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    How do you handle criticism?

    Do you feel that criticism is of some importance in our life? Does positive criticism help us in introspecting? Is ignoring negative criticism the best way to handle it? Share your views on this in this thread.

    It's hard to digest criticism for anyone. People are egoistic and feel their ego is hurt when someone criticises them. For me, I always welcome constructive criticism as it helps me to improve myself and when I know criticism is just for the sake of putting me down I ignore it and quietly leave the place.

    With the time they understand what my silence meant for them and where their criticism stands in my life.

    That's the best way I feel to face such criticism. How do you face criticism?.
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    Yes. Some people try to criticise others with a reason or without a reason also. They will be very egoistic and they feel they are having every right to criticise others. If somebody criticises me, if it is to correct me and for my improvement I will take it positively and correct myself. I will not argue and tr to correct myself.
    Some people criticise for the sake of criticising and there will not be any point in their criticism. I just ignore such people and I never give much weightage to those remarks.
    By keeping silent we don't lose anything. The other person will talk as long as he can talk and then he will also become silent. Correcting ourselves and not responding for unnecessary comments may be the best way to handle these criticisms. I always try to do that.

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    Many people do criticism and some are addicted to it. Some do it just like that and I think that is the most useless and dangerous form of criticism as people might take it seriously. It is good to ignore the criticism but there is no harm in understanding it from the offenders point of view. What does he think of me? We must know his viewpoint and critical logic.
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    I too welcome healthier criticism as feel that is require for the improvement. Especially I always think a lot when my seniors or my parents criticize me.

    Healthy criticism always encourage me to understand my loopholes and hence I can think to work on that to reduce them from my life.

    But, I simply avoid unwanted/ irritating criticism which generally put me down.

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    It is easy to criticise but difficult to let go the criticism we hear about ourselves. May a time we tend to ignore the criticism we hear but some have a habit of doing it every now & then which need to attend to or will take a toil of us. We too hear good criticism form our friends, parents, teachers which when taken positively will always help us grow. Many do it as they feel good or inorder to make us fall but it should act as a stepping stone.
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    Criticism is a common trait found in the people and it comes out automatically when ever people hear something from others. Some people are so much addicted to it that they start criticising everything they hear without thinking whether such criticism is required or not. It is in bad taste but they can not help it as old habits die hard.

    A healthy and positive criticism is useful for the improvement in our actions and sometimes we have to give cognisance to it. However, foolish and useless criticism is to be ignored. Sometimes criticism brings anger and reaction in people. That is natural, though we should try to contain such things and avoid such situations.

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    People usually do not like any critics in our lifes. Only some person who is really have very high intelligence and know what to do with that critic could follow along with it in our lifes for very good and long period with good intensions, usually not and it make agressions.

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    There is no point in handling criticism, just listen to what others are saying and ask yourself why the other person is saying such things. If you find there is a reason then introspect. Criticism is required to improve ourselves. Many times we fail to realize certain things while doing a particular task and the other persons involved in it may criticize our actions. When another person is criticizing our actions, it's better to ask for suggestions from that person. The other person may have some really good suggestions to carry out the work in a different way and in that case, we can call that person as one of our well-wishers. There are a few persons who will not give suggestions but always criticize others, it's their habit and a broad smile may help in this case.

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