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    Often we don’t have a choice other than to move on & so let this be the case.

    That little part and he felt as though being overloaded with the frightening moments that he was about to witness. That little part and he seemed lost to the memories of his childhood days to the time that he was seeing himself of becoming a grown-up bringing all those aspirations, hard works and motivations that he gathered over the years but suddenly seemingly out of control unable to cope-up with the raised circumstances. Momentarily he felt stuck unable to move with complete stand still and then with a heavy mind started driving back to his room not having any idea of the next move. The time wasn't easy but then as he was recovering out of it he tried to figure out logically of whether he lost of the choices or left with something in which he still can figure out of something positive.

    As some more time elapsed, he was weakened to his memories with being replaced by the fresh hopes giving an impression that sky is the limit and therefore why not keep moving and make things happen which again could be a matter of time.

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    We make choices in our life but things do not move in a way we desire. That creates a type of setback in our life and we feel defeated. This is what makes us disheartened and some people can not stand this in their lives. But we have no control on the things which are beyond our purview. We have to come out of this situation of desperation and move on with our aims and objectives. Setbacks will come, failures will happen but we should not be afraid of them and rather start afresh in our journey of life.
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