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    Maybe it's a high time to analyze this

    The results of the different board examinations are out and the admission procedure to schools and colleges have already started. It seems with each year, the score of the rank holders and the overall scores are getting higher. There is no harm in scoring high marks and neither I am suspicious about it. Rather a remark made by the Central Institute of Education under Delhi University is really worrisome and I think must be looked into from a broader perspective. In humanities stream also students are scoring almost cent per cent marks in CBSE exams. The question patterns are such that objective type and short answers are finding ways instead of descriptive analytical answers. Questions are raised about the actual knowledge the students are gaining since in this method of learning the thrust is on rote learning. After learning any subject or topic there are two things one can do. That is either apply the knowledge you learnt in the field or let others know what you have learnt. If one is unable to describe things in her/his own words and just memorize the answers to score high marks in the exam then how they will tell others about the topic? Over the years there is widespread speculation that the standard of teaching has decreased and there are not many quality professionals also in many fields. Are these somehow related to the excessively high scores obtained during board examinations?
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    The marking system has become a thing of ridicule. I did my Xth and XIIth in 1983 and 1985, respectively from West Bengal Board. At that time, number of subjects was more. In my time, only the first rank holder scored above 90% marks. I was given a special prize in my locality for scoring 75% marks (which was used to be called Star marks). Now, more than one thousand students score 90% marks. My brother's son has scored 86% marks in ISC. My brother and his wife are terribly disheartened.

    Now, the competition would start among students scoring more than 100% marks! It is becoming meaningless.

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    I did my SSC in the year 1970. I got 64% in the public examinations and all the subjects above 60%. Only two students got first and the other person scored 62%, I got a scholarship for those marks. My intermediate, B.Sc and M.Sc I did with that scholarship only. My PhD is with CSIR fellowship. Those days the pass percentage was very less. It is somewhere around 40%.
    Now the situation is entirely different. There are students who are scoring 100% even in language papers also. There are no minus marks for spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes.
    But when we go into the actual strength of the student, we feel astonished. Many of these corporate institutions are making the people byheart the subject and reproduce in the examinations. But they never have any grip on the subject and they are not able to apply the subject learned anywhere in the field.

    There should be a change in the system. More importance should be given to the understanding of the subject rather than reproducing the matter.

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    Without taking away the joy and credit for hard work from the students, The percentage of CBSE students scoring 95 and above has increased a lot. With the recently declared CBSE XII results,there was a 38.4% increase in students scoring above 95% (12,737 in 2018 to 17693 in 2019).

    This results in too many students at the top level that forces the colleges to has a high cut off marks or have their own entrance exams for UG courses. The other problem would be the allure of such high marks in CBSE that would attract more and more students and parents. This would adversely impact the other boards and they would also have to resort to such practices of 'mark ups' to keep their enrolment numbers high.

    What is even worrisome would the impact of such high scores falsely boosting up the confidence of the students who could potentially struggle in the UG course and further studies.

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    Change in pattern of examination from descriptive to objective type will change the scoring levels of the students. This has happened in our education system few years back and this transition from moderate scoring to high scoring took place. Now the students may not be able to write descriptive answers to the usual questions as that faculty has gone in the background. It is not understood what type of reforms are required at this juncture.
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