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    A healthy person can contribute in old age also

    Those who are in active service and get retired from their job at an age of say around 60 are generally not able to think what they should do after that. For most of them it is time to relax and spend their lifelong earnings and enjoy. It is good to do so but 60 is quite an early age to stop working. In fact working does not mean an office job or factory job, it could be any activity to occupy oneself.

    I strongly feel that if health is good there is nothing which stops a person to work in old age. Of course being retired he has a choice to do the work of his liking as well as to choose the extent of working hours. Even the occupation may not be remunerative but it does one thing which is very important and that is to engage oneself and contribute to the society.

    What do you feel about this? Please share your valuable thoughts.
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    Health is very important for all of us. The government declares that at the age of 60 years that's why they are retired from the services but that's not the case as I have seen most of the people who still look young at this age and can work efficiently.

    It is expected that after 50 years people get diseased and their body becomes old and they become unfit to do physical work. I remember when my father retired from his job he became restless as he was not able to spend his time at home but with the time he set his time and made a routine of things that he could be able to pass his time. He involved himself in a few households works like bringing milk, vegetables etc. I understand it's not easy to stay at home after the retirement but one should try to involve in the things otherwise the life becomes miserable.


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    Age is not a barrier for working. If there is a will there is a way. There are many volunteer works which one can do. There are innumerable hobbies which one can pursue. Those who have a positive mind and can contribute to society this is the ideal time to do so. Remember old is gold.
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    After retirement also we will have energy and we will be able to work. Many people find it difficult to sit at home without doing any activity. Till retirement we all will be concentrating on work and once we retire we will not have activity and we feel bored. We may not be able to sit idle.
    We should find out some or other work. Even though you having finances required for your daily life. You may do some work so that you will have good time pass.
    An idle man's brain is a devil',s workshop. So everyone should keep themselves engaged in some or the other activity
    My father worked till he attained the age of 80 years. Based on the present day standards one can have active life up to minimum 75 years I feel.
    With their long experience they can train and pass on their knowledge.

    always confident

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    A real retirement is when your soul goes away from your body; until then all human beings are at their free will to effort their body for the betterment of self or society. Many successful businessmen and self professionals are the live examples of the same. Age is not a barrier as that is something to do with the body rather than of long cherishing soul.

    And you say, 60 is not the right age, I say retirement is not a concept that need to be introduced. It should either be made voluntary discretion of the individual or company should able to access the confidence that - the productivity is at risk due to effort being reduced on physical stamina grounds.

    I have seen many retired youth, wasting their precious time in useless things and anti-social activities. They are the real retired people in the world in spite of their age not even reached half a mark of 60. So cheers!

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    A person with good health is capable of performing any activities irrespective of the old age. Late Shivakumara Swamy seer of Siddaganga Math is the best example. He died at the age of 112 years. Till his last breath he was managing his normal activities without any dependence. He was fondly called as walking god.
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    A healthy body with a healthy mind is what we need to carry on with our activities. There is a fixed age for retirement from service, but nothing as such is applicable in business. There are numerous people managing the business well beyond 60 years of age. As long as one wishes can perform their activities and nowadays with advancement in medical sciences people are finding it easier to stay fit and healthy. The concept of retirement to many is something like enjoying life without any activities which may result in laziness and health disorders. When you keep yourself busy in activities, it helps to get rid of boredom and also keeps you physically fit. With age, the physical strength may reduce but as long as there is mental strength and will to carry out activities a person can do wonders. I have seen many retired persons keeping themselves busy with NGOs and helping their juniors in their field of work by starting a consultancy firm. For every age, there must be a peer group and if the retired persons can form a group with their peers they can contribute enormously to society with their experience.

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