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    Tuitions and schools becoming Money Minting Machines

    Today most of the schools have become money minting machines. Due to the lack of good education in schools, students have to be sent to private tuition and coaching centres which are too expensive. Don't you think the government should form some policies to improve the standards of education in schools and keep a watch on coaching centres?
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    The education system in our country has to be modified. The whole system has become examination oriented and in this system, the learning has taken a backseat. It is better to say we have an examination system rather than a fully functional education system. The aim of any education policy cannot be to only score high marks, rather thrust must be there on learning. Students are going for tuition because in these coaching centres they are trained on the ways and means of scoring high marks in any examination. The thrust in those coaching centres is on suggestive learning - study things/questions that will be asked in the exams. It is like a one-size-fits-all education system. Every student is unique and has a set of certain capabilities. The schools where the primitive years of a student are taken care of must focus on the traits of each student and guide them accordingly. This one-size-fits-all education system must change and educators must develop a system where a student is nurtured into a wonderful human being, rather than injecting the syllabi inside their minds.

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    Our present education system is giving more thrust on scoring marks only. The chances for higher studies will be more for the people who scored more marks in the entrance test. The marks you scored in the qualifying examination are taking a second place. That result will decide your eligibility for appearing in the admission test. Most of the tests are multiple choice questions. Keeping this pattern in mind many coaching centres are coming. They make the students to by heart the subject but never see how much subject they imbibed from the books. This is making a hell lot of difference.
    There are many government schools and teachers are being paid good salaries. But there is no accountability. Parents are not willing to put their wards in these schools due to lack of proper teaching and supervision in the government schools. The money spent by government is a waste expenditure only and the outcome is not in proportion to the expenditure.
    The whole education system should be redesigned in such a way that more important will be given for improving the knowledge of the student rather than the marks he scored.

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    Tuition was considered in early years only for the backlogged students. But now the tuition going is a fancy in students. It is a boon to parents as they can stay away from the children for the tuition hours as well free from engaging themselves from them. Schools in turn making their teachers to opt tuition so that they can earn money besides their salary.
    Many schools draining money from parents by saying that they are providing this facility and that facility in addition to their SPECIALIZED teaching. For a real student such additional facilities are not necessary at all. But many parents do not think in that angle but believing that the school is of great standard if they demand huge money.

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    A thought provoking thread by the author. Today education is commercialised. It is being imparted in various ways but all the ways lead to making money. Yes, it is correct that education system requires an overall improvement right from quality of the teachers to the level of academics being handled. Skill and trade has to be integrated with the education as merely pursuing pure academic things will not help the students. How Govt can take the whole educational system under one umbrella is also a thing to ponder as we have seen the pathetic conditions of Govt schools and colleges in the era when privatisation of education was limited.
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    In most of the Schools, tuition has become an opportunity for teachers to make more money. Since teachers of the schools are taking tuitions , it is becoming an obligation to the parents to send their children for tuitions.
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    These days when there is high competition and no parent want their kid to remain behind others so they send their kids to tuitions or coaching centres. Moreover, our education system has become very complex so we need to have professional teachers to teach kids as it has become tough for the parents to teach them.

    In schools when there are 50 students in the class a teacher cannot pay attention to each and every student. In such a situation dull students cannot cope up and to recover he or she needs some extra efforts which is compensated by the tuition. Tuition centres and coaching centres are very costly and is not easily afforded by a medium class family. But in order to make their child compatible parents sacrifice their own wishes.

    The government should think something about it because parents have to bear high fees for school as well as the tuition which becomes very difficult.


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    Yes, we do need some change in our education system to make our youth smart individuals. But regarding tuition we can't say that every tuition is expensive there are certain affordable online coaching centers for e.g. SpeedLabs that provides AI-based learning platform to teach the students conceptually so that they could relate their studies with practical implementation in real life.

    I think even our government should take some initiative to introduce AI (Artificial Intelligence) into education system to develop interest among students by making their learning process even more exciting. If we want our students to excel in this huge competitive world we need to make them a smart kid. As we all know getting good grades in academics hardly promises good job and career.
    Take up any industry be it web development, digital marketing or any other, every industry requires smart candidates who are creative, can find the alternate ways to do a task, handle work pressure, can do any task which is not related to their profile with little guidance. So if we want to prepare our students for these challenges we need to make them smart enough so that they can cross any tough scenes of life easily. And to bring this change in our student's personality both parents and education system have to play a huge role.

    Regarding education system, it should be recreated in such a way that test's student conceptual understanding level and help them improve on that part, identify and nurture student's unique talents, at the same time we also need to make our students emotionally strong to tackle unfavorable situations.

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    In this fast paced competitive world all want their children to outstand others. Many schools do not complete the syllabus on time & so parents have to depend on tutions or coaching centres. Many a times due to pressure from the school managements, teachers are not able to give as much attention what is need to students. Now a days a teachers are asked to be friendly with students & not to punish the students, inturn make students not to pay attention as compared to earlier times.
    This all give a open space for tuitions & coaching centres to make parents realise the need of the same & giving them a chance to loot us in the name of education.

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    Yes, really schools and coaching centers have become money minting machines. Nowadays even for nursery also parents has to pay the fee in lakhs. Some schools do not have proper teachers and management also, but they collect a fee in lakhs. And many schools do not have proper playgrounds also. They give lots of homework too. Many middle-class people and poor people are unable to afford this costly education. Many students interested in learning new things like painting, a new language, etc. which are not taught in schools, so they prefer to go to coaching centers. But coaching centers also increase the fees a lot, which can't be afforded by many students.

    Government has to take immediate step to control these ever ending increase in educational fees in private schools.


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