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    Shocking yet true - Caste in the USA!

    This would have been funny, if it wasn't so tragic. A survey of 1500 South Asians in the USA by an organization called Equality Labs led to the conclusion that caste is still an issue among the South Asian diaspora, even when they live in the most developed country in the world.
    The survey reported that caste consciousness ran high among the South Asian diaspora (which essentially means that people like to identify themselves as 'Brahmins' or 'Dalits', whichever is the case). Perhaps most shockingly, among the Dalit respondents, 26% said that they had experienced physical assaults based on their caste!
    It's honestly mind-boggling. The Indians, or for that matter South Asians, who migrate to the USA are generally educated ones (except for a few exceptions). Besides, they have the advantage of living in one of the most liberal and open societies in the world. People here in India often blame casteist politics for continuing caste discrimination. But even that factor is non-existent in this case.
    This shows how deep caste has seeped into our lives. Generations of work will be required before we can get rid of this menace.
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    There is a difference between being educated and being literate. The Indian diaspora is literate, yes they have the degrees and the qualifications, but are they really educated - I don't think so.

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    Even in our country the people mostly forgotten the castes and religions and they all will be together. This is true mostly in cities. But in villages because of the politicians there the caste and religion play an important role. The politicians in India will never allow people to think beyond caste.
    But I surprised to know that this caste system plays an important role in case people settled in USA who were originally from South Asia. If this is the case really I feel very bad .

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    Caste system is still deeply embedded in our minds and shows its colour time to time irrespective of the place and circumstances. Even so called educated people are suffering from this syndrome. That is a reason that many politicians exploit this factor and take mileage out of it.
    Knowledge is power.

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    The problem with caste is even if people don't want to consider it. They are reminded of it constantly by society, polity and even people of the most developed country like U.S.A because everyone wants to know his/her history and it is their right to know it as well.
    But then taking the bad things from past with oneself is where that person goes wrong.
    For instant take an example of India if for a moment people don't talk about the caste there are intermarriages, family relation and dining together. But will politician let this happen, will institutes like reservation let the people forget the distinction? It works both ways the institutes which were once made to revive people from the poor condition has become a powerful tool in their hand and they don't want to lose and the people who were once in power can't see these people in power.
    so there will be no situation when both these people will come at par because they will always try to so their hegemony over the other.

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    India is a South Asian country. The Western world refers to us as South Asians; as also those from other countries in the Indian sub-continent, along with Maldives and Afghanistan.

    Indians abroad stay within their own groups and communities. Regionalism is rampant - students from Andhra stay together, students from Tamil Nadu stay together etc. Within these groups, they create groups based on caste. Most Indians do not mingle with the locals -they do not fit in because it is a whole new culture. Only a few are able to break the ice.

    We are most rigid, as a people. Casteism is deeply ingrained in us, and it is not going to go away by moving to the West. We carry our culture and traditions with us. Someone who is born into a Brahmin or a Dalit family is not going to move to the US and forget their roots. They take their caste identity with them.

    Why just the US, it is happening in India too, in the best universities. It happens in the workplace too. People from the same caste, the same state, same religion etc., are given preferential treatment and better reports. Let's stop pretending it does not happen, we are racially bigoted, we have always been.

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    Casteism has spread into the lives of many Indians because they are living with it since inception. If a child is brought up in an environment where caste plays the lead role it is going to affect the child in the later stage if she/he is not educated properly. As Juana Ma'am has rightly pointed out in her reply @ #665847, there is a difference between being educated and literate. Why would somebody bother about the other's caste or religion? Many Indians still think it's important and our politicians are Indians only. Many of them also come from the same background and know it very well how to play with the caste card. Education can only change the scenario, but it's a tough task and only the people of this country will be able to change the situation with a change in their mindset.

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    That's strange I thought with the place like the US people change their mind but we don't. As Juana mentioned Indians in other countries have their own community and have beliefs what they have in India about casteism.

    This is very upsetting that when we live in a developed country we should leave our superstitions and orthodox beliefs and live like them and should spread such things there.


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    It is surprising to note that the feelings of caste are so deep rooted in the people that they do not change in the foreign environment also. Yes, it is true that we have these things inherent and embedded in us and we will never be detached from them.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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