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    The Facts that worked

    As the 2019 election has ended & results are out. I would like to ask the ISC members to please put in your inputs as to:
    - What worked for BJP
    - What was the highlight of the election
    - What was people's need or expectation
    - What was the real agenda of this election
    - What went wrong with Congress & other parties
    - What needs to be concluded from this election
    - Any change in EC rules that you think will benefit our country

    Note :
    - Please do focus on 2019 Election only (not the past 60 years history)
    - You need not cover the full points but can speak of what you think.
    - Can be in favor or against.
    - No harsh words.
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    What worked for BJP is primarily an honest leadership at the top of its political operation. This is one major reason. Other things are a good organisational collective effort by people like Amit Shah and his team of grass root workers. Then there are people who are impressed with the attack on Pakistan first time the way it was done by India. Another factor is the global recognition of India as an emerging power in the South East Asia. When a party gets success everyone starts to associate oneself with it. Now people will be bringing many reasons for its success.

    Congress or other opposition parties could not give equal fight to the BJP as their leadership could not devise new ways to get more popularity over the ruling party. The anti incumbency factor also did not work and neither the provocative communist ideology. So, in nutshell BJP got what it deserved.

    One thing we should not forget is that though the opposition failed miserably and could not get seats, still they have got substantial chunk of votes percentage wise and that is a sign that they also can at any opportune time topple the Govt in their favour or come back to power in the next election.

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    There are many things that went well with BJP :
    -very well Leadership
    -good approach to the local people.
    -Brand power ( PM, Amit, Smriti, Menaka, etc)
    - Good canditure
    - Good media coverage
    - Religion & caste
    - More grass root level work
    - Good scripted bashans

    The things that didn't go well with Other parties :
    - Poor Leaders
    - Family game
    - Division/fight within the same parties for seat
    - Less media coverage
    - no motivation

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    The last five years governance of NDA made the people impressive. The voters felt that they will be in the safe hands if they vote for BJP. The international recognition that our country gained in these five years also a positive point to BJP. The Modi factor is another big positive to BJP. The shrewd planning of Amit Shah worked positively for BJP. The way they attacked Pakistan in the surgical strike was also made many people think about voting for BJP.
    People are expecting good governance from the government. They are ready to sacrifice to some extent for the welfare of the Nation. They want no corruption and they want a government which works for the benefit of all the citizens of the country.
    BJP may see that all the citizens of the countries will get equal opportunities irrespective of their caste and creed. With all and for the progress of all is the slogan of BJP in this elections.
    Lack of proper leadership and a good planner made Congress a loser. The party make a good analysis of the election results and try to make amendments as required so that they will come back with full vigour. Otherwise, the party will be forgotten by all.
    These elections proved that the public of the country is ready to face some personal problems to some extent for the benefit of the country.
    Many complaints are coming about the EVMs. The EC should think and see what best can be done so that the public will have confidence in EC.

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    People will finally be impressed only with what Govt has actually done rather than what it had promised. This time this has been a dominant factor in the recent elections and BJP is benefited by it. Congress being an old and family legacy party was able to garner a good chunk of votes and this clearly shows that there are many loyal voters in our country who do not want to change their choice even in a changing environment. This chunk of voters is a real threat to a good governance.
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    Maybe they are impressed with the works the government did it in the last five years. Also, people came to know that if Congress wins, Rahul Gandhi will become the PM of India who is not competent enough for the post.

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    We had requested that members discuss in this single thread only to prevent multiple threads on one topic. So please do not raise separate threads for the same discussions.

    In this thread here, members can discuss the last interesting point you raised: Any change in EC rules that you think will benefit our country.

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    I know it's a tough job for the EC but since its an independent body they have to take the initiative to cleanse politics. The apex court has raised the issue of criminalization of politics and asked parliamentarians to frame laws to cleanse the political dispensation. It is astonishing that quite a large number of the contestants in this election, from both the BJP and the Congress, have cases pending against them though they are still not convicted. There are contestants from other political parties too who have cases pending against them. The EC has the data and must take effective measures to control it. The parliamentarians will not act on their own to cleanse the system unless they are forced to. The EC must put constant pressure on the government to make effective laws to debar the accused from contesting elections.

    The rule has to be equal for all the contestants and this time the EC was accused of partisan attitude. This has to change and instead of show cause notices and warnings to the contestants if they cross the limit they must be debarred from contesting elections. Whoever may be the candidate, if the speech contains violent or inappropriate behaviour, incites disharmony among people, the candidature should be cancelled. In this way also the system can be cleansed.


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