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    How far can we think?

    People say that we should think about our future and plan the things accordingly. We should save money for future needs, we should study for future exams, we should work hard to habituate ourselves working hard so that we can work hard in the future also, we should have vision to see the future and our actions should be aligned to that and things like that.

    That is all well said but what is the limit of our vision? How far and how much we are supposed to foresee or plan? Are the things in our hand that we can so nicely place them in the future? These questions come in the mind. I do not find any conclusive answers to them. Do you have any understanding of these things? Do you believe that we should plan for the future? Please share your views on this unknown but interesting aspect of life.
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    Man proposes god disposes. We may plan lot, but ultimately we are not sure whether we can live up to the plans. We need to save money because we do not know when the tragedy will hit us. But that does mean that we should accumulate wealth for generations. Minimum plan for our life is essential.
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    Human capabilities, capacities, abilities and preparedness for the unknown and futuristic challenges is limitless and people can think quite far in their future. Now it does not mean that all those things are going to be true. That is only what we think will happen in an ideal condition. Unfortunately the life does not go with such principles and formulas. It is a strange turn of events and dynamic changes that surprise us time to time and the whole of the calculations go haywire and the future unfolds in a very different dimension. Still, it is always better to plan the future in the best of the ways so that if things go accordingly one can sail smoothly and taste the fruits of the success.
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    Planning is very important in our lives. We do the planning with a hope that we will survive. We may plan our resources for a few years after retirement . But we are not sure how long we will survive.
    Generally, we will plan for the education of our children, for their marriages and then for our survival after retirement . All this we will plan while we are earning. We will try hard and see that we will be able to do justice to our responsibilities. Based on our earning potential we will also plan for a house and other essentials in the life.
    The planning and execution of the plan should be inline. There is no use of planning which can't be implemented. Our vision should be to give a good education to our children and to have a peaceful and normal life as long as we live and we should make plans to that with a hope that we can do it. Hope is the basis for our future planning.

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