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    PM Narendra Modi's new dream Cabinet 2019 - who will hold which portfolio?

    Do you think an existing Minister will continue to hold the same portfolio? Will there be a major shuffling? Join in this interesting discussion of what our ISCian community thinks.

    As per the notification issued by the President, Narendra Modi will be taking the oath of office and sworn in as the Prime Minister for a second term on 30th May at 7 p.m. It is possible that, at that time, the oath of office will also be administered to those who will form the Union Council of Ministers.

    Since we have some very interesting and animated discussions related to politics and the Central Government, we are initiating this thread for members to discuss who they consider would likely be in the Union Council of Ministers. Do you think a present incumbent will continue to hold the same portfolio? Or will he/she be assigned another Ministry? You can make a prediction based on the Minister's previous record, whether somebody is more fit to take up the responsibility of a particular Ministry, etc.

    So who are the members of your Dream Cabinet 2019?

    (Please do not make any personal attacks against a Minister and have healthy discussions within forum guidelines.)
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    I think the new ministry will have some of the ministers in the old cabinet and some new faces will come.
    I think this time Mr Shah will be number two in the ministry and he may be given home ministry.
    Nirmala SItaraman will be allotted the defence portfolio only.
    Smriti Irani who emerged victoriously from Amethi against Rahul Gandhi the Congress President will be given an important portfolio like foreign affairs or revenue or so.
    Rajan Nath Singh and Nitin Gadkari will be there in the ministry with the same or changed portfolios.
    One of the MPs who won from Telangana, most probably Mr Kishan Reddy will be considered for a minister post in the cabinet.
    Arun Jaitley and Sushma Swaraj are not going to be considered for any minister posts taking into account their present health condition and age. But I feel Sushma should be given.
    One or two MPs will also be there from West Bengal. One or two MPs from Karnataka will also be there in the ministry.
    The nation is expecting very good governance from the elected MPs. So the PM should see that the best MPs will be there in senior posts and do justice to the confidence the voters put on them.

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    I think we are going to see some changes in the portfolios and there will be new inductions too in the cabinet. Mr Amit Shah may be given the defence portfolio this time whereas Mr Nitin Gakari may look into the parliamentary affairs. A few of the probables may be:

    Defence: Amit Shah
    Home: Rajnath Singh
    Skill Development and Entrepreneurship: Nirmala Sitharaman
    Parliamentary affairs: Nitin Gadkari
    Finance: Piyush Goyal/Sushma Swaraj (if Ms Swaraj is willing to accept any responsibility)

    Other than this a separate ministry may be set up to look into the NRC issue. The motto of the PM should be Minimum government and Maximum governance.


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    This is going to be a difficult guess as some of the NDA partners also will be given certain Ministries. Still we can make certain guesses based on the performances of the candidates. Mr Rajnath Singh may get defence while Ms Nirmala Sitharaman might be given Human Resorce/ Education. Mr Gadkari may be given the Petroleum/ Chemical and Fertilizers. Mr Paswan will be in Agricultural zone. Mr Amit Shah may get Foreign Affairs while Ms Smriti Irani will be home Minister. There will be others from the NDA partners and many will be given responsibilities as state ministers. It is difficult to guess a person for Finance.
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    It will be a tough time for Sri. Narendra Modi to accommodate many stalwarts in the party. It looks like Amit Shah is likely to take no. 2 position in the cabinet that is Home Ministry. May be Rajnath to Defence and Nirmala Sitharaman to foreign affairs. The giant killer Smt. Smriti Irani may get Communications or Railways. Prime Minister need to accommodate NDA partners in addition to the States like West Bengal, Karnataka, and Odisha.
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    Yes, I think the same Minister will hold the same Portfolio until the new minister will hold it. Depend on the meeting of PM, this will be going to shuffle soon in portfolios.

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    I would predict that Modi as Prime Minister will have Amit Shah as Home minister, and have Nirmala as Defence Minister. Rajnath Singh as Railway Minister, Smirthi Irani might get Parliamentary affairs. Piyush Goel would get finance.


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    Now only few days are left for swearing in of new Government at center and therefore obviously there is curiosity that who will be consisted in new cabinet. The most popular views among the political analysts and media are as follow:
    (a) most of the old faces will remain part of the cabinet;
    (b) female representation may get expansion in new cabinet;
    (c) Arun Jaitley due to his poor health conditions as reported by some media houses may not be awarded any ministry;
    (d) Sushma Swaraj may also not become part of new cabinet as she already had stated not to fight Lok Sabha elections citing her health conditions.
    (e) Amit Shah will become part of cabinet and may be awarded with Home Ministry or Defence Ministry.

    I have observed Prime Minister Modi for last five years as far as his method of governance is concerned and he has always tried to stick to his formula of "Minimum Government and Maximum Governance" and therefore in pursuance to this formula, he will surely to try to keep the size of cabinet as smaller as possible.

    My prediction for allocation of portfolio is as follow:
    Home Minister : Rajnath Singh ( I don't think Amit Shah will become part of Govt.)
    Finance Minister : Arun Jaitley (Because recent videos on social media depicts his good health conditions)
    Defence Minister : Nirmala Sitharaman
    External Affairs Minister : Smriti Irani
    Parliamentary and Law Minister : Ravi Shankar Prasad
    Railway Minister : Piyush Goyal

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    Tomorrow all picture of Modi Government will be clear in front of our eyes. But according to me, I think this time Modi Government will be more causious than previous term. According to me following cabinet ministers will be given following departments.
    Amit Shah- Home Minister
    Rajnath Singh- Ministry of External Affairs
    Piyush Goyal- Ministry of Finance
    Gautam Gambir- Minisitry of Sports
    Nirmala Sitaraman- Ministry of Defence

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