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    Whenever you take your meal remember the sweat of farmers

    The food item we eat everyday does not come without sweat of farmers. We all know that the financial condition of Indian farmers is not good. They are struggling to continue the farming because , farming is becoming financially unviable. Due to this reasons many farmers are discontinuing farming. This is a dangerous situation.

    Indian farmers face many problems in cultivation. Lack of sufficient rains, natural calamities , proper pricing etc. The farmers also suffer financially due to the involvement of middleman. Government should come out with initiatives and programmes supporting the farmers.

    People also do not value the sweat behind each grain. Food is being wasted in marriages and functions. By this people insulting the farmers.

    We should always remember the hard work of the farmers whenever we take our food like we pray before taking food.
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    True. Farmers are really struggling a lot. India is basically an agriculture-based country and many people live on this profession directly or indirectly. They put their money in the soil and returns are not sure. Because of natural calamities, many times the material which is in the field may not reach home. Even though they get good crop there is no guarantee for a fair price. The brokers will take the material from them for a very low price and the sell the same at a very high price. That is how the person who struggled is not getting enough returns and the middlemen are getting benefitted. A very unfortunate situation.
    Many of the farmers are not showing any interest in agriculture because of these problems. If we seriously think about this, we will understand how dangerous is the situation if farmers are not going for cultivation. Something is to be done for saving these farmers and see that they will be happy and do the cultivation with interest. The county should solve the problems of these people.

    always confident

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    Farming is becoming unviable day by day because of rising costs and their cumulative effect on the input costs in farming. Some solution is required to mitigate this problem like subsidising the selling prices by the Govt or providing inputs at lesser costs. Though Govt is time to time doing many efforts and bringing in new schemes but nothing concrete is achieved in this direction.

    Ironically, on one hand we are telling that farmers are losing in their efforts but on the other hand the politicians are showing their income and assets mainly from sale of agriculture products. Does it mean that per acre production in politicians land is much much more than the land held by the farmers. It looks ridiculous but the asset and income data submitted by the politicians is like that only.

    In China, the Govt pays the minimum price of agricultural products about 70-80% of its price in market. How they are able to pay so much to their farmers is a matter of conjecturing only but somehow they are able to manage this for quite some time and the farmers are happy with this price there.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Farmers are working hard. Their job is not only tough but is also risky as weather is one important thing for their crops and any adverse weather is detrimental to the crop gain. We must understand the toiling they are undergoing in production of grains. They are producing crops for such a large population of our country. We must be grateful and thankful to them that we are getting the food items at a reasonable rate. The author has mentioned correctly that we should remember them at the time of our meals. Actually they are the food gods for us.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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