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    The deteriorating standards of hostels

    The infrastructure and quality of Indian hostels, especially in government institutions is a mess. The fee is too high whereas the living conditions and quality of food is too poor. Since PGs are too expensive, the students have no other choice but to live in hostels. Don't you think UGC should make some strict guidelines to oversee the quality of living in hostels?
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    Yes. The hostels are to be maintained correctly and see that the students should feel at home when they are in the hostels. In many universities, all the troubles will start from the hostels only. Some students will continue to live in hostels as they get a scholarship from the government. They will never finish a single course but continue to join once in every two years in a new course. I know people even after their marriage also stay in the hostels. Husband in gents hostel and the wife in girls hostels. Some people who are no way related to the institution will also stay in these hostels as a guest to the students staying there. These people only will create problems in the hostels and politics will start from here only.
    The management will not be in a position to control this as there are no full-time wardens. The atmosphere will get spoiled and good students can't survive here. But there is no option.
    These hostels are not only costly but also there is no discipline and chances for the students to get spoiled are more. So as mentioned by the author the UGC should think and make amendments so that the atmosphere in hostels is good and the expenditure is reasonable.

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    It is true that hostels should be properly managed and the cleanliness and hygiene are the most important factors which are to be given topmost importance. In fact the hostel management can involve the students in part time participation in its activities and that will definitely bring the required change.
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    Government run educational institutions are heavily subsidised. The fee structure is very low when compared to institutions run by private organisations. My child studied in an NIT, and we paid just 20k tuition fee per year, as compared to a few lakhs that private engineering colleges were charging per semester.

    The hostel wasn't a five-star accommodation, but it had all the basic necessities and more. Food wasn't palatable, but that is the story everywhere. There is nothing like home food, and students miss that, and it is not that the food is terrible. Most messes are managed by the students.

    I think the alumni should give back to the college, and help improve the infrastructure. My husband's batch built a recreational hall in the Government Engineering College to commemorate their 25 years of graduation. NIT graduates also fund various projects.

    Instead of complaining, do something productive - get in touch with your seniors and float the idea to them of funding projects. Speak to the Director of the college and chart out a plan. Send emails out officially, asking for donations and fundings for new facilities. There'll certainly be ex-students, who'll willingly contribute.

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    The fact is that the Grants given by the Government for managing these hostels are not used properly. There is lots of misuse. The authorities required to plug these misuse and see that money is spend properly for the purpose. It is true that the education in these institutions are subsidized. But students residing in these hostels deserve some basic amenities.
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    I have not seen the hostel of government colleges but the hostels of private colleges are pathetic. College authorities charge high fees but they have nothing on the name of facilities compared to the fees.

    I remember we didn't have power back although power failures were rare those days yet they should have it. I remember due to major breakdown we didn't have a power supply for almost 2 days.

    Food in the hostel mess was below average. I remember once I found a spider sticking at the bottom of the glass after I drank milk. There was no hygiene they used to maintain. We complained many times about such issues to the director of the college but he never showed any interest to improve anything.


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    The main reason of mismanagement in Govt hostels is due to misappropriation of funds by some corrupt elements. So some mechanism is required to nab these culprits and honest people should get that responsibility of running the hostels. Another idea which is already well mentioned by Juana madam is the involvement of students and especially old students in the improvement of the infra structure and other facilities in these institutions. This will help in improving the hostels with the help of old students who are in good positions across the globes and can afford to help the ailing institutions. We have to involve in the process and do our bit if we want that things should improve from its present form.
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