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    Whose choice is important your parents' or yours?

    In every step of our life, we are forced to make choices. When we are children, our parents make most choices for us. For example, our food, clothes, hobbies, etc. As we grow up we learn to make our own choices. However, our parents still make choices for critical decisions. For example, our future career, future groom or bride. The other day, my maid who is around 70 years old, said that she forced her second daughter to get pregnant the second time.

    She said that her daughter was totally against this decision, but finally succumbed to her mother's will. The reason behind this choice of her mother was that the first child of her daughter is a girl child, which according to her mother is not "good enough" or not "worthy enough". She wishes that the second time, her daughter will give birth to a son.

    I was surprised and thought that, my maid didn't even think the financial crisis she will be dragging her daughter into with this weird choice of hers. That forced me to think, do we sometimes compromise with our personal choices and surrender to our parents' choices, just to respect their wishes?

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    The choice of ours is important once we are matured enough to take proper decisions and we can manage the issues on our own. We take advises from parents, elders and other known persons. But the final call should be ours only. Even the parents should give liberty to their children to select the education path as per their interest and choice. No one should force them. one can explain to them the pros and cons and the final decision should be left to them.
    When a kid doesn't know the world well we can advise him but not once he has grown up.
    We should respect our parents and we should take care of them. But we need not follow their ideas always. With respect only we should tell them why we are differening from their views and why we have taken a different decision.
    Some people can't tell their decisions openly and try to accept the suggestions of other people and suffer a lot afterwards.

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    Forcing ones voices on others even on the family members is not in good taste. Choices are to be made in collaboration and in consultation. Choices made in a dictatorial or autocratic ways are not the proper choices as they will be doing torture to the recipients. We must make choices seeing the interest and eagerness of the concerned people. Being a parent does not entitle one to make unrealistic and forcing choices on their offsprings.
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