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    How voters of India got smarter this time?

    This time Indian people have voted removing aside the narrative of the caste and communal politics which has dominated north India's politics for so long. In Uttar Pradesh where most of the candidates fielded by BSP-SP coalition was based on just caste or religion bases faced defeat.
    On the other hand, fielded candidates without any consideration of cast as many of the candidates belong to either upper castes or non Yadav communities and they still won the seats from places which were considered to be voting on the basis of caste. Also, the coalition of SP-BSP didn't release any manifesto the whole idea of their election was based on caste- narrative while BJP manifesto did have various issues which touched the people.
    Above all, for the first time India saw highest voter turnout and in that too the women turn out of women was more than men in this election who have voted for the BJP because they know the government's work for women empowerment.
    So the situation is changing in the country people are voting for they want not on the basis of ideology or their personal gains which is often a facade used by political parties to capture the people's attention.
    What is your take on this?
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    The voter is also observing the changes in the Indian politics. They are also able to understand now who is good for the country and can contribute for its progress. This is the change which can be thought as if they are becoming smarter.
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    Yes. It is true. Voters given top priority to nation rather than other issues. They voted to BJP and conveyed the message that they don't bother for their personal difficulties to some extent if the nation is going to get benefitted They have gone above caste and religion and behaved maturely. This is a real quality to feel happy and we should welcome this.
    Now it is the turn of the leaders who won the elections to see that they will come up to the expected level and see that the confidence reposed on them by the people will not go in vain.

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    Unlike past, the voters knew that which party is good for them. They realised that parties make them fool during the campaign as they make big promises and forget when their government is made. But this time they voted to the party which they think is doing good for them and is doing good for the growth of the country. It's a habit of the parties that they ask votes on the name of caste and religion but this election was different as the plot of the parties tuned down by the voters. The result shows that the nation is changing and they need a leader who can do good for them.

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    Members are requested to discuss this point in this thread on election results which has been posted and pinned to avoid multiple threads.
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