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    When was the last time you were fooled by someone?

    For the first time, I was duped by a stranger a few days back. I was standing outside the metro station and a boy stopped his bike beside me. He was looking as if he is from a good family and was a bit injured. He asked for some money from me and the reason he stated that he lost his wallet and has no fuel in his bike so needs money. He has to reach home and for that, he needs money to get petrol filled. He easily convinced and I gave him 100 Rs note. He even said that he will return money tomorrow at the same place but he didn't come the next day.

    I discussed this with one of my friends and he told that he had fooled me as people these days try new methods to earn money. He has seen such cases nearby his locality also.

    This was the first and the last time I was fooled by a stranger. I was surprised because usually, I don't easily get fooled by people how got bluffed by this stranger is still wondering me.

    Have you ever been duped like this in your life?
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    Well, I was recently duped by Titan Service Centre. I have a Fastrack watch which I bought in 2015. The watch stopped working, so I went to the service centre. The service centre told me that the cell had to be replaced and also the crown had to be fixed. So I agreed and gave them the watch to repair it. They put a new cell and a new crown, which total cost me Rs 400. When I asked them for the bill, they said that Titan does not provide any bill for watch service. When I asked what would be the warranty of the cell, they said there is no such warranty but Titan cells are good to go. First, I argued to provide me with the bill but thinking that Titan is a reputed company and since it was the authorised Titan service Centre, I agreed. After a few days, the watch stopped working. I went there and the service centre said that the machine had to be repaired which would cost Rs 200. I dropped the idea of getting it repaired as it had already cost me half the amount of watch on repairs. After a few months, when I gave the feedback of the watch to Titan, they informed me that Titan does provide us with the bill and I should have taken the bill at that time. The crown and the cell had a warranty period but they did not provide the warranty as I did not have any bill. I was cheated by the Authorised Service Centre of Titan.

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    These days this type of incidents are happening many times to many people. We should be careful. When the financial matters are at the front we should be more careful.
    When I was working in my previous company we required a chemical and that is available from China at a lower price. So we asked the supplier from China for a quote. He quoypted for the same. We asked him for a sample. He sent the sample which is very good. Then we have to order for bulk. But as I have a doubt for the quality of the supplies, I ordered for 50 Kg instead 500 Kg. To my surprise the material sent was so bad that that can't be used. Luckily we insured the material so we are able to get the money. That is how we were deceived by that China company. Afterwards we obtained from a different country and the material was good.

    always confident

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    There are many people in the world who are expert in cheating and fooling others with simple devices and methods. We should be careful in these attacks on us from so many sides including internet. These dangers are lurking everywhere around us and can trap us and make fool in no time.

    Recently, I went in a provision store and bought some items. After returning home I found that there was an item which was on sale as one free for one bought but the shopkeeper had not given that advantage to me. Next day I told him so then he told me that it was his mistake that he did not see it in a hurry and charged me full amount. He immediately gave me the difference. I did not tell him anything but it was definitely an intentional cheating from his side on the previous day.

    Knowledge is power.

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