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This thread is the Special prize Winner of the Topic based monthly TOW contest for the month of may'19 on topic "Choice"
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    Be wary of hatred, it shouldn’t be a choice

    No matter what ideologies or form of beliefs and principles you seek to uphold, hatred shouldn't be a choice. For hatred is scheming, wily and sly. And, hatred once chosen leaves you with no choice. It's destructive – it destroys.

    It pervades your mind and smothers your soul. It slinks on your tongue and its venom it endows. And before you know it, there's a knife in your hand, and you're ready to strike, definitely not by choice.

    Hatred is loathsome, it's hostile. It quashes the sane voices that sprout in the mind. Allow yourself the choice to think before you act. Be led by your choices and not by vile hate.

    My entry for the Thread of the Week
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    Nice post by the author. Hatred should not be a choice in our life. Hatred is the source of many evils and one must nip it in the bud. It is true that hatred comes as an reaction to certain acts or happenings but as a prudent and gentle citizen we must ignore those things in our own interest. Hatred does more harm to its carrier rather then the person against whom it is manifesting.
    Knowledge is power.

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    You have so nicely put down your thoughts that hatred destroys. Yes, absolutely hatred sinks a person into an exacerbating disgrace and it melts a person like snow and destroys like flames mutilate the woods dark black.
    Hatred hampers the reflective thought process and all steps get in the wrong directions.

    It makes you restless and your soul wandering! A person with hatred is engrossed with shrewdness and never encourages good performance performed by some person. Hatred not only pollutes your soul, but it may also pollute your body. It can provoke a person for mean tactics and even derange humanity.

    Yes, hatred destroys and it sometimes destroys humanity. Hatred is a poison that kills the conscius soul and blinds even those we call intellectuals. It corrupts rational minds and hampers their guts to take rational decisions.

    Hate is like a scorpion which stings only to kill. So stop hating, Let's spread the love which is everlasting and gives peace and tranquillity!

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    Under any circumstances one should not develop hatred towards other people. This will make the man to lose his thinking capacity and sometime he acts foolishly also which will bring more problems. One should think about the others positively and from their point of view also. Hatred makes us unproductive many times.
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    It is an excellent write-up! I wish everyone should work in the same manner the way it has nicely quoted.

    Hatred and Love are emotions and it is a natural thing to happen. Why you love someone and why you hate someone is a subject to be discussed in open.

    At one point we advise others not to hate or it is not good for anything. But, my question is why you allow anyone to hate you at first? Simple, you have done something wrong to that person. Or unnecessarily has given the pain. So it is natural that people will not love you.

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    Anjana has reasoned why hate happens, to which my response is -

    Everybody has something called free will, which allows us the freedom to choose, make choices. We are a reflection of the choices we make. To blame others for the hatred we harbour against them points towards our own weaknesses. The blame game that we find solace in actually depicts our inability to choose.

    The point I have made here is about choices – no one 'allows anyone to hate' them. Hatred manifests in the person who chooses to hate. Hatred is not given out; it is something that grows inside us. It is a result of how we choose to react to people and situations.

    To believe that another person possesses the ability to 'allow' us to hate them shows the power we allow them to have over us. What about the power to choose how to react? The remote to our emotions is not in someone else's hand.

    It is we who choose to hate, irrespective of the circumstances. And when we hate, we alone are responsible for the anger and ill will that we allow to grow within us. When we choose to hate we must also own up that it was by choice instead of holding someone else responsible for our feelings of hate.

    Anyway, my post has a deeper meaning.

    'A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak' - Micheal Garrett Marino

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    It is just to justify your own point of view but the world is not with sweeter people as we think.

    1.Someone comes and put salt on your injury.
    2. someone try to stop you getting your own hard earn money.
    3. People keep using their own power to bring you down again and again.
    4. Unnecessary try to make you villain and themselves Hero.

    I don't think people are as Saint to love such people.

    Instead for mentioned above people we should hate so much to make their life a hell. A tit for tat is required to teach such people a lesson. Else, if you do not teach them, they will continue doing the same behaviour with others. Above all I have seen people those who advise this, they themselves do it to others.

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    Justification is required when a wrong precept is advocated. When beliefs and opinions are in sync with that of civil society, then it is not justification, but a presentation of realities, as they are.

    You have introduced another angle to the discussion, that of revenge – a tit for tat attitude. That is called being spiteful. It is a perfect precursor to hatred. However, it again comes down to 'choice'. You either choose malice and allow it to turn to seething hatred that wants you to make a person's life hell or you choose to let go. It is still a matter of choice.

    The focus here is not on others, but on ourselves, and the choices we make. Finding reasons to hate someone is also a choice, but one that I do not subscribe to. I see it as a destructive emotion. Nonetheless, each to his own.

    'A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak' - Micheal Garrett Marino

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    Well, it will be interesting to go to our history and look at the opinion of our so called civil society. People here are roaming to justify to advocate wrong work. It may be for their own benefit but if this is what a civil society called, I am sorry I am not going to buy your opinion.

    Secondary, I am into that for tit for tat or whatever one call for it. Personally, I will never leave that person who has damaged me or think to do wrong to me. No matter how many years it take, I will reach it to them for my answer.

    Thirdly, if we are talking about civil society then it is just not for ourselves. The action or experience we get, it is because of others. The good or bad feeling we get, it is because of others. So, the choice does come because of how and what others has done it to us.

    You see it destructive but I look at it perfect answer. Either you or me is what my answer if anyone wants to lock their horn with me.

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    Definitely, hatred shouldn't be choice of one. But, there will be some people who hate us and do all the nonsense things to bring us down. In those situations, we may develop hatred towards them unintentionally, due to their deeds. In that situation, we shouldn't lose ourselves, if we do what they did us to them, there will be no difference between them and us. So try to be silent in those situations or rather tell them in your own way in a positive way, and try to change them.

    We will get the times where the persons who are close to us may develop hatred towards us, due to some misunderstanding or something else. In those times, we should choose the right way to explain them, instead of hating them back. Everything, whether to hate or love, will be in our hands only.


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    Hate is a negative attribute. We should avoid it if not completely then as far as possible. It is also true and I also believe that hate harms a person more than on whom it is intended. We should refrain from this vice completely.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    A very good thread that conveys an important message. There is hatred all around us, be it social or political. It is there because many have chosen hatred and the outcome is dangerous as we are witnessing them on a regular basis. Everybody needs to think twice before making a choice and I am sure if people give it a thought nobody will choose hatred.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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