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    Two castes in the Country - Poor and those who uplift the poor.

    Sri. Narendra Modi in his acceptance speech made a very persuasive and well founded statement. He said henceforth there will be only two castes in the Country , one is poor and the other.. everyone thought he would say rich.. but his application of thought was quite different. He made his view so positive and said the other caste is those work towards upliftment of the poor.

    Many politicians have played their politics using religion, Caste, Language etc for their gain. In my opinion , the last election is the exception for all these. We hope that the new Government under the leadership of Sri. Narendra Modi take our Country to greater hieghts.
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    How do you interpret it beyond of course the obvious, of there being a lot that is poor that needs upliftment? What does it mean for people like you and me - the taxpayers? Are we the caste that will work for the upliftment of the poorer caste? How will it pan out for us?

    We need to understand the statement from every perspective. Casteism must go, but it should not be replaced by another divide. What will happen to all the other castes? Are we going to have an India without caste-based reservations? I will welcome it if that were to happen. Are we ready for that change - equal opportunities for everyone and merit over all else.

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    It is true that the statement of Mr Modi should be understood in its entirety and full meaning. It indirectly tries to say that the citizens should cooperate the Govt in its efforts and endeavours to uplift the poor. Govt will do its work of abolishing caste reservation but people should not start agitating against that. Some opposition parties will start mileage out of that. What Mr Modi intends is complete cooperation by the public in positive deeds for progress and betterment of the nation. So, how much cooperation he will get by the majority of the citizens is a thing to be known only in the future but he has made his intentions clear by the statement which has a subtle cryptic under current of national level ambitions and aspirations. It is too early for him to tell his intentions in the straight forms which may disturb the sleep of opposition right now.
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    Poor are to be uplifted by the polices of the government. The money required for implementing the plans can' t be created by government. The public has to pay taxes that are to be paid by them. Even after paying the taxes there is no confidence that government will see that the money will be utilised by them properly for the intended purpose. Now PM is giving assurance that from his side he will see that the funds will be utilised as per the plan to uplift the poor and he is requesting all the public to cooperate with them in their endeavours
    This is what I understand from his statement. Let us hope and see that he will do what he promised and he will see that the whole country will have only one caste.

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    30% of the population of our Country are living below poverty line. I am sure we could do something for this category of people.
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