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    Suggest the right website for jobseekers

    A few days back, I got a call from someone saying that you are shortlisted for the Mnc company. I paid 1000 rupees, then after no phone. Finally, I applied for one job on jobads and got selected. Don't go for fake sites and don't pay money to anyone.
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    This is a menace in our country. Be careful
    As jobs are shrinking in our Government/public/private sector departments and lot of students are passing out from many professional colleges, the fake job racketeers are booming in our country. Nowadays, our youth are desperate to find a job and their desperation makes them prey to fake job racketeers. Generally, these Job racketeers exploit the big brands like TCS, Infosys, and Wipro etc. They take money from candidates of small town and rural areas; sometimes they show you the offer letters in a fake letterhead of reputed companies. I know many people cheated in this way showing me the fake offer letters of big IT companies such as TCS, WIPRO L&T etc. These job racketeers are fishing out your personal details from many reputed job portals such as, Monster etc. and exploit you later. Sometimes these fake racketeers make lookalike website of reputed company with similar domain name.
    How to detect a fake job offer?
    All the companies follow certain rules in recruitment in India. Under no circumstances the candidate is asked to pay in any form for their candidature. Genuine professional Recruiters and Companies always use their official email IDs for correspondence. If you receive a job offer from a third party mail such as G Mail and Yahoo,etc, it is suspicious. If you receive a job offer from a Company, first, check its authenticity with different public channels and check with those who working with the same company. No genuine recruiters/Companies ask your Bank details, PAN details etc.
    Recently, companies started issuing appointment letters with QR code, which can be scanned on your mobile phone. Sometimes, offer letter can be verified in Companies website verification page. Some companies turned to digital signatures for differentiate the original with fake one.

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    A good post by the author to alert us from the dangers of fake online job assurances. There are many miscreants and frauds who are using the online platforms, emails and phone calls to lure the unemployed people to their trap. The gullible people who are hunting the jobs online fall in their web trap and lose money. We should only go to reliable and reputed sites for job hunting. Do not entertain unsolicited calls and emails. They are all well designed traps for exploiting the job seekers.

    Some of the reputed and reliable sites are,,,,, etc.

    Knowledge is power.

  • #665906 is the best for the job seeking people. I won't suggest people pay to get a call for an interview. If someone asks you to do that then he or she may be a fraud. One should be careful of such people. Just register on for free and your resume will be circulated to various placements and you will get a call. also have a facility to make your resume and will circulate your resume to some consultants even if you don't apply to match with your job profile. But for that they charge fees.

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    With the surge of population in our country, the job - oppurtunity has not multiplied to that level but on the contrary, it has declined largely because the managements are concious enough to curtail unnecessary expenses so as to remain in the market keeping comfortable share of their earnings. But the employable graduates, post graduates, engineers and other specialists are on the increasing trends creating a chaotic scene for the suitable absorption in the jobs. The aspirants may be cheated with the calls of fake companies offering them lucrative jobs with their hefty commission.
    In such a situation, enrolment with the portals of Naukari. Com should prove to be a wise step for the job- seekers where they would get chances of their suitable absorption in reputed companies with no fake calls. Of course, the commission payable is minimal while comparing the chances of securing a promising job.

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    There are many fake sites which say that they will get you a good job and make you pay some money. Afterwards, you will not hear anything from you. We will be receiving many emails in which they say that you are shortlisted and you will get the job. But you will never get a job call after paying money. One should be careful in deciding about these fake calls.
    Naukri.Com is one of the best sites wherein you can post your CV and you will get daily alerts based on your qualification and experience. is another site which is also reliable, You can upload your CV there also. You will get some alerts from them.
    There are reliable placement service agencies and you can inquire in your area and place your CV with them also and they find you suitable jobs without any charhes.

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    There are many sites in the internet which claim that they can take you the appropriate jobs as per your qualification and to that extent they are doing a good job. Only problem is some fictitious and fake sites are also there which are taking advantage of confusion in the minds of the unemployed people and misleading and cheating them.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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