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    What changes we need from the Government

    With a new Government soon to be formed, what changes you, as a citizen, would need from it? If you had a chance to have your say, what would you expect?

    As elections are over & the results are out, let us all pray for a good & better government in all sense. A government who is equal in all aspect & everyone feels free to express oneself.

    We all know that NDA or BJP has won the 2019 Lok Sabha election with a majority, which claims that they are the elected members by the people & what they have to say should be accepted. Now coming to the topic, I would like each one to provide an input of one change that you would like to bring if you were given a chance, say,
    - In Parliament
    - In Community
    - Education system
    - In voting, etc.

    You can provide any point which you feel should be changed. Do provide a reason required for it & what you think will be an add on if done.
    - Provide only one point in one post.
    - You can post no. of changes but only one point at a time.
    - See to it that the point is not covered by another person, so please go through others' posts too before posting your point.
    - This thread will be like the movie" Nayak"- Ek din ka CM, but here, it is PM.

    Do provide your point on the target.
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    There should be a change in the community system. people should forget their caste, creed and religion. They all should behave like one family and all are Indians. How this will happen? All depends on the government, their methods and implementation of schemes. There should be only two types of people in the country. Rich People and poor people. The gap between the rich and the poor should be very marginal. If any privileges are to be given they should be given to only poor but on this basis of caste and religion. All the citizens in India should have the same rights and responsibilities. This change will come based on the politicians who are ruling the country. In general, the public is very friendly and they respect each other. But the gap between castes will be brought by the politicians to get the votes in their favour. The politicians should change this attitude. All should be treated equally. In applications for education and jobs, there should not be any mention about caste or religion. Then only our country will progress in the correct direction.
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    There should be a noticeable development in the pattern of education and education should be such that there should not be much disparity between the upper classes and poor classes.

    It has been seen that the kids of rich classes get lessons from their teachers in different forms where there is much focus on the overhaul development of children. They are being taught the manner of discipline, encouraged to take part in discussions ranging from science to moral development. The best speakers are recognised and awarded suitably and such encouragements help the children to strengthen their personalities but while observing the pattern of education for the less privileged class, the teachers hardly take interest in the development of their pupils and they are in the profession just to earn their livelihoods. There is no proper mechanism to arrest their attitudes. Even the teachers deployed in such schools are not large in number to handle the students in an efficient manner. The doubts of the students are not resolved to their satisfaction.
    Though the government pays a massive amount by way of the salary of teachers apart from the expenditure of miscellaneous items to be used in the schools, the end result is not at par with the investment.

    Though the government has taken enough exercises in the past five years in promoting the standard of the poor in the villages, this needs to be sustained for their better improvements.

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    I would like to see the sessions are not wasted in parliament. We have seen earlier that the sessions are washed out because of protests by the opposition members. A parliament is a place for debate and discussion and not for quarrelling. The parliamentarians are mature enough and everybody knows a huge amount of money is wasted when sessions are washed out. By wasting a lot of time on unnecessary activities the people of this country are the ultimate sufferers.

    The education system needs an overhaul and thrust must be there on the knowledge gained rather than the marks obtained. Education must develop the child to a complete human being and for that, traits of every child must be nurtured rather than thinking all have the same traits.


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    Whenever a new Govt comes especially with a new ideology, we expect that it will bring many changes in the system and processes in vogue. There are many areas where changes are warranted and required in accordance with the need of the public of the country at large. The Govt will always find it difficult to do so as opposition forces will also play their political might in some form obstructing the Govt in many ways for a smooth ride in the direction of changes. This always happens in a democratic set up but we always carry hope with us for the best.

    Parliament is a place where crucial decisions are taken and it is imperative that there should be a constructive and positive atmosphere in the assembly whenever something of national interest is discussed. Just to oppose the things because the ruling party is doing it does not make any sense. This is the reform I am looking in the new regime.

    Community involvement, participation and subsequent progress is what many countries have successfully adopted and we may also think to go ahead in that prospect.

    Education requires a big overall as ambiguities have cropped up in infrastructure and fee differences. A great distinction is being felt between Govt owned versus private institution.

    Voting is an area which is very weak as a large chunk of academicians and so called knowledgeable people refrain from voting. They feel it is an unnecessary exercise. This requires a thrust area to bring all to this process voluntarily or compulsorily.

    I hope new regime will be able to achieve most of the things during its tenure.

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    I would like the government to take special care in the Education sector.
    An education minister should be well educated to understand the need & to bringin new reforms within the system. All this should be well handles as the strength of the country depends upon the new generation & Government. The education system plays a vital role in molding the future of our country.

    Education should be made free for everyone at least till 10th standard without looking for caste, creed, rich, poor, etc. All children should be treated same. All the board should be governed by the same standard. More importance to be provided for bringing up the talent & skill of the pupil. Theory should be well introduced with practical knowledge.

    All the schools, Colleges & universities (Government or private or Deemed) should be periodically checked & all un-recognized institutes should be closed so as to provide quality education.
    All colleges should be able to in-take students after they have cleared all the mandatory requirements of the required board/ Univercity. Many colleges are not recognised but do in-take students by giving false advertisement & after the course are completed, Students come to know that the course or university is not recognised or approved.

    All university should be governed by a single body divided by the group within itself but the passing or accreditation should come from a sole body. Say for Graduation(BA/B.Com/B.Sc - from one group ; B.E/B.Tech form another group; Etc but this group should come under one body say UGC/ AICTE etc so that every one can understand instead of having so many different body and many people don't understand it.

    The fee structure too should be governed by the government.

    This will bring up a good nation.

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    Firstly, our government should ensure to abolish all the minor political parties in India. We should have only two major political parties in India. There are thousands of political outfits in India. Every Tom, Dick and Harry has a party. They are of no use. They should get merged with the major political parties. BJP government should initiate action for the abolition of minor political outfits.
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    There are many things that I hope would change with the new Government.

    1. Healthcare for all, it seems very difficult to expect that quality health will be provided literally free. Where will the money come from? who will bear the burden of the expenses incurred?

    2. Bringing down Corruption. Still, corruption exists are many lower levels of the official administration.

    3. Accountability: there is very little accountability when it comes to how public money is spent. Poor roads, potholes, flooding due to the poor stormwater drainage system, flouting regulations of public safety, etc. All such individuals should be brought to justice.

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    The main problem that should be given priority by our new government is for water. All the rivers are polluted. There is a scarcity of water for irrigation. While few states have surplus water, few states are facing water scarcity. Our government should think about the merging of all the rivers from north to south to have no water scarcity.
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    In last 5 years of Modi Govt., at least cabinet level has remained uncorrupt which in my opinion is a big achievement after a decade of most corrupt Govt. since independence at center.
    But, common man is more concerned and tired of corruption at lower level. It's also time for newly elected Govt. to take such strong decisions to clean up beaurocracy. If beaurocracy will become uncorrupt, no matter who comes to power, the system will remain unaffected and uncorrupt and changes will be visible on the ground.
    other important aspect is education. Education in India is in horrible situation. Govt. is supposed to provide infrastructure for schools and colleges and is not supposed to interfere in administration of institutions. To Abolish corruption from education sector, education of school level shall be free whether private or public school and all the expenses shall be beared by the Govt. (Please somebody don't argue about lack of funds, because i am student of economics and i know that India do not have scarcity of fund)
    Another crucial area of concern is pollution which have always been neglected by each and every Govt. because it is not that influencial to get votes and also lack of awareness among the voters. It's time when we are facing serious water crisis across the nation, global warming is already haunting the world, air pollution and noise pollution is rising day by day and affecting lakhs of people, Govt. must consider pollution as urgent matter of concern.
    Apart from these, of course matters concerning fight against terrorism, poverty, unemployment, corruption, black money are already there.

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