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    A choice at a lavish restaurant

    Rajesh, with pride glimmering in his eyes looked at his father, who sitting opposite to him. The table has been served. The cutlery is baffling. The waiter stationed himself behind Rajesh's father. Rajesh beckoned his father to start. But his dad wasn't feeling comfortable. His whole life he's worked hard for his lower middle class family and today his son is treating him in a lavish restaurant. But his calloused hands weren't very adept with knives and spoons. He was afraid he would embarass his son. The waiter beckoned now too. Behind them was a live brass band playing "Gulabi Aankhein". This tune reminded Rajesh's father the days when he used to feed infant Rajesh. He would put the little Rajesh on his forearm and sing this very song. He smiles at the memory. Why would a father sing a romantic song to a child while feeding it? And today his son is trying to feed him to the same song. His son beckoned again. With worried eyes now. "Don't you like these dishes dad?", he asked. Rajesh's father shook his head and slid his plate towards him. He is not helpless. He had a choice to make. He used his fingers to eat the prawn curry with rice. Rajesh was a little embarassed and the waiter was too. But then they let their feelings slip and enjoyed the sight of an old man digging into his favorite dish. "It's fantastic Rajesh!" , his father would exclaim between morsels. Rajesh took his spoon and began too. Your choice always reflects your comfort zone. Rajesh's hardworking father chose to eat with hands. He felt no shame in doing so.

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    A very nice story by the author. The choice we take should be for our comfort. But not for somebody else. At the same time, it should not be disturbing the fellow people. Thinking about the people around we should not get into the soup. Our comfort is more important. This fact has been explained by the author. The father never worried about what others think. He is not comfortable with the spoons. So he has decided to go for eating with hand only. The correct choice is always important. There should not be any hesitation to go for the correct choice.
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    A nice narration by the author. The feelings of a middle class family person when he lands in a five star environment are well depicted and have a hidden moral lesson. We feel comfortable and cosy in our own ways of living whatever class they might belong to. We will never feel homely in an artificial alien place where everyone is seeing towards us as if waiting for some mistake to be committed by us. A feel free environment is much more than all the luxuries of the life. There are documented cases where some eminent people were not allowed to enter the star hotels just because they were clad in a trouser and kurta and wearing an old chappal (sandal) in their feet. When they were introduced by he host then hotel management apologised for it.
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