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    Will you play the game of atlas with a child?

    We study the countries and their capitals while in school or when our profession has to do something with teaching or if we are preparing for some sort of competitive exams.

    But as a common man who doesn't have any interest in remembering countries or their capitals, how many countries and their capital do you remember? Can you say it is above 50 or is it less than 50? As there are almost 198 countries in the world some may claim more or less than it.

    That being the scenario if a child asks you to play a game of Atlas, in which you have to tell the name of countries beginning with the last letter of the previous one just like Antakshri, one after the other, will you be able to play or will you avoid the challenge with some excuse to escape from embarrassment?

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    My knowledge in this respect is very less. I know the capitals of very few countries. But somebody wants me to play that game I will be ready to play that. I may lose the game but it will be a chance for me to know the capitals of countries and that will be an education for me.
    My brother's daughter who is around 7 years whenever comes to our place she wanted me to play with her some games similar to this. I have to play with her and I have to lose the game. Otherwise, she will start weeping and will not even eat food on that day. So it is a point that I have to lose the game. Whoever plays with her they should lose. This is the condition which we have to accept to play with her.
    It is fun playing these types of games with children. We can see how serious they are and they never like to be losers. But to entertain them and keep them in good humour we should obey that.

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    I play this game of atlas with my kids and that's good for kids as they come to know the names of places which they might have heard for the first time.

    Usually, we don't keep a rule of telling the names of countries and their capitals we include local cities also in the game.

    Yes, I agree it's not easy to cram the names of all the countries and their capitals but with this game, we came across a few of the names which we remember for a long time. It's a good game to increase knowledge of kids.


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    Playing with children is very interesting. There are certain rules you have to follow while playing with them. If you do not remember the names of the capitals of different countries it hardly matters, just participate in the game with the child and do not forget to appreciate the child whenever she/he says the correct answer. A child likes the participation of adults/parents in many activities which helps her/him immensely. Many children have a fear of expressing themselves in front of others and they do not feel like to participate in different activities. Participation of parents/adults along with them encourages children and there is no need to fear the embarrassment if you do not know something. If you do not know, tell the child to teach you and the child will be happy in most of the cases because she/he will get the chance to become a teacher even for a moment.

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    I think we should play this game as well as other similar games with the children so that they feel motivated and encouraged by our participation. This will give us an opportunity to learn many things which we read long back and now forgotten. It will be good and refreshing for our memory also.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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