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    Some facts to know about our surrounding

    *Camel is the only animal which can touch it's own ear with its tongue
    *If we multiply the length of paw of the elephant with 6 we get the height of the elephant.
    *Monkeys have two brains
    *The length of tongue of a chameleon is more than that of its body length.
    *Sharks will die if they stop swim.
    *The flavour of same scent differs in smell body to body.
    *Metric system introduced first in France
    *Military training is a must for ladies in Isreal
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    Good information. It is very nice to know some unknown facts through this post. I know that the metric system is introduced in France first. But all other information given in the thread is new to me and it is an education for me. Thanks to the author for the good information.
    always confident

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    Very interesting things detailed by the author. These are not only interesting but entertaining also. I want to add one similar that comes to my mind. The outer size of our fist can give the size of our socks. Shopkeeper generally check like that and give us the socks.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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