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    Posting as “Anonymous”?

    It's my personal belief & understanding that while posting to our substances in the internet we must opt for anonymous when it's included with the personal matters. I am saying so because in few of the instances people go ahead with their real identities while the matter still imbedded with their personal lives giving the readers inappropriate rights to indulge with the author's internal matters. In one of such instances, in the "ask expert" section while replying to one, the author had come-up with many personal matters including that of relationship imbalances to which although I replied with but I also suggested to pl. avoid referencing with the direct personal involvement & at the same time raising the concern as anonymous.

    How far do you feel it's appropriate to post with your queries as anonymous? This is because often when we post our queries includes with the personal information & background of the circumstances.
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    A large majority of questions in our Ask Expert section have been submitted by visitors who register as members just so as to be able to get guidance through that section. They do not contribute to ISC in any way as such. It is likely that they discovered ISC's AE as the best platform where they can freely unload and seek advice on any topic. They may not necessarily wish to be anonymous at all and are willing to be open about the issue for which advice is sought. After all, the feature for anonymity is not exactly vague. It is in clear text as 'Make this post Anonymous' and is strategically located right above the submit button. So they do have the option clearly given.

    For all you know, the name which appears may not be their own at all and in that sense they are being anonymous after all.

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    It depends on the person who is posting the queries. The queries related to personal matters of a particular person may be experienced by any other person reading or replying them. The person who is answering the questions should not be judgemental in any way and concentrate on solving the queries. Many people can think about various things about the person asking queries on personal matters which is absolutely beyond our control. What will be the reactions of others on seeing or hearing certain things is absolutely not in our control so it's better not to think about them. As Vandana Ma'am has already explained that posting as anonymous is an option and also registering in ISC with a different name is a personal choice.

    Here I would like to mention one thing. There is a stigma attached to mental illness in our society and because of that many people do not go to the mental health practitioner. This, in turn, is increasing the problems manifold and I would say it's always better to freely discuss mental health or personal issues so that things do not go out of hand. The person posting the queries is not providing personal contact information or sensitive information on the internet and therefore if she/he wishes to disclose the real name there should not be any reason to worry about.


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    If the option is there many people like to wear the mask of anonymity to avoid direct one to one dialogues and confrontation. It is the old age method of getting what you want while remaining behind the curtain. Modern age is of frankness and transparency and many people nowadays are bold enough to declare their clear cut and precise identity without bothering for any attack on their personal traits and attributes. However still many of us will like to tread in new places with caution and care and that is where being anonymous helps a lot. So it is by choice that we go for this option and it is entirely a personal matter to do so.
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    Being anonymous is the choice of the individual. People keep many things as secrets and never divulge outside. They behave very smart even with family members. They feel confident by keeping some facts as secrets. But some people will be open. They never bother about discussing their problems and thoughts openly. As mentioned by the author some people are trying to take advantage of the openness of some people and trying to get an advantage of that by deceiving the other person.
    I feel till we acquaint well with the other person and understand him properly it is better to be anonymous in some aspects.

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    Yes, I have seen this mostly in AE section and I don't mind it because maybe such people don't want their identity get disclosed. The internet is a very vast place but it's not good that people disclose their personal life here as it may be known by the people which may harm their relations with others. I have seen people who don't even want to disclose their actual identity on apps like Facebook in fear that they may have some ill effects of the same but that doesn't happen actually. We should not fear that much, no doubt we should restrict yourself and should not get too much intimate online with the people.

    I am happy to see the option of posting as an anonymous here on the site as sometimes when I read a few questions I feel good that the author didn't mention his or her identity. And I have noticed few people also who are not scared of it.


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    Some people prefer to ask questions as anonymous and it is quite popular. For them, the personal privacy is of supreme importance. They will always like to ask questions or put queries as an anonymous person. It is an option available so one can avail it.
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    Yes, ISC has provision to post as 'Anonymous'.... But..

    People feel genuineness and get faith on the question-Answer when they can reasonable believe that the question and questioner are genuine. That gives readers(who themselves may have similar experience or question) to accept or at least read and evaluate the answers given.

    Usually we have a doubt that in many magazines or media many such questions especially those which deal on personal relationships, answered by pseudonyms like 'agony aunts' etc are manufactured by sub editors or by those who manage such columns.

    But in ISC when importance is given to the genuinety of the members , though not revealed in public., readers and members can have faith in the genuinety of the person posting the question, as the profile name is given. The answers are also given by members who are established members of ISC. Thus there is some reliability in the question and answers and can reasonably believe that the questions-answers are not just 'manufactured' for the sake of traffic or readership.

    Unless it is too personal it is better to post under the member's profile name itself and not under 'anonymous'.
    In normal situations the member details are not revealed and the member can be reasonably believe in the privacy with ISC.

    However not just in ISC, but in virtual space ,online,one is better safe in not revealing too much personal matters.

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