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    Political killings- Why and for What? Amethi and West Bengal being the recent examples.

    Political murders as the recent ones in Bengal and Amethi need to be taken seriously. I do not know what message the parties want to give to each other but is it all about the frustration of losing the election? I doubt. There should be solid action against all those people who are taking the law into their hands.

    The second thing on the topic is that the media tries to make every murder involving politicians/ supporters political which is also not good. There should be proper investigation and the media should bring out the truth only. They should not be allowed to say anything without proof.

    Please share your views and thoughts on this matter along with your observations.

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    Killing a person is in no way acceptable. If some person is doing a mistake, there are courts to punish him and there are police people to see that Law and Order will be maintained properly. But some people take the Law into their hands and do whatever they like. It is never acceptable.
    India is a democratic country. Any person can go with any party he likes. There is no hindrance for that. There are many parties and they have their own ways of trying to attract the public. As long as they are legal no one need not worry. If someone is resorting to illegal ways, the other party people should complain to the EC who will take care and decide what is to be done.
    Media is also responsible. They try to come out with their own story and the facts will not be spelt out. This will sometimes shield the real culprit. So the media should give facts only and see those innocent people will never get affected.
    Out of the political rivalry killing the people should be condemned. The police should look into the matter and the culprit should be punished seriously so that other people will never resort to such practices.

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    I would request the author to change the title of the thread to make it more meaningful. Instead of Bangal it should be West Bengal or at least Bengal.

    A murder is a murder and it is the responsibility of the law enforcing agencies to find out the culprits and punish them severely. After the announcement of election results, there is news of revenge and opponents inflict injuries on the supporters of another political party. At few places, this 'political revenge' is rampant and West Bengal is one such place. After every election, we hear these types of news from different parts of this state and for that reason, central forces are kept there for a short period after the end of the election. I think this revenge is the outcome of the greed associated with the power of the political leaders. Elections are held to know the verdict of the people and political leaders must accept defeat. Nobody can stay in power throughout their life, though from the comments of certain political leaders it seems they aspire to hold on to the post for the rest of their lives. It is the immaturity of a section of the leaders who are responsible for political violence.

    It is also true that media should not jump into conclusions before investigating the facts but in this world, almost everybody is hungry for power and using media in different ways to serve their agenda.


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    If losing the election is the cause of the murder then it requires severe punishment so that no one should be able to repeat such non sensical revenge. I think police is already on the trail and will come out with the facts of the case.
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    Yes But if big people involved then they will use his power to hide crime and will put blame on other poor people they will be safe due to power. This is time of power and money How many poor people get justice if we calculate then ratio is very low.
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    Political rivalry in the Country is becoming very personal and even going to the extent of killing people. This is very bad for the democracy and we should condemn such criminal acts and those involved in the crime should be brought to books and stringent punishment should be imposed. Once the election is over , politicians should gracefully accept the verdict of the people and start working for the next election. I am sure people will vote for the candidates who have done work at their constituencies.
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    Political vendetta is not a new thing in the politics. History is full of such cases when the desperation and setback of losing power and position provoked people for committing murders and attacks on the rivals. History repeats itself and today it is happening again. The local administration and police can control it quickly if they really like to do so. The lure of position is so great that the people in power forget all the ethics and moral values and start taking law in their own hand to mitigate their revenge in a frightful manner. These are the most wretched acts but they are happening in our society due to lack of administrative governance and control on the miscreants.
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    So far it is understood that what is being evident in WB as well as in Amethi is the result of political rivalries. Although these killings are unfortunate & unjustified but still being given due importance by the various media channels which is also not fair in context to their responsibilities but the truth is that they bound to tell us only those which we want to hear from them because of a simple reason that the numbers of readers would decide their TRP and therefore only in case that we change our perspectives the other seems to not to have the changes accordingly.

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    Why and for what?

    The answer is very simple if we look at the political atmosphere and the build up to the elections. A lot was at stake in these elections, money, career, livelihood, pride, status and last but not least big inflated egos of political leaders.

    When the unexpected happened, a few people had to vent their frustrations, anger and feelings. Some would have spent many lakhs for the election campaign, many would have built castles in the air based of if they came to power.

    So, in the heat of the moment, the anger and frustration take a turn for the worse and people plan such heinous crimes like murdering people belonging to the opposite party. At the very basic level, these killings are a result of a flawed thinking that by doing so, they have avenged their defeat or insults piled upon them.

    Media runs on sensationalism and prolonged coverage, various theories are discussed to ensure that the news is alive and the channels also benefit in return.

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