. It will stop further births and allow us to get merged with the God, the almighty. But it is not a easy proposition for anybody to attain this. The more the difficulties you face in your life the more the chances to attain moksha.
    But these days there are very few persons who believe these things. They may laugh. The people who strive hard for their worldly comforts and happiness may not be able to go to that stage of attaining moksha.
    People who get detached from all worldly desires and affiliations can only concentrate on their meditation and show devotion to God. Such people may only think about Moksha.

    always confident

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    Spirituality is not the everyone's cup of tea. It requires detachment, sacrifice, patience and control on ones desires and wants. Ordinary people can not attain it.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Everyone has his own view of life. I believe that when we have taken birth then we have to do things to survive in the world. Not all of us can live like a saint who is going to feed us if we behave every time like a saint. We need to react with the people as they act with us.

    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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