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    Is it possible for a person not to fight with anyone in his lifetime?

    We live in a family, we live in a society. We interact with people, we work with people. We communicate with each other and interchange views and ideas. In such an environment there are occasions when confrontations and conflicts also arise and people start fighting with each other.

    There are some people who are very well composed and avoid confrontation at any cost. These are definitely the remarkable people having a lot of control on their temperament and mood. They are examples for us to imbibe those great attributes.

    Do you believe that such persons are really existing in the world, who never fight with others? Is it possible for a person not to fight with anyone in his lifetime? What are your views on this?
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    People exist who don't want to fight and never do it even if provoked these people to try to avoid confrontation as much as they can but some or the other moment of time they meet with a person who is beyond their temperament and definitely requires an answer in such cases their emerges fight. So I don't think people exist who never fight with someone or have a confrontation. Because many times it is imposed fight in which one has to participate.
    I remember a quote I read somewhere " you can't expect a lion to not eat you just because you are vegetarian".
    Just like that, you can't avoid conflict just because you don't want it.

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    We find people who never fight very rarely. My father's mother is one lady I have seen who never fought with anybody. A very gentle and soft spoken lady and used to respect all. I had an association with her for about 40 years. During those years I have never witnessed her taking harshly on anybody. If anybody start talking harsh she used to leave the place immediately. She was so kind that she used to eat only after everybody eat and used to feed daily at least two beggars. She never asked anything from her three sons. She used to help all the daughters in law in their house work. She never had any problem with her daughters in law. I always respects her and one should learn from her about humanity and peace loving.
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    Practically it's tough to find such people. We all have minds and no two people think alike and there is always a difference in the opinions of two people which becomes the cause of fight or arguments.

    I am a very calm person and usually don't fight or argue with people unless I get irritated with a person. Usually, I don't argue when I realise that an argument can turn in to a fight. I just leave that place and that's the best way to avoid a fight.

    I know it's not easy when your hurt and it's a normal thing a person shouts in retaliation and that's the point where one needs high self-control. One has to suppress his or her ego in such cases otherwise it may always become a reason for the fights.

    It's very rare o have such people these days when people don't want to compromise and have ego issues.


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    A wishful thinking but it may not hold practically. Even the most patient and prudent people flare up after a certain threshold. There is a limit to everyones patience and tolerance and the regime of fighting starts from that flash point. Psychologists also believe that fighting and quarrelling to some extent is required for balancing of human behaviour while more quantity of this unwanted trait will spoil the relations and will be detrimental to a harmonious living and coexistence. So, balancing this act to bare minimum possible is the art that a few people can develop and exercise and they are the successful ones in the situation of confrontations and conflicts.
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    The word fight as in the context used by the author has, I feel, different levels. Right from a difference of opinion, to a verbal duel, to a quarrel, to a heated exchange of words crossing permissible limits, to physical assaults and finally a violent struggle involving physical blows and use of weapons (any material available at hand), the level varies. So, in that sense, I doubt whether one can candidly say that there are people who have never fought in their lifetime. They must have been, at some point in time, involved in some sort of fight even if it was of the lowest level. Suppressing one's emotions is not easy, it is rather impossible. For a normally calm and restrained person, engaging even in a discussion where there is a difference of opinion might appear to be a fight and he may feel bad about it. But for those who do not mind going to the extent of a physical assault, even a quarrel might not appear very serious. What I mean to say is that it all depends from person to person and from situation to situation. I really don't think there would be anyone who has never picked up a fight or resisted one with the same coin, at whatever level; not even spiritual leaders or the Priests or the Yogis.
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    For sure such people do exists, there is no other way around it. You can learn in good school where you will have some friends and such situation will never ever happens and that's really it. Being adult you will see no sense other than attacking someone else.

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    In my opinion, there will be no person in the world who has not fought in his her lifetime. Life is a long journey, where we meet different types of people, each of different nature, kind, religion, thinking capability, etc. In childhood, we quarrel with someone for silly reasons, and when we grew up, we will have our own thinking process which may not be same as others, so we get the times where we have to fight with others to convince that you are right.

    So there will be no person who not fought in their lifetime, at least they have fought or quarreled in childhood with friends or family members for some silly reasons.


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    My opinion for fight is different. Why do one fight?

    1. There are people who just fight because of their "ego". Such people feel themselves superior to others even in normal discussion if their ego hurt, they start abusing those words which is not allowed in civilized forum. I personally feel it is just their brain level not to accept that anyone can surpass them with their own brilliant brain.

    2. There are fight which runs behind the screen. Such people will fight you when no one will see them. In other words. They are clever enough not to show themselves in bad light but fight with you or hurt you secretly. This kind of people who are more dangerous in our society who does not have the guts to hit you on your face but hurt you on your back like coward.

    3. This kind of people fight when you challenge their existence. When you hurt them continuously to show them down in front of others. Then they fight for their pride and they fight to make this society better. Such person will never leave this kind of fight and will make them understand their fault till the end.

    So, people are different and their reason for fight is different. There is no one who have never fight. Some people do it with having mask on their face not to caught up in the society, and some do it in open.

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    There is difference between two people having a difference of opinion/an argument and an actual fight. There would be many individual who would avoid a physical fight but would not mind a healthy argument.

    In our day to day lives, even the most mature person, quite person would face situations wherein he or she needs to 'fight' to get there views across. So, the answer to the question is not it would not be possible.

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