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    What is the one thing that you always wanted to do, but couldn't and why ?

    All of us have dreams and aspirations. There are things which we like/ wanted to do but could not do. Share that one thing which you wanted to do but could not due to different reasons in this thread. You may share the reason also if possible.

    In our life, we have certain things which we wanted to do but could not do because of some reasons. We all have dreams but all the dreams are not necessarily fulfilled.

    I wanted to be a teacher by profession but could not become a teacher because my father, being an engineer, always wanted to see me as an engineer. So, after doing engineering I found a corporate job and my dream of becoming a teacher was shattered. Sometimes I feel that I would have been a good teacher if I tried. Still, sometimes I teach my own kids to have the feel of a teacher.

    Did it happen in your life that you wanted to do something but you could not do or could not achieve?
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    Having a good academic record I wanted to become a lecturer in a university or college in my core subject but fate had something else reserved for me. Unfortunately at that time the job situation was quite grim and though the temporary appointment to lecturer post was simply done on merit of post graduation marks, due to non availability of vacant posts I could not get one. During those days NET was not there and PG was sufficient to become a lecturer. I then tried for miscellaneous jobs here and there and finally seeing that nothing was working for my satisfaction, started to apply for UPSC vacancies and PSU recruitments and was successful in my attempt.

    I still have that feeling of losing my chance for becoming a lecturer which was my dream job. Now I am satisfying that thirst by answering questions in Ask Expert section here.

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    I always wanted once I get a job and settled down. I will take my grandparents on all India trip and if possible outside India as well. Though my grandfather has lived in many states and did his job my grandmother has not travelled much.
    But I wanted both of them to travel around on my expenses but last year my grandfather passed away due to cancer which was detected at very later stages. And since I am still studying I couldn't fulfil that dream. Now I wish the same for my grandmother and hope I could do that. I can't take my dada ji on any trip now even If I want. Sometimes we plan things differently and life plans it in other ways.

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    During my studies and before getting into a job, I had a very big desire to getting settled in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. After completing my Ph. D. I was in the university as Post Doctoral Research Fellow for about one and half year. Then somehow I managed a small job in Vizag. But the job is not encouraging and I was forced to shift from that city. After that, I tried a lot for a job there but I couldn't. That is one thing which I couldn't do. Ultimately I settled in Hyderabad.
    I wanted to start a small business on my own. I have made many trails. Finally, I purchased a place in our native place and taken a licence also. I organised training to my brother in a similar institute for three months so that he can manage the unit. But he has not shown much interest and the unit has not made a start. Later on, that place was sold away by my father for some other need.

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    It is simply because of mind. It is said that 'vayu Vega Mano vega' that is our mind is moving at a speed more than air. We can feel this practically as when we travel in train or bus our mind calculates the next day work or about house or office but we still in the running vehicle. But as soon as we alight from the vehicle we forget our entire plan but move to coffee shop. Like this everything.

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    I wanted to be a psychological consultant and I pursued the courses also in that direction. I completed the requisite courses but the flow of happenings in my life took me to a place where there was no scope for any such practice and afterwards I lost the interest and finally remained just as a housewife which is so usual for the women in our country.
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