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    Did we vote consciously this election?

    This election could be a case study for many of us including the national & the regional level political parties along with the well-known media groups because this is perhaps for the first time that despite a party promising Rs. 72000/- or Rs. 6000/- per month to the poor people when elected to power, it didn't get votes from those voters with perhaps even the poor people have become conscious of few of the facts. I am saying so because once we were evident of the times when you could even buy votes for just a bottle of alcohol for diverting the votes.

    Although I don't agree to this completely but seems to be that the time is moving differently now and we can see the changes around.

    What the members have to say onto this?
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    Yes. There is a lot of change in the thought process of the voters. Many voters went beyond their personal benefits and shown their concern for the country. They told that they are ready to face some hardships for the welfare of the country. They don't mind suffering to some extent if the nation is going to get benefitted.
    They never considered their caste and religion while deciding on the choice for their vote. They went beyond that. They indicated that they are not worried about these issues if the country is going to get benefitted.
    In the entire country, all states except only Andhra Pradesh people thought about the country. But Andhra People went and voted for a party who made false promises and distributed money like anything. The voice of the leader here already changed from what he promised before elections.
    Now it is the turn of the elected leaders to see that the confidence kept in them by the voters will not go waste. They should stand up to the expectations of the people and give good governance to the people and see that the Indian flag will fly high.

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    This election was different from the earlier elections in the sense that the ruling party did their home work very nicely while the opposition parties forgot their agenda and wasted their time in promoting attempts to remove the present leader from position. Opposition was also not clear of the common leader representing them and this added more confusion and favoured the ruling regime. The offensive and aggressive and abusive word play by the opposition parties boomeranged with greater force back to them complicating their problems more and more. This was the first time that opposition totally forget about the national development and progress matters while giving their speeches and wasted their time in telling that the present regime is not trustworthy and honest and is to be removed by hook or by the crook. It is really strange to observe that even the experienced politicians of opposition parties started behaving like a novice in the game. The public at large realised it as it was so obvious and the results are accordingly the surging victory for the ruling party.
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    The mindset of people has changed a lot. Even the rural public knows what is a party; election; government etc. They try and analyze the party in power in the centre and the state. They vote accordingly. Gone are the days when people get lured by cash, biriyani and bottle for votes.

    @ India is changing.

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    If we compare the present election, it was different from the earlier ones in many ways. Most of the voters had done their home - work prior to casting their votes. There was not any confusion within their mindsets regarding the selection of candidate belonging to their own favourite party.
    Campaigning between the two parties BJP and Congress had been fierce with the different set promises to allure the voters. Voters carefully watched the past performance of the so called leaders apart from their abusive words.
    Selection of leaders was made by examining the contribution of the leaders in their areas and they adhered to the decision already taken from their ends.

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    Voters are becoming more and more aware about the ability of the candidates fighting in the elections. They accordingly choose their favourite candidate. This time Modi factor was also there which influenced the voting pattern of the people.
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    Did we vote consciously? the honest answer would be I don't know. If we put ourselves in the shoes on a simple man, what did we hear? A concentrated negative campaign ( Rafale, surgical strike-proof, chowkidar chor hai) by the Congress and others aimed at only defeating Mr.Modi. If we look at the BJP, it was an organized campaign with positive media coverage. If we consider all this at the very simple level, we had an opposition that did not exude any confidence, any unity, any concrete plan ( even the Rs 6000/month was a last ditch hurried plan).

    So, most of us got swayed and voted for the better of the two options we had. Lastly, to sum up, did we vote consciously, the answer is a most likely, yes, we ( the Indian electorate) voted for one man Mr.Modi.

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    We vote keeping in mind many things. One important aspect is who is going to be the leader and in that front, the personality of Mr Narendra Modi is nowhere near his rivals. The single point agenda of the entire opposition and the negative campaign all through have impacted the results in a great way. When there is no credible alternative to the present dispensation and also no specific agenda of the opposition parties the people consciously chose to reelect the NDA under the leadership of Mr Modi. The PM and his council of ministers must respect this mandate and work to fulfil the aspirations of the countrymen.

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