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    Ego or family : Your Choice!

    Amar and Arpitha both were well to do professional who had fallen in love and got married. They had a lovely daughter Aradhana. Each loved their career and were obsessed with reaching the pinnacle before the other. In this quest, their relationship was strained.

    The happiness at home was replaced by loud arguments about each doing better than the other. Both were adamant, neither a quarter was given nor taken. Initially, Aradhana was saddened, out of fear and not known what to do, she just kept quite, brooding inside. As things escalated, both parents filed for divorce and were discussing about sharing what they had without even acknowledging the presence of their daughter.

    A suffocated, disillusioned Aradhana decided to take matters into her hands. At dinner time, she had a frank discussion with her parents. When it came to deciding on my parents, I did not have a 'choice'. But you both chose to have a child (me). Now you both are so focused on making your choice of divorcing that you have forgotten me. Have you ever thought what would life be for me? with just one of you and no family? Now, you have a simple choice, Choose either your ego and careers or our family, you can't have both. Goodnight!!

    The parents were shocked, here were two well educated people who choose to start a family but had lost the plot. Yet, their daughter had commonsense and wisdom to see through them and their problems.

    After a long discussion, they chose wisely, the family. When Aradhana woke-up, she could feel the change as her parents hugged her. Some times we become so blinded by our own interests in life that our minds are clouded when it comes to making a 'choice'. At these times, we need someone to point us in the right direction so that we make the right choice.

    My entry for the TOW contest.
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    A very nice post by the author bringing out the feelings of a child whose parents are on the verge of splitting. The parents forget about the children when they fight with each other and eventually separate and then fight for the custody of the child. That is definitely a very bad phase in the life of the child when he or she is not able to understand the cause of the split between the parents. Parents must understand this and think twice before going for extreme steps like divorce. Marriage is the name of sacrifice and mutual respect for each other and those who honour and cooperate with each other survive a life time love and happiness. Only cowards and escapists go for divorce.
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    A good story by the author. The story ultimately proved that family is more important than ego. We are working to live but we are not living to work. This fact should always be kept in mind. As long as you work hard and your services are beneficial to the organisation, you are wanted there. But the moment they feel you are not useful, they will never hesitate to shake hands once for all with you.
    But family is with you all times. They will serve when you require their services. The family members will be with you when you are in difficulties. This is what a family is. This fact is recognised by the child and she is able to covey the same to her parents clearly which made them open their eyes. Marriage will bring a companion to you who will travel with you life long. Nothing is more important than that and than the family.

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    A wonderful entry with a firm message. There are people who give more importance to their career than their family and ultimately the situation becomes terrible like the one described in the thread. In that case, the children are the worst sufferers. Many studies indicate that children who have grown up in a violent family become violent too and suffer from various psychological disorders. Aradhana was frightened in the beginning and later thought of speaking out frankly with her parents. Her logical analysis worked wonders to make her parents realize their mistakes which ultimately kept the family united.

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    A very good story by the author. Really family is the best choice than the ego. Nowadays many couples are taking divorce with this ego of I am greater than you or I am earning much etc. The couple should n't have an ego, it is the first enemy of everyone. They should understand each other and should know each other plus and minus, forgive each other. Then only a relationship can last long.

    If a couple of quarrel in front of the children, they feel sad and they learn that from parents itself. So parents should never have a heated in front of children. They have to take responsibility for not making their children sad because of their behavior. One has to think of what they are doing, for what they are earning, do they have peace of mind by doing this and do they be happy by taking divorce. Finally, everyone has to overcome their ego and live life happily with friend and family.


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    What a piece of writing! I loved it not just the style of writing but the message conveyed to the society. It's an eye-opener. Today's world needs to learn how to forsake the ego for the betterment of family and life. At one point in time, one has to choose from two options and if a wrong choice is made then one is left to repent for the whole life. At such junctures, someone is needed who can play the role of an eye-opener which is very crucial. A lot of appreciation, Sir.

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