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    Why left wingers often fail to get the people of India?

    Intellectuals who often talk about freedom of speech and presents a narrative of a country where their voices are being suppressed in a way contradicts their own thinking.
    They contradict their own thinking when they don't allow any ideology other than theirs to be a part of political discourse. They contradict their own reasons when they try to impose their definition of secularism, intellect, history and society on others.
    The problem is they remain in their cabins of AC room in the cities read books written by big writers of the west. But don't want to go to the ground, they don't want to talk to the common people try to tell them the right thing which they believe. Instead, they consider a normal common man incapable of understanding of there so-called knowledge of society.
    That's where they fail to understand the mind of a common man who is well read. At least to an extent that he knows what is good and what is bad for him, he is not some sort of novice which they believe him to be who will fall for anything. If that would have been true why are they not able to convince that common man?
    So ultimately when they are not able to convince anyone through their writings which is read by a handful of people mostly their own student who have no choice other than to read them and they don't want to be a part of a discourse where a common man will sit in front of them to argue. Why because it is their prejudgement that he will not be able to understand the discourse?
    They come up with the notion of fear to be spread in the society. Especially among minorities suppressed people trying to be supporters of human rights a messianic figure to come for the rescue of suppressed people. With whom they have never sat or met before.
    But this is not the tragedy; the tragedy is that they are at the top of our educational institutions writing about our history, society and polity. Moulding and remoulding everything in accordance with themselves so even if someone in the authority is doing quite well in the society, polity or economically. He is not going to be represented that way in the text written for future generations.
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    They are theoretical, dogmatic, Utopian and want the people to be always under their spell just like certain faiths who promise a lot of dreams and remedies very few realistic and most unrealistic. But those under the spell cannot distinguish between reality and unrealistic dream.

    Today's leftists in our country blindly oppose anything creative or productive. They ensure that no development activity is implemented by creating all possible hurdles. Then they complain lack of development, lack of equality and allege exploitation., They exaggerate ,vocalise and or enhance the problems, then make it appear so big by blowing on them continuously. They then ensure that their loyal believers(followers) are convinced. They then promise that the only remedy is vote them to power. Once in power they invent new terminology to explain why they cannot deliver promises and go on blaming every other thing.

    They try to give 18 th century solutions for 21 st century problems. Some section of the left resort to violence to annihilate those who oppose them; even though hypocritically they roar for world peace.

    Moreover many non- left parties have proved that they are more humane, productive, pro-poor and pro-common people, without antagonising capitalists but using their resources for development and poverty alleviation.

    So the left today have lost their conviction ,appeal and locus standi other than academic historic relics. That is why they fail.

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    The present day leftists have only one agenda. That is to go against the other ruling party.They always try to create problems and stop progress. At the same time in the meetings and interviews they loudly say that government is not delivering the goods. They project themselves socialistic but never know what is socialism.
    Unfortunately a part of the public who follow them will get convinced that their leaders are correct. Sometimes they even go to the extent of agitating and creating fear among the people. They never bother to make the public suffer because of their actions.

    The present day left party is not the real leftist party which was really concerned about the poor and downtrodden people. They are more fond of money, power, comforts and happiness at the cost of public. Fortunately our majority voters are able to identify the difference and keeping them at a bay. Otherwise our country might have been in great difficulty by this time.

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    Left-wing politics believes in social equality and egalitarianism. Only problem is how to achieve it. The topmost leaders in a left wing induced empires are again like the kings of their countries. So, it is also not the fool proof system of running a country. For example see the example of China where the existing head of the state is elected for life long term as if no other capable person is available in China. So, every system has its pitfalls. Many people believe that left wing ideology is the only solution to the eradication of poverty and bringing equality in the society. In fact it is not so and to some extent it decreases the inherent competitive and business entrepreneurship in the common masses. In any system there will be people who will oppose it and come with other solutions whether they are feasible or not in our environment. The failure of communism in Russia and its disintegration is another eye opener for us. Any system will work in a country if it is run with honest and ethical practices.
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    It is because many people in India are unable to accept the ideologies of the left. They are against globalisation and capitalism which the whole world is following. Yes, all-round development is essential for the growth of the country and the wealth distribution must be equal. They talk about these things but when given a chance cannot implement it. The left has ruled a few of the states in India where they could have easily implemented their model of the economy. The left ruled states are no different in any aspect with the rest of the states and in West Bengal during their 34 years rule they unionised every organization. If there were really any difference in their thought process the left ruled states could have been model states for others to follow. Since this has not happened many people are finding it difficult to accept them.

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    Why left wingers failed to get the people of India? This is an interesting question.
    The left wingers, we call them "Comrades "are believers of Communist ideology. They are vanishing group now.
    Communist ideology means make and treat everybody equal.
    How you make everybody equal?
    Make everybody poor. In Dr Shashi Taroor's language "Cattle class"

    Cuba is a revered country for them. Situated in Northern Caribbean Sea near US.
    There is a saying in Kerala that in Cuba, nobody is allowed to learn swimming! Do you know the reason?
    Just think and answer!

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    Some leftists in India try to imitate the model of other communist countries in India. They don't admit the simple truth that the nature of the communist movement is different in different countries due to different socio-economic conditions. Communist model in one country can't be fully imitated in other countries.

    And some other so-called communists work as middlemen of other politicians.

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    The people who believe in the ideology of left are not towing it with full vigour and conviction. They are confused and doing something half heartedly which will never give good results.
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    When you talk about something which is not realistic but based on some hate mongering theory, people don't accept such negative purview.
    Most of these left wingers have found to be leaning towards Anti India narrative by putting serious question on cultural aspects of India. They even went out to that extent to create doubt on integrity of constitutional authorities like Election Commission, Supreme Court in order to cover their continuous failure and knowing the fact that their fake ideology would be exposed by these constitutional authorities.

    People don't bear continuous fake and negative politics and specifically when they have hope from other ideologies which are trying to indulge in positive purview.

    Also, people do not tolerate anything which is against the interest of their culture and motherland and specifically when ideology of such left wingers have been exposed by social media and other channels.

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