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    A humble advice to the new members

    This post is specifically to the new members who have joined the ISC or are in the process of joining this educational site and will find this post ready to welcome them. This is basically a knowledge sharing educational site where you can, if you so desire, learn things from scratch. You might be possessing a good academic background but here you can learn how to write things in a particular format, like an impressive post or an article or a job post or a school addition to the existing database or adding courses to an already existing college or school or uploading an exam question paper or answering a query of a member etc. So there are many opportunities to learn structured writing here. This experience will be useful to the new members when they want to work in major blog sites like Wordpress or Hubpages or Blogger or any site like that.

    Another interesting thing about this site is that there is a very encouraging atmosphere for the new members here and many members and Editors of the site are always eager to answer their queries related to the understanding of the working of this site.

    My advice to the new members is that they can stay here for a long time and whenever they get some time out of their busy study schedule or workplace life they should sharpen their skills of writing in any of the sections depending upon the individual interest. By giving a small time per week one can slowly make a presence here in many activities and sometimes when one feels to participate there are ample opportunities to be a part of contests that are announced from time to time. For example, one contest for writing micro tale (75 words only) is ongoing and so many small stories have already been submitted by the members. Just have a look and you may find yourself jotting down a few words to produce a micro tale.

    When you get time please explore the full potential of this site and believe me there is something for everyone here. All the best!
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    A good basic info of the site Mr. Umesh. It will certainly help the new member to understand the ISC more clearly.
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    A good attempt by the author to make the new members understand the site in a better way. He has given all the important points for better understanding of the people who are in the process of taking a decision to join this site. As mentioned by the author the site will encourage new members by all possible ways and see that they will get the advantage of increasing their knowledge by spending some time on this site.
    At the same time, I like to add that this is not a site like social media sites and the site will be maintained with strict policies and regulations. The new members should understand that also. They can also go through the various sections of the site and understand how beneficial is the site for them. An educative site and good for learners. I hope many new members will get into this family and make the best use of the freedom given within the limits. I wish all the best to the new members.

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    I also feel same way about this site. It is a very good place for the students and aspiring writers to practice their writings in various sections and see the assessment of the editors on their work. They will get a proper feedback which will make them to understand where they have to improve and how to write a piece of prose in impressive english. I am here for 2 years and have been benefitted immensely. Today I am able to take part in almost all the contests.
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    Good brief advice for new members. I would like to add that by just reading the replies for forum posts or reading a thread of the week prize winners etc, will give an idea of how to present a topic and how to phrase the title.

    Another suggestion would be that new members should not get carried away with passionate discussions that can become personal, and also not to form an opinion about the site and its regular members in a short period. The participation should be constructive and within acceptable limits of an educative interactive site.

    Lastly, for new members asking clarifications or questions, please give the editors some time because, they would not always be free to answer your queries instantly, at times there would be a delay of a couple of days but someone in authority will certainly answer or guide you.

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    A very good post by the author which will help the new members joining this site. In a nutshell, what ISC is all about has been described. We all post comments and messages in different social networking platforms and one important thing about ISC is since this is a moderated site comments which are beyond posting guidelines will be promptly deleted. This will develop a sense among the new members about what is acceptable in the professional field and what is not. Many new members are students and after some time, they will enter the professional field. People are so habituated to posting in social networking platforms that they post whatever they feel like to post. By getting proper guidance on what is acceptable and what is not from the student days, it's expected that they will be able to make more mature decisions after finishing their studies.

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    Since I am a new member, I really liked the welcome. Thank you so much. I am learning so much from this website. I really did not know earlier about it but now I am feeling lucky ro be a part of it. Just a small feedback. Its not rude. I feel as a new member thay there is a long delay by editors in reviewing my posts. Neverthless, this platform is awesome to express as well as to learn. Lucky to be part of this new family.
    Thank you.

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    Rachit, editors may take more time in reviewing submissions by new members because they will have to look into various aspects including checking for copied contents. Once you prove yourself as an original and quality author, you will find that the reviewing time gets reduced. As a beginner, I suggest you keep posting contents by following the guidelines and do not get carried away by such technical issues. Glad to know that you are happy about your decision to join this site. I am sure that by being a part of ISC, you will surely stand to benefit. All the best.
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    Rachit, I will like to mention that editors have no distinction for old or new members but they might have to be a bit more careful while reviewing posts by new members. The time also depends on the volume of submissions and the availability of the volunteering editors.

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    Thanks for the advice, i just joined this forum so i found this post really helpful.

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